MANIFEST with the Universe Cheque

I've actually seen a lot of different kinds of printable manifestation cheques, but, since the technique leans on individual belief, I decided to create my own for personal use (supposedly). I'm sharing it here just in case you like my design and prefer to use it as well.

If you're not familiar with this law of attraction style yet, this is one of the many popular ways to manifest money. It is mentioned in "The Secret", and had been used by many believers, even celebrities.

Jim Carrey's story is probably the most popular where he mentioned in his interviews that, he had done this before. Wrote a check for himself thinking he'd eventually get the amount he had written on it. And voila! IT DID HAPPEN eventually! You can search Youtube vids and clips about it if you want the full story and experience.

Now for the fun part, HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Download, Print and Fill it up!


  1. Click the image above, download, print and cut it so it will look like a legit cheque. (You can print as many as you want!)

  2. Fill in the needed details. On the pay to the order of, simply write your name. Or anyone you wish to manifest money for. Write the amount in numeric form, and in words.

  3. On the FOR area, you can put what it is you wish to use it for. Some people put powerful words such as, "law of attraction", "manifesting abundance", "travel purposes", "financial freedom", and so forth. BE CREATIVE.

  4. As far as for the DATE, always keep in mind that the date you put shouldn't put too much pressure on your belief. You can write just the month or the year, but if you're really confident (big emphasis on the belief and confidence), then by all means, write the specific date you want to put in it.

  5. SIGN it with: YOUR NAME (if you believe that the Universe knows that you have this abundance from your Universe's bank), or JUST SIGN with, THE UNIVERSE. or GOD.

  6. When you're done, what you need to do is look at the check and visualize the moment where you're already receiving the amount you have placed in it. What does it look like to have that abundance? How do you feel? Keep those giddy and happy feeling in and remember it!

  7. You can place the cheque anywhere you can see it everyday, just make sure that whenever you see it, remember that the universe is making it happen and it will deliver it to you soon. You can also put it in your wallet, and everytime you feel like it, you'll know that it is going in your account soon enough.

  8. Continue on with your day, and avoid worrying and expecting when it will happen. Let go, and let the Universe do its job.

To guarantee that your manifestation will work, make sure your belief about money and how it comes to you, and your blockages are acknowledged. There are ways to check whether you have an abundance block and how to remove them.

If you need coaching on this, simply send me a private message. I'd be more than happy to assist you through a private reading.

Will write more about manifestation and beliefs in the coming days, so make sure you follow my blog. For now, hope you'll enjoy the cheque I made for you.

Happy manifesting, and be blessed always. The universe has your back! CLAIM IT!


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