Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dried Emotion? Tragic!

Walking home the other day with an earphone stuck on one ear listening to one of my old fave songs, emoting at every word, taking a ride on my own emotional rollercoaster I almost saw what could have been the nicest tragedy I could ever imagine happening on me.

*warning, suicidal emo shit below*

So yeah, ever since the bloom of the Kami nAPO Muna album, I’ve been asking where this song was and who revived it for the tribute. Yes, ladies and gentlemen through the influence of my own mother I’m a die hard fan of Apo Hiking’s songs even when I was just a little girl, while everyone else were dancing through the tune of 100% pure love plus more of the Universal Motion Dancer’s Butterfly and I saw the sign, and some other danceable songs which I think I better keep to myself now before you start throwing tomatoes at me saying “booohoooo….”

The melody of the song really struck me at a young age, just the melody coz I never really knew or remember the lyrics, not until I heard it again being played on the radio just recently. The melody was so strong (the same feeling I get after watching a powerful play) that after learning how to play London Bridge is Falling Down’ on the piano, I was able to widow the first few lines of this song (which is really quite simple anyway).

With the power of technology (thank you Google!), finally, I’m able to savor the song more.

And by savor I meant listening to it every time I wish to emote, including that other day (points at first paragraph above)

Here’s what happened:

(It would be better if you LISTEN TO THE SONG while reading what’s happening with me then)



(wonders about my own love life):ha?:




(more sighs):sorry:


:anongnangyari:(feeling heartbroken now)


(by this time I crossed the street… still listening I over heard screeching tires just behind me and believe me… almost simultaneously coming to the end of the instrumental I saw myself in slow motion turning to see the source of the sound only to realize a car was actually inches away from hitting me and then...)



Words and music by Jim Paredes (APO Hiking Society)

It would’ve been nice if the next words were *BANG* the car hit me and as you listen to the refrain of the song I’d be lying with blood all over at the side of the road, but then again I wouldn’t be able to tell you all about it unless I blog as a ghost (wait, does that mean I’ll be ghostwriting for myself?).


Anyway, I don’t know why the car was so in a hurry, overtaking from behind me it was almost near my side of the lane and it just passed in a rush. I breathed and really said, wow… that could’ve been a nice death.

But no... I’m still alive in this cruel world. Such a shame… NOT!


:lamagawa:More research and I finally found out that the song “Tuyo ng Damdamin” was performed by Silent Sanctuary (which is really new to me since I’ve never heard of this band, but I’m quite interested because of the fact that they have cello and violin in their instruments, whatever) and is included in the new album Kami nAPO Muna Ulit, vol. 2 of the APO Hiking tribute.

There, done! Ciao!

Monday, August 27, 2007


It actually sucks when time and days fly so fast without you noticing it. All the hullabaloos in the Wika2007, and busy moments at work and at home, include in a little side line I just got recently (the things I get myself into) resulted in the lack of good posts here in my blog. Yeah, since when did I even come up with something worth challenging in here? Whatever.

Here's a question... do you believe in luck and fortune cookies? It may sound weird but I don't like surprises. My friends and those who knows me calls me killjoy regarding these issues. Most of their attempts to surprise me fails because I tend to spoil it before they could even get started. Sometimes they think I'm psychic. *LOL*

So, fortune cookies are never my thing. I guess that's one reason that the other day was actually my very first time to give in and get one of those fortune cookies in Chowking. (Honestly, Chowking should really pay me for the advertisement.) I've seen my adsense report and believe me I think it's stuck at $2 and nothing more. Anyway, one of the keywords whatchamacallit that hooks with the search for my blog includes "Chowking commercials". Maybe I better shift meta tags to Chowking and start writing about their food and service. Goodness, they really have to pay me bigtime! Okay, enough of them Chowking peeps and service...

Here's proof of my being psychic, and my being a surprise spoiler:

See? I took photos of it after my whole family opened their's... mine was the last one and just before I cracked it I said I wanted to take a photo of it and put it in my blog... coincidence? I think not!

Oh well, maybe... hahahaha!

*drinks coke*

Ciao! :wave:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Done with the Silence

In view of Wika2007:

Some of the participants and non-participants question the aim of this contest; obviously, I don’t think its self-promotion, so scratch that. If you’re going to rant about the poll think twice (I was actually doing this before I read that there had actually been rants and now I realized that it’s still ongoing with it), the poll is just a part of it, so I do hope you have read the part where it states that the other percent comes from our judges. A distinguished panel is going through the entries along the week of the poll itself, more likely, as you read this entry.

Unlike its predecessor, the Kalayaan 2007, this time we made sure that the competition wouldn’t be focused on popularity alone. That’s where the decision of having it on 50-50 basis came in. However, there had been claims (just when it’s too late) that 50% for poll is just a bit too much. Geez! As far as I know, they should’ve read about it even before they submitted their entries in the first place. Also, let us not forget that we did ask for your opinion while we were still deciding about this contest and the mechanics were presented for review before it was officially posted on the contest page. Remember the conference?

