Thursday, December 22, 2011

GOING RED: Fashion Power

You can call it 'fashion intervention', I consider it a life changing attribute to how I wanna face the new year... and yes, I wanna face it with a bang!

But nobody said I should wait for the new year to use it?!  What am I talking about??? The RED Power.

RED Collection photo from my Tumblr site: Andrea-Karlsan

Red, has always been known as one of the most powerful and the most exciting, sometimes even the most fun color you have.  Even as kids, red is one of the first colors introduced to us.  In fashion, RED gives anyone who wears it an aura of power - BOLD, IN-CHARGE!

Worn with Hope "Last Leaf" Bracelets
What's best about this color is that it compliments all kinds of skin tones.  So how come not everyone's comfortable wearing it?  Because in reality, it takes a little more guts to do so.  Red, bold as it is can be a little intimidating, so if you're not sure when to wear it, here's a tip:

The best season to wear it is, NOW!  Christmas or the holidays!  If not that, Valentines can be your next best month to try it on.

But for the most part, you can actually wear red everyday if you want to.  It all ends up with just how confident you are and how you'd carry the look.

As for me... I'm definitely going red from now on.  Life improvement???  Love improvement??? Fashion improvement.. oh yes, RED can mean a lot of things... and why not?!

So, let's all go bold, and daring!  GO RED!


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Andreaz' Nook on Tumblr.

More vivid, jam packed with photos and colors, Andreaz' Nook goes tumbling on Tumblr.  Free to share and spread fashion trends, finds, and everything colorful and fun under the sun... stay updated with the latest and the hippest up to date fashion looks.  Follow me! ^_^

Andreaz' Nook: Fashion Faves and Craves

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Announcement: Lucky Satchel Bag Winner!!!

We have a WINNER!!!

11" Black Satchel Bag from Thirteenth Street!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We sent Ms. Joy Merced an email notifying her that she won.  We're giving her 48 hours to respond.  If she fails to do so within the given allowance, we will raffle to bag again and announce another winner.

Anyways, we are very happy about the results of the "For the Love of Satchel Giveaway"... watch out for more giveaways coming your way.

With all our heart...



Sunday, December 11, 2011

Featured Seller: Havoc - Axesoryz to Sawa

I'm a sucker for unique accessories.  So when I saw a photo of one of her products tagged to a common friend, I couldn't help but convince her to allow me to feature her here.  Later on you'll find out that it's worth it. ^_^

Shop's name: HAVOC.  Aurea, describes her shop as an everything under the sun type of shop offering a wide variety of accessories.  Soon she says it'll carry some clothes new and preloved as well.  Being an adventurous, outgoing person that she is, Aurea says she doesn't wanna be bound and dictated by the social norms and fashion rules.  She likes exploring the possibilities and finding new stuff and sharing it to the world.

Wow!  I feel like I'm echoing myself over here.  ~haha...

This is probably the reason why I am so instantly attached and enticed on her and her pieces.

Now for the good stuff.  Here's a few of the products you'll find in Havoc.

Her best seller:
Monkeyin' Around Drop Earrings
(now who wouldn't see the fun and style in that?!)

Here's her own personal choice:  "An everyday outfit staple that's unique enough to be always interesting." ~Aurea

Keep the Faith Charm Bracelet
(Isn't this to die for???)
Alright.  This part is where my own favorite item should go... but for the sake of obsession, envy, and argument... LOLs~ I'm going to put a few of what's keeping me all giggly with bliss!

Gossamer Wings Drop Earrings
(Time to unleash the Summer Gypsy in me...)
Be One with Nature
(Simple, yet hits the spot right on!)
Flower Power Drop Earrings
(Kikay to a whole new level!)

And there's actually more where that came from.

Being an accessory maker as I am, it's actually a breeze seeing pretty neat items like these.  It's both inspiring and challenging.  Competition rests when you can't help but be amazed. ^_^

So if you want more, go ahead, like and explore:

Because at Havoc,  if you're not having fun while you shop, 
then that means they're not doing the job right.
Because at Havoc, it's all about YOU.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Featured Seller: Thirteenth Street [Gaga Over Satchels]

Gaga Over Satchels

As a part ii to our ongoing "For the love of Satchel" Giveaway, I decided to do a collection of fab looks that would suit these trendy satchels... 

