Featured Seller: THINGAMABOBS

Unique Accessories = ARTWORK.
This is exactly what Kris has to offer at Thingamabobs... why, even the name itself seem magical and different. What would you expect from someone who's born an artist, and a Fine Arts graduate Major in Advertising.  She definitely has the edge... wait till you get to see her stuff!

Kris, even back when she was still in Grace School wanted her own accessories to be unique, so she had been experimenting making all these one of a kind hair pieces and accessories.

According to her, having a shop now is just a progression of things.  I'd have to agree, where's it going to lead but there?  Like I say, if you can make it, and there's someone who'd buy it, why not?!

Now, what's in the trend today are those chain bracelet with charms, well, here's her version and is said to be her best seller so far:

Marie Antoinette Charm Bracelet
"Feeling the magic yet???  You'll definitely be feeling the magical world of Alice around your wrist with this one!"
Edgar Allan Poe Charm Bracelet
A fan of Edgar Allan Poe?  Show the world!

Kris takes pride on her items being one of its kind.  She makes them herself, and she never just buy and resell.. She says, if ever she does that... she'd have to deconstruct the item first, and make it to a new item.  Most probably a unique one, all on its own yet again.  Of her items, these ones are her favorite:

These are hand painted white turquoise and red coral pendants.  A very good example of what she means about her items being one of a kind and never the same.... though it may look similar, it's never exactly as it is the next time she makes another one like it.  So if you want an item especially yours, or a gift you know will always be unique... then go check out THINGAMABOBS!  You'll find something that suits your personality there for sure.  


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