Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oh my God! My Life? Oh my God!

Quite a lot of people have been asking me where I've been. And believe me, even my family asks me the same thing. So yeah, I have been adopted by a really loving family lately. Uhuh... after being home based in a closed cafe (that's back into business again recently), I was transferred in my bestfriend's house. Sometimes I just feel so loved knowing people do care about me no matter what.

Although I may have quite a lot of problems with regards to maturity, responsibility and house issues (growing old can be disturbing...) I have been recently devastated when I heard news about a sicko maniac who'd been recklessly ruining my name. So yeah... Just so things are straight, it's actually the first time that I felt like taking revenge. The shows House, MD and this American Dad series has triggered my devilish sarcastic side that I've had some plays running in my head on how to get back to that person. I just hope 'it' realizes how stupid he/she was. Gotcha!

My plan would've been perfect had it not been for someone who's so, oh I don't know... not supportive enough? If only he had heard himself during his oh-i-wanna-kill days, I had expected he'd understand what I'm feeling... but no. Now that it's almost said and done, he couldn't even have my back. Geez... so much for a man. Well, too late now.

The SBCYF's 3-day camp went successfully great. My congratulations to Rabbit! I was so glad I was there for his tribute. I had actually forgotten that it was his last term as president, a farewell song was dedicated to him... and he sang to his girl without everyone's knowledge who the song was for (only an idea that it was his favorite)... I turned around to my friend and saw her crying like a kid... hahaha... So sweet really. I came to realize too that Rabbit was the last in my core group to lead the CYF... the next breed is about to start and for me with that thought, camp and CYF experiences would never be the same again. Sigh... suddenly I missed the old days.

As of now I'm back home, who knows for how long. Hopefully my life becomes brighter again, and I wish I made someone happy. With black miming back to work for nine months, my routines would never be the same. It's like going back to that zombie trying to stand on her own two feet times once again. Where do I go from here? Yup, the minor set back had disabled my plans that at my age and situation I'm again facing the what do I do next issues. Argh... someone drop that ton of iron already for I'm done here.

Well, wish me luck guys! And pray I don't let my evil side go loose.

Oh, and if you're wondering what's with the American Dad photo for.... I've been watching reruns of American Dad's season 1 series and I just can't get enough. I have actually adopted their commonly used phrase and intonation of "oh my God, this *insert whatever it is that you find awesome here*, oh my God!" Actually, it's just not me. The whole group had gotten this oh my God fever that we all laugh our hearts out whenever we say it. It usually ends with a line or two from the shows opening song... that's how addicted we are with this series.

*Note: My apologies if I just went blabbering up there. Am just trying to put in keywords that could remind me of what happened the last few days. For a shorter version, I have been terribly troubled that I went on with plans to get back to someone. I halfway did it too. A friend of mine left to work on a ship. And I'm being pushed again, to re-align my life. That's why I had to go home. If that still is confusing for you, it is no longer my problem. As if you'll really care right? Har har! Ciao for now!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

So Much For An Update

"Hello! I am Lindsey Lohan!" LOLS! My bad.. haven't gotten over that Achmed the Dead Terrorist youtube clips - Jeff Dunham shows I've been digging on lately (I have almost memorized the lines). Although I don't always have the time to surf or go online, whenever I do I tend to do more of viewing clips nowadays that I somewhat have ignored the urge to write. It's not new though since I have nothing nice to say. Or let me rephrase that, nothing interesting to talk about. Unlike the other blogs that's increasing in mega numbers lately. What was that again? The summer bloggerians? Hehe...

Anyways, while the whole blogosphere's buzzing around with their cliche and niche or whatever, I am hiding in an old house that's supposedly a cafe and resto running close to the brink of bankruptcy. Talk about being haunted, it's actually more like being hunted by bill collectors. Nyahaha! Not my problem. I'm just the house keeper.

That's where I've been staying lately, so I have no means to go online. I do my research analyzation and school exercises there. I usually come home only on weekends or whenever I ran out of budget and clothes. More like a nomad if you ask me... well... that's how life is for me so far. I've been taking up tutorial AutoCad lessons, and am working on a special project my former boss requested from me. My head's spinning whenever I remember the need to study the topic that I'm supposed to write about. It's almost like they want me to study IT. But who am I to argue?! This could be a stepping stone for me to a new job or career... so, wish me luck.

Guess I only ended up giving you updates about how I am.. and yes paolo I can hear? or read? you? wtf! harharhar! Enjoy life fellas!


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