I am also dedicating this to my online buddy who's having her birthday next week: 

By the way:

She's having a promo up at her shop:

Discounted Prices on your Satchels Bags. 


Now for the the fashion show online:

Satchel on a formal or office attire... your best companion in carrying typical necessities.. office paper in folders?  A laptop? Ipad? Cellular phone, etc.  They're all in.

A Cambridge Satchel Photo
Satchel over satchel... on a chic look.  With the variety of sizes available, layering or using two of different colors (complimentary or contrast) can be quite a fashion look adventure.  This photo is actually very vivid.  Brings out the fun in life.

Fashion bloggers - the look for less from:

Fashion Without Guilt: Fashion Bloggers and Satchel Bags
Now according to her, these leather satchels has set the fashion bloggers on fire... every one sporting a satchel messenger bag of their own.  It's true.  Who can resist this with its wide range of colors from neon ones to the usual black or brown.  Anyways, speaking of going frugal over fashion... 

Did I mention Thirteenth Street got the cheapest satchel there is in the Philippine market online???  Oh yes she does... so I suggest you head out to her shop and order one for yourself while she's got some good birthday promos to offer.

And if you've seen what these satchel bags are best paired with... what do you think of a black satchel for free?

It's actually still up for grabs in our blog giveaway... join now!

Oh and also: ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS Thirteenth! hehe..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

For the Love of Satchel: Blog Giveaway

Oh  yes finally! Our first ever blog giveaway!!!

Now who hasn't heard of the trendiest satchel bags???  

Made popular by the Cambridge brand during the Spring 2011 Fashion trend collection, these satchel bags are still in the loops till today.

And as a birthday treat,
Thirteenth Street
the source of the most affordable satchel bag, and many other bags you'll find in the Philippine market is giving away one here!  How cool is that? 

By joining the Love of Satchel Giveaway, you will have the chance to win this elegant, extra sleek, 11" Black satchel bag.  

There are tons of ways to earn points.  Feel free to follow the instructions below.  There are instructions on being able to earn points everyday so feel free to come back as much as you want.

Contest runs from December 2, 2011 to December 11, 2011. Announcement of winner will be on December 13, 2011... that's also Thirteenth Street's birthday so make sure you greet her! LOLs~

Too bad I can't join this contest... I'd like this satchel bag too... But... if you wish to purchase a different color, feel free to do so... just check out her profile page and browse her offered satchel and other bags!

Don't forget to like Andreaz' Nook too!  It's included in the contest must do. Gluck and enjoy!!!! SHARE THE LOVE OF SATCHEL everyone!!! Fun, fun, fun!!! ^_^

NOTE: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS. TWEET, SHOUTOUT, BLOG, FOLLOW, COMMENT... and PURCHASE (optional) if you choose it.  We will verify if you did all that you clicked "I DID THIS" with... if found out that you didn't we will delete your entries for that particular portion. Thank you very much~

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fashion Tip: Thrift Finds (Round 1)

Admit it or not, fashion can drive you broke! It's an obsession that's so hard to break... and once the trend starts kicking in, either you wanna have that look or you just can't help but create your own.  Thus, an impulse buy.

But here's a trick that will surely fit your budget.  Find a cheaper alternate.  I'm not saying go for totally replica ones, rather, go for something that is said to be inspired by the original.  Yes, that's a new way of putting it.  INSPIRED.

So, last week, I saw a shop with a buy 1 take 1 promo... and these color leg glasses caught my attention. There's yellow, violet, and blue... I wanted one violet and one pink, however, pink is sold out so I kinda ended up getting these 3 instead.

Here's a couple of fun shots I made with it:

Lightly wacky, eah?

But nonetheless, I know these glasses will work with my outfits.  These are actually a very good example of colour blocking accessories.  Add up these silicon watches I won from a contest I participated in with a group of sellers:

Colored silicon watches
...and voila! More colors to accent my look.

It will be included in my most favorite everyday get up or something... so far these sums up my online buys from last week:

Buy 1 take 1 (+1) Color leg glasses, a couple of vintage necklaces,
and the silicon watches I won from a friend.
(Background is my favorite envelope bag!)

