So Much For An Update

"Hello! I am Lindsey Lohan!" LOLS! My bad.. haven't gotten over that Achmed the Dead Terrorist youtube clips - Jeff Dunham shows I've been digging on lately (I have almost memorized the lines). Although I don't always have the time to surf or go online, whenever I do I tend to do more of viewing clips nowadays that I somewhat have ignored the urge to write. It's not new though since I have nothing nice to say. Or let me rephrase that, nothing interesting to talk about. Unlike the other blogs that's increasing in mega numbers lately. What was that again? The summer bloggerians? Hehe...

Anyways, while the whole blogosphere's buzzing around with their cliche and niche or whatever, I am hiding in an old house that's supposedly a cafe and resto running close to the brink of bankruptcy. Talk about being haunted, it's actually more like being hunted by bill collectors. Nyahaha! Not my problem. I'm just the house keeper.

That's where I've been staying lately, so I have no means to go online. I do my research analyzation and school exercises there. I usually come home only on weekends or whenever I ran out of budget and clothes. More like a nomad if you ask me... well... that's how life is for me so far. I've been taking up tutorial AutoCad lessons, and am working on a special project my former boss requested from me. My head's spinning whenever I remember the need to study the topic that I'm supposed to write about. It's almost like they want me to study IT. But who am I to argue?! This could be a stepping stone for me to a new job or career... so, wish me luck.

Guess I only ended up giving you updates about how I am.. and yes paolo I can hear? or read? you? wtf! harharhar! Enjoy life fellas!


Anonymous said…
naku... hassle nga sa isang blogger ang nahihirapan mag-blog kahit gustung-gusto na niyang mag-blog. ahehe.
Marvelous said…
I added your wonderful blog as one of my favorite blogs.
Please visit my blogs and add your valuable comments.

As per your advice I added smileys to my posts and has written a small post about it as well linking with your blog.
Thank you so much.
sumusubaybay pa naman ako. sayang. have a time online. :)
Anonymous said…
Just be steady on the drift. :)
Anonymous said…
aynako, na-late ang balik ko dito. eh kasi naman nasa letter 'W' pa yung blog mo sa link list ko. di bale next week, magsisimula ako sa dulo. =P
ice9web said…
nice good luck sa iyo ^_^

by the way
I have tagged you in my Blog
Isis' Insights
hope you play with it ^_^
Anonymous said…
Jeff Dunham rules! (jeff-fuh-fuh. dun-hammmm. dot cooom!)

achmed the terrorist is soo funny. hahaha i remember my friends and i joke around and use "silence, i kill you!" line over and over again.

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