Another thing, mind if I remind you of one more thought brought to this poll issue. I bet that you’d agree that being able to register is better than what used to be a click all you want scheme. In short, what you’re getting now is what we thought was the better option… better than the previous one, that is.

Still, to compensate the freedom of speech, we made a couple of suggestions to be responded by the participants to make them decide what to do with the percentage on whether or not the poll be eliminated and place the results instead as a “texter’s choice award” (or in this case, net fave? Pulse award?) sort of idea. The answer now lies in their hand.

Who are the judges? Please be reasonable enough. How could you assume that they could actually be a part of the participants? That would be a little too silly for my taste.

Our Judges' identities are withheld for their own security, and might I say for the participants as well. Besides, why worry about it if we will be giving you the names at the end of the competition anyway? Be advised not to focus on the idea that we have experienced bloggers in the panel because those bloggers aren’t necessarily blogging only people. Take note that we also have Filipino and English professors from a highly reputable university in it. Try not to underestimate our judges.


Just what exactly is wrong with the theme? I guess it all lies on how one perceives it. The truth is: there is nothing wrong with it. How about the contest? Again, if the idea confuses you, it’s not bad at all to ask those who know about it right? Well, I’d still want to answer the raised question regarding the theme...

“Maraming Wika, Matatag na Bansa”

During the early days of entry submissions, a lot have asked what the theme meant. Some even found it absurd, and reacted through their entries too. Yes, that’s creative good for y’all. Anyway, what I do in response is let them read Dr. Nolasco’s keynote, which I bet, would answer all their wonders about the idea behind the theme and the competition itself.

If you still didn’t get the point, this is my piece. The theme agrees on our country being multilingual. So scrutinizing the use of “the Filipino language” to “the” Filipino language (obviously there’s a big difference about it) for my own point of view is just plain wrong. Why? Because the idea doesn’t actually imply on the known Filipino language alone, it’s all of the languages brought into one, thus the use of “the Filipino language”, as a whole. No ‘trying to downplay any other language because yes, I’d agree, that would be -let’s say- irrelevant to the theme? I think that’s actually one of the reasons why the mechanics stated that the entry could be written in any dialect or language, and translation to Tagalog or English is optional, right?

Another side of the questions also includes ideas on how can this many language build a better nation? Well, that’s just it actually. That’s the challenge that this competition wants from its participants. To detail or make your own way of expressing how this idea could help our nation. From Dr. Nolasco’s speech, he wanted to let the whole nation know that teaching your kababayan, wherever you are, using the language that can easily be understood by whoever you are trying to teach is the key to learning, especially in schools. Now it’s up to you to use the same technique, so to speak, here in the blogging world.

All in all, I believe that the competition mechanics cannot satisfy everyone, yet it is done with the exact knowledge of what’s supposedly the best deals so far. If you have read the mechanics before and still participated, it could be out of two things: Either you want to take part on spreading your being proudly pinoy, or you’re just after the prize. Whichever your reason is that’s up to you. But don’t conclude that everyone in it is after the prize alone, because if you didn’t notice, I made my own entry when I am not actually allowed to join. Mine is unofficial. That puts me on the side of the first reason. If I could come up with an entry that’s based on the will to promote the native tongue in our land, I bet there are more like me that joined the competition without expecting anything in return, which I hope everyone would focus on. The prize should act only as consolation to our participation.

Once and for all, I hope we all stop complaining about the mechanics because from what I have experienced in all other competitions, having read the mechanics and joined that means you agree with it, right? So, let's focus on the theme now, shall we? Instead of promoting unity here, what we are doing is another issue that would be an addition in this month’s blogging scandals. Come on people: Do you not trust your co-bloggers that much to indicate the idea of creating his/her own different accounts to vote? Do you doubt the organizers would favor one entry from another? Yes, you are entitled to speak of giving the benefit of the doubt, but here’s the thing: I could honestly stand that I believe the organizers are trying to give you the best options here.

The main thought that we are giving you the privilege to communicate with us regarding different matters can easily give you the idea that we are trying the best we can to provide you a meaningful event. Let’s help each other through this instead of creating too much commotion. Anyway, you will always be there to comment, and we will be listening. You are already watching us, so why be that worried?

Haven’t we had enough of these issues already? Let’s try and take part on this activity on a lighter note. Now, if you’re only doing this for traffic, then I say, find another activity to mess with. Okay?

NOTE: this is a personal post based from my own observation regarding the different points raised in connection to the ongoing Wika2007 writing project.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ulam na Sira


Hanggang ngayon napapangiti parin ako pag naririnig ko ang sarili kong kumakatok sa tindahan para bumili. Ang salitang "mabakal" ang isa sa mga unang salitang agad kong natutunan noong unang tungtong ko dito sa Legazpi. Pabalik balik ako noon ng Makati - Legazpi. Bagay na nagpahirap sa akin upang matutunan ang wikang Bikolnon.