With all these fashion items, I knew I needed a better organizer.  Thus, an addition to what I bought online is this:

Accessories organizer that you can hang with 33 slots back to back...
Now how cool is that right?

There you have it... the first round of my thrift finds.  Who says fashion items need to be expensive.  The best trick for fashion budget challenges is to find an affordable alternative, and wear it proudly... all you have to do is project with confidence.  For sure no one else will figure out just how much your accessories are.  But if they do find out, so what?! As long as you look good with it, why not?!

Fashion's all about looking good, and having fun with it anyway!

So... happy shopping and thrift away ladies! ^_^

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Because it is my passion… It's not just about selling stylish dresses, but also sharing the fashion trends today to every woman out there.
- Mary Grace of Mary's Fashion Boutique

It's always a fun read whenever a story starts with more than just a passion, but Mary Grace actually made my task of featuring her very easy for me.

Let's start by pasting her answer here... because I just love the way she said it:

Who's the lady behind the shop?
"I am a mommy fashionista, who believe that being beautiful is forever. I think that every woman is beautiful. You just have to know who you are and how you will handle yourself. Being positive helps, and that's what I am.  Mary's Fashion Boutique online store makes me happy, why? Because it is my passion… It's not just about selling stylish dresses, but also sharing the fashion trends today to every woman out there. Actually I have a favorite Boutique at the mall... All of the clothes are Korean fashion styles. I thought of hmm... why not sell Korean fashion clothing too?! And sell it in a cheaper price. And I did! I am happy about it..."
And so I might add... now that she's selling it a much cheaper price, everyone else who loves Korean clothes is sure happy about it too!  High five ms. Mary Grace!

Mary's Fashion Boutique prides itself with the fact that her clothes are all on-hand and ready to ship, unlike most Korean shops there is where you'd have to pre-order and wait... some even has cut-offs and all the hassles of more waiting.  That's definitely a plus.  Clothes available in Mary's boutique includes casual dresses, cocktail dresses, party suits, occasion outfits, and a variety of wedding dresses to prom dresses, evening dresses to maxi dresses, and many more.

Her best selling so far is this green chiffon dress:

Her own favorite is this animal printed dress which she says is one of that quickly turned into a modern fashion trend of today.

My personal favorite from her collection is channel-z style dress which is a form fitting dress a really nice pattern made with cotton and lace... love it!!!

If you like it too, and wanna see what else she has in her collections, feel free to visit her:

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The NEW Kia Rio CAR: Get real, Get Rio!

The all-new Rio has integrated the latest technology with the sporty and dynamic design. It fits for young people who seek for a distinctive and intelligent car with its innovative features, good performance, and eco-friendly engine.

You can have a pleasant drive and enjoy the newest features in the new Rio. Share this awesome news now!

The new Kia Rio car is awesome!!! Get real, Get Rio! #KIARIOgogetreal

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Featured Seller: TRICKY TRINKETS

A nurse turned jeweler.  

Jean of the Tricky Trinkets worked in the ICU back in 2009.  A girl who is fond of accessories, resigned from work and decided to put up her own online store in 2010... she's proud to say that her shop still works well up to now even if she's already working as a treasury assistant in a private company.

What's best about Jean's story is that her fondness for accessories is actually what triggered her into making her own (a story I could well relate to).  One of these crafty outcomes, is her best selling yet version of Kidada wraps. (and I'd have to agree, although she is a competition, we just can't get enough of these Kidada, can't we???)

Personalize your Kidada with your name on it!

Why, here are a few more items that you'll find in her shop:

Definitely Dazzling, her:
Be Dazzled Collection
This one is my own favorite which I would really like to have!!!
(isn't it the cutest???)


So, what are you waiting for???? Go give her a visit:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

2012 New York Spring Trends: Colour Blocking

This is not entirely a new trend, but it's been in the hots for awhile now since Spring of 2011... and it's said to stay longer.  So to keep up with one of the in thing this coming Spring, be informed with what Colour Blocking means.

