Andreaz' Nook: Charms and Trends

Andreaz' Nook: Charms and Trends 
(or Andreaz' Nook: Snuglets and Trends)

About Me: 

"if it's nice, i buy one for myself.. if i can't buy it, i make it.. and then i buy and make some more and sell it! i wanna share the good finds!" -self confessed impulsive buyer (Andrea Karlsan Zapanta)

A new mom sharing her passion for fashion. Satisfy your shopping impulses. Everything I offer here are my own choices. 


some I've even bought a sample pair for myself, others on my wishlist, 

but most importantly, I have accessories handmade by yours truly, and unique crafts designed and produced by known local artists.

being a mom doesn't limit anyone not to look pretty, fashionable, and so much more.

Stay in the loop... wear what's hot! Trendy and loving it!

Some of the items you'll find in Andreaz' Nook: Charms and Trends:

Kidada Inspired Braided Wrap Bracelets

Hamsa Inspired Bracelet/Anklet

POSH Envelope Clutch / Bag (Pre-order)

So please do come visit us (and hit "LIKE"), you'll never know what you'll find next: 

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