Saturday, April 22, 2017

Adverbs of Thoughts

There’s always that moment when you thought your brain is working overtime for things that makes no sense. Your mind is busy daydreaming and thinking yet you have no way of pinpointing just what it is that’s making all that noise inside your brain.


You’re at a point where you want to write and then realize you’re at the end of the pages of your journal.  So you give it meaning saying, maybe this is it… to write something that would end all these running thoughts.


You try to push back all the negative thoughts.  Trying with all your might to focus on the positive.  Lean only on the good stuff.  Balance everything out… you got this!


Because sometimes you falter.  No matter how brave you think you are, something jumps out to scare you.  You take a step back and evaluate, how do you work things through?


Both for the ones that haunt you, and yourself slowly moving to get back to stability. It’s a never ending struggle.


To whatever gives you the strength to stay where you are… and to push you forward.  That little spark and pixie dusts that keep you going.  Because in a world filled with surprises, you just have to label the good ones.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Drunk Blogging about Jang Geun Suk

I can't believe I'm actually doing this. Let me describe the situation: This is me comparing myself to a pathetic ex girlfriend drunk texting an ex boyfriend who would either 1.) enjoy this and make a reply saying all good things as if they have a chance of actually getting back together again, or 2.) just enjoy this and feed his ego.

Why? I can't even compare to the who-knows-how-many-number of eels that were actually there from the start fan girling over the Asia Prince.  I'm a late bloomer when it comes to obsessing over him, and to think I'm not even the type to go screaming about liking an actor.  Not even local ones.

It's just that Jang Keun (or Geun) Suk is terribly interesting.  For sure he's good looking and all that... but he's narcissistic. Conceited most of the time, and just so full of himself.  Which is quite adorable because he's the type that knows what he wants and goes for it.  He's free spirited, but at the same time, he shows a side where you'd think he's lonely when he absolutely isn't quite so.  Well at least when it comes to being famous he knows just where he stands.  He's Asia Prince for goodness sake! Yet, he has this insecure side that gets fed off through fans who'd do just about anything to feed his need.

I could go on and on dissecting the kind of character Jang Geun Suk is to me, but then again, maybe I should do that when I can type clearly.  For now, let's establish the fact that he'd enjoy so well... that I'm so interested about his personality.  And that, after some theories, I'm actually hearing him say stuff that I was assuming in my mind through the different segments (youtube vidoes about interviews, show guesting, and concerts) that turns out to be true after all.  I only learned it when I decided to watch other video clips after finishing most of his movies and K-dramas.

I have so many questions about his roles in his films... I guess I'd save that for another blog entry about him as that would take awhile to discuss.

For now I want to leave the question... how does one fan get noticed by someone like him???

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chic Essential Planner Inserts Detail

For the chic entrepreneur, inserts to keep track of your orders and bright ideas.

GET RICH (Job Order Inserts)
- to keep track of orders that you have to make. Highlights: 
Customer Info/Details
Paid (Deposit and Balance)
Notes (for specific instructions)
Material cost and Profit.
Matching patterned divider.


BRILLIANT IDEAS (Project Planner Insert)
- now you have a way to record and keep track of your bright ideas.
Project Name
Idea Box
Sketches Box
Detailed Materials Costing Box
To Make (or To Do) and To Buy box for your lists
Suggested Retail Price
Projected Profit

Both will be available as a Midori type notebook insert upon request.

If you want these inserts, visit Andreaz.Nook and leave me a message. 

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