Color block dressing: J. Crew (from
Colour Blocking simply put, is an attempt to combine blocks of colors in an ensemble may it be for your top, skirt, bottoms, a dress, and even your choice of shoes, handbags, and accessories.  Some would even go to the lengths of adding color blocking on their nails, and if you're up to it, the hair!
Vogue describes colour blocking being loud and proud colour combinations that makes for a dynamic and confident look.

Some of the tips on how to use this feature/trend is to:

Remember the Complimentary Colors.
    • Team colors of the same family together.  It will give that harmonious look.
    • Keep warm tones like red and orange closer together as well.
    • And to keep it simple, use a neutral colored shoe.

The next combi to try is to Mix It Up.

    • Think contrasting colors like fiery orange with purples.
    • Lime green, melon, with rosebud pinks, to give that jarring combination.
    • And then contrast it yet again with your shoes, or your handbag.

So?  Dare to be bold with colors this year?  Just remember, if you can strut it, then go wear it!  As long as you're having fun with what you're wearing, who's stopping you from showing it to the world....


Friday, November 18, 2011

Featured Seller: ELIZA RUTH STORE

This is story of a mom and an online selling growth.

Jenne of Eliza Ruth's Shop started her online business by selling Fibisco cookies and generic diapers.  Yes, those yummy childhood biscuits that's probably a favorite of a lot of people!!! That cookies!!!

Generic diapers back then were her idea of saving and earning by buying wholesale diapers and selling the rest of it to her friends.  After some time she then decided to add more products in her online store.

Jenne chose to have an online shop because she wanted to earn while having more time on her hands for her baby, and the best of it all is being her own boss!  Nothing beats those reasons... She gets her freedom to do whatever she wants, sell whatever she likes, any time of day, in all her free times, while taking care of her little girl.

Her best selling item remains to be her generic diapers.  Being an advocate of selling products of our own (quality Philippine made) that are easy on the budget especially for mommies like her, she wants to give her customers reasonable prices because she herself know the feeling of being ripped off from necessity products like these.

Check out what other items she has to offer, visit her shop at:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Featured Seller: GET ZIPPED

CUTE??????????? Definitely.

As Princess puts it, a simple compliment like "Cute" gives her the boost to continue what she loves best.  Sewing.  In GetZipped you'll find the cutest, gadget protection without sacrificing style and quality.

True to its description, the gadget cases you'll find here in this shop makes the usual ready to buy ones a definite boring choice.  Dare to unzip your style with these gadget cases especially made for you and your gadget.  It will surely give it the TLC that it deserves.... just check out their best selling designs for mobile phones or mp3's:

Cute Pig @ Php99.00

Penguin, Monkey, Chicken

You can even choose to have your name sewn on each of the plush cases if you want it.  With these designs, you're sure to find the fun Princess is having expressing her creativity in her designs.  After graduating Business Management from the University of the Philippines, Princess intends to focus more on this business she have.  So far, it's working well for her while juggling her passion for sewing and studies.

So what are you waiting for?  Lure away from the usual mass produced plain old gadget cases and give those mp3, game consoles, mobile phones, your laptop, or your tablets handmade cases uniquely personalized just for you... at affordable prizes!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011/2012 Fashion Color Trend That Will Stay

It's already fall and usually that means an introduction on what's coming this spring.  New trends will be popping out real soon, but let me give you a little secret I found out... some color trends are here to stay.  So better invest on these top lists of must haves in your wardrobe to guarantee staying longer in the loop for fashion that'll stay till 2012!

  • ORANGE is staying, orange you glad?!  Yes, that spring color orange is making its way past fall to yet another season.  Be careful with it though, this color needs a lot of guts and gusto to wear, but if you can strut, then go wear it!
The orange trend continues... *from*

  • PRINTS & POLKA DOTS.  If it was a hit during the 1950s, polka dot is making a come back in stores this fall.  And it's staying till the wee time of spring along with the usual artsy printed dresses with paint splash, floral patterns, and bold blocking that's been hitting the stocks awhile back.  So, do pile up with those styles coz it's in for a little more time.

