2011/2012 Fashion Color Trend That Will Stay

It's already fall and usually that means an introduction on what's coming this spring.  New trends will be popping out real soon, but let me give you a little secret I found out... some color trends are here to stay.  So better invest on these top lists of must haves in your wardrobe to guarantee staying longer in the loop for fashion that'll stay till 2012!

  • ORANGE is staying, orange you glad?!  Yes, that spring color orange is making its way past fall to yet another season.  Be careful with it though, this color needs a lot of guts and gusto to wear, but if you can strut, then go wear it!
The orange trend continues... *from Innofashions.com*

  • PRINTS & POLKA DOTS.  If it was a hit during the 1950s, polka dot is making a come back in stores this fall.  And it's staying till the wee time of spring along with the usual artsy printed dresses with paint splash, floral patterns, and bold blocking that's been hitting the stocks awhile back.  So, do pile up with those styles coz it's in for a little more time.

Lela Rose Spring Collection 2012

  • NEON ACCESORIES. Along with the comeback of the 80s, neon colored accessories will stay as one of the best ways to highlight your style.  Though it is a little challenging to use these colors, having a doze of these neon trends will surely complete, compliment and magnify your look.  Some of the neon colors to grab are electrifying greens, eye popping pinks, and acid yellow.
Neon accessories for Spring 2012 from Nanette Lepore, Karen Walker, and Cut25.
Photo: Getty Images

There you have it.... load up with all these and you will surely be safe and ready not only this fall, but up to next spring as well. 

Watch out for more trend and style news and make sure you're on the right fashion track.  Coz, wait, who said that?! We got you covered!


kids t-shirts said…
Bright colors will also be trending on 2012. I can't wait for the new year. By the way, have a Merry Christmas.
Yes, bright or neon colors! Thanks for dropping by! The new year definitely is something to look forward to.. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you! ^_^
Shoe-store said…
I liked neon accessories when I was younger. Especially neon green and pink. Now, it's kind of hard to put neon colored items in my wardrobe because they just don't blend in with the other items.

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