Featured Seller: GET ZIPPED

CUTE??????????? Definitely.

As Princess puts it, a simple compliment like "Cute" gives her the boost to continue what she loves best.  Sewing.  In GetZipped you'll find the cutest, gadget protection without sacrificing style and quality.

True to its description, the gadget cases you'll find here in this shop makes the usual ready to buy ones a definite boring choice.  Dare to unzip your style with these gadget cases especially made for you and your gadget.  It will surely give it the TLC that it deserves.... just check out their best selling designs for mobile phones or mp3's:

Cute Pig @ Php99.00

Penguin, Monkey, Chicken

You can even choose to have your name sewn on each of the plush cases if you want it.  With these designs, you're sure to find the fun Princess is having expressing her creativity in her designs.  After graduating Business Management from the University of the Philippines, Princess intends to focus more on this business she have.  So far, it's working well for her while juggling her passion for sewing and studies.

So what are you waiting for?  Lure away from the usual mass produced plain old gadget cases and give those mp3, game consoles, mobile phones, your laptop, or your tablets handmade cases uniquely personalized just for you... at affordable prizes!


imprincesz said…
Wow. Thank you for featuring us. Cheers!
your welcome sis! Good vibes and more sales to us!


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