Lela Rose Spring Collection 2012

  • NEON ACCESORIES. Along with the comeback of the 80s, neon colored accessories will stay as one of the best ways to highlight your style.  Though it is a little challenging to use these colors, having a doze of these neon trends will surely complete, compliment and magnify your look.  Some of the neon colors to grab are electrifying greens, eye popping pinks, and acid yellow.
Neon accessories for Spring 2012 from Nanette Lepore, Karen Walker, and Cut25.
Photo: Getty Images

There you have it.... load up with all these and you will surely be safe and ready not only this fall, but up to next spring as well. 

Watch out for more trend and style news and make sure you're on the right fashion track.  Coz, wait, who said that?! We got you covered!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Featured Seller: THINGAMABOBS

Unique Accessories = ARTWORK.
This is exactly what Kris has to offer at Thingamabobs... why, even the name itself seem magical and different. What would you expect from someone who's born an artist, and a Fine Arts graduate Major in Advertising.  She definitely has the edge... wait till you get to see her stuff!

Kris, even back when she was still in Grace School wanted her own accessories to be unique, so she had been experimenting making all these one of a kind hair pieces and accessories.

According to her, having a shop now is just a progression of things.  I'd have to agree, where's it going to lead but there?  Like I say, if you can make it, and there's someone who'd buy it, why not?!

Now, what's in the trend today are those chain bracelet with charms, well, here's her version and is said to be her best seller so far:

Marie Antoinette Charm Bracelet
"Feeling the magic yet???  You'll definitely be feeling the magical world of Alice around your wrist with this one!"
Edgar Allan Poe Charm Bracelet
A fan of Edgar Allan Poe?  Show the world!

Kris takes pride on her items being one of its kind.  She makes them herself, and she never just buy and resell.. She says, if ever she does that... she'd have to deconstruct the item first, and make it to a new item.  Most probably a unique one, all on its own yet again.  Of her items, these ones are her favorite:

These are hand painted white turquoise and red coral pendants.  A very good example of what she means about her items being one of a kind and never the same.... though it may look similar, it's never exactly as it is the next time she makes another one like it.  So if you want an item especially yours, or a gift you know will always be unique... then go check out THINGAMABOBS!  You'll find something that suits your personality there for sure.  

Friday, November 11, 2011

Online Shop Surge!

I'm very happy to let you know that we've got quite a lot of feedback and we received a surge of online shop's who wants to be featured in this blog... from the bottom of my heart: 


Now, I hope you'll understand if your shop will take awhile to be featured as we're trying to break the list down and visit all your shops, update our information, and put you up here on a post.  We'll probably start off posting our Featured Seller every other day, and maybe set a better schedule when we see fit after.

Let's see how this will go.

For now, sit back.... your shop will be posted very soon!

Much thanks! Good vibes and... more sales everyone!!!


For those who haven't enlisted yet, feel free to join the list of blogs to be featured. Just fill up this simple Q&A: "BE FEATURED"

Featured Seller: HAPPY HEART SHOP

"Money isn't everything. Trust and integrity come first."

This is what you'll be able to read at Happy Heart Shop's About tab.  True enough, Happy Heart Shop prides itself of selling fashionable accessories at very affordable prices.  It's owner Rochean, 20 years of age is a student of Mapua Institute of Technology taking up Electronics and Communications Engineering.  You read that right, this is one engineering chick who wouldn't leave fashion a bay.  "Compared to malls and other online stores, our fashion accessories are much cheaper", said Ms. Rochean on our Q&A form.

Her best selling items are these vintage necklaces, fashion rings and connector rings that not only are fashionable, they're very affordable too.  In most stores, you'll see this being sold at Php100 - Php150.  At Happy Heart Shop, you'll have your own stylish fashion ring or connector ring at Php70 only!  And if you order by bulk, say, 6pcs. minimum?  You'll be given a special discount!  Not bad right?!

Vintage Necklace: OWL
Best Seller Rings and Connector Rings
Airplane Ring @ Php70.00 only!

Personally, Rochean's favorite item in her shop are these connector rings:

Anchor Connector Ring
Her typical everyday get up is wearing simple clothes or dresses, but just like how she puts it, her own collection of connector rings completes her look and makes her feel more confident.

So, if you want your own set of fashion ring and connector rings, head over at Happy Heart Shop and check out the items in stored for you.


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