Taliwas sa salitang tagalog, ang "mabakal" ay hindi nangangahulugan na maraming bakal. Dito sa Legazpi, Albay, ito ay katumbas ng karaniwang panawag pansin sa tindera kapag meron kang nais bilhin sa tindahan. Kasabay ang pagkatok ng barya sa kung ano mang pwedeng katukan. Binibigkas ito ng parehong tono sa "Pabili!" Kung tutuusin, ito na ang pinaka madaling tandaan sa wikang Bikol sa mga panahong ako'y musmos pa lamang.

Di ko makakalimutan, dahil nga't pabalik balik ako, may pagkakataong nagsisisigaw ako sa tindahan ng "Maba-kaaaaaaaal!" ng paulit ulit ngunit walang pumapansin sa akin. Saka ko lamang biglang naalala, ay... oo nga pala... nasa Makati ako, "Pabi-leeeeee!" (tindera: "Ano yun?")

Dumating ang araw na nagdesisyon ng talaga ang aking nanay na dito muna ako mag-aral ng dalawang taon. Dun na ko tuluyang namulat sa mala-intsik nilang pagsambit na animo'y kay daling intindihin, ngunit hindi parin.

Isang araw nga, dapit hapon habang naglalaro kami ng mga pinsan ko, narinig ko ang aking tiyuhin na nagsabing ang ulam daw namin ay "piniritos na sira". Talaga namang napaisip ako ng husto. Ngunit dahil mahiyain ako noon, di ako nagpahalata ng aking pagtataka.

Nakaupo na kami sa harap ng hapagkainan, talaga namang katakam takam ang nakahain sa mesa ngunit may pagdududa akong nadarama. Hindi naman sa magulang ako, pero talagang hinintay ko silang maunang kumuha ng pagkain, at pinapanood sila habang isinusubo ang bawat ulam na nakahatag. Marahil sa aking pagkamangha, tulala akong nakatitig sa kanila. Walong taon pa lang ako noon. Bigla akong tinanong ng tiyuhin ko kung ba't di pa ko kumain? Di ko na natiis kaya't agad ko namang sinagot, "talaga bang may prito dito na sira???"

Naghalakhakan ang lahat, at pati na rin ako ay nakisabay pagkatapos nilang ipaliwanag na ang "sira" pala ay "isda" sa Bikol na wika. Dun din marahil nagsimula ang biru-biruang: pano na lang kung magkatabing nagtitinda ang Mamang nagtitinda ng taho at ng isda? Marahil ito ang maririnig mo...

Tindero ng Kulambo: "Tahooooooo!"
Tindero ng Isda: "SIRAAAAAAA!"
*note: parehong tono.*

Pagkatapos ng dalawang taon kong pag aaral ng elementarya dito, bumalik din ulit ako sa Makati. Dala-dalawang taon ang naging pagitan ng pagpapabalik-balik ko nun. Bagay na naging dahilan kung bakit kay tagal ko talagang natutunan na magsalita sa Bikol. Kahit alam na ng mga nakapaligid sakin dito sa Bikol na nakakaintindi na ko ng salita nila, nakasanayan na nilang kausapin ako ng tagalog. Hanggang ngayon, napaghahalo ko ang dalawang wika. Sinabayan pa ng dayuhang lengguahe na Ingles, talaga namang malilito ka na kapag ako'y iyong papakinggan.

Pero yun na siguro ang maganda dun. Dahil sa abilidad ng mga Pilipino na makisalamuha at matuto ng iba't ibang wika, naging madali ang pagpapaintindi at pagtuturo nito. Para sa akin, laking pasalamat ko na multilinggual ang mga kasama ko. Sa tulong nila, itinuro nila ito sa akin gamit ang tagalog na unti unti nilang isinasalin sa Bikol para dahan dahan ko ding matutunan.

Hindi nga ba't mas madali iyon, kesa magmatigas na isang wika lang ang gamitin at mauwi sa hindi pagkakaunawaan? Kung ang lahat ng tao ay magiging bukas sa ideyang magturo at matuto... ang maraming wika natin sa buong Pilipinas ay hindi magiging hadlang sa ating di pagkakaintindihan. Bagkos, ito pa ang magpapalago ng ating mas magandang pagsasamahan.

Sana, kahit nangingibabaw ang ilang wika lalo na ang Ingles, maalala natin na ito ay pangalawang wika lamang na ating pinag-aralan para maintindihan at makaintindi ng mga dayuhan. Alalahanin sana natin na ang wika sa ating tinubuan ay dapat pahalagahan. Mas madali nating maituturo sa mga susunod na henerasyon kung sa wikang kanilang maiintidihan ang gagawing paraan para ipaintindi ito. Wag nating ikahiya ang wikang kinalakihan, dahil ito din ang magpapalakas ng ating bansa pagdating sa huli.

Tanong: Ikaw ba sumali sa Wika2007 writing project? O hindi dahil iyong sinabi na hindi ka kasi sanay magsulat sa wikang tagalog? o sa sarili mong wika?

Tanungin mo nga ang iyong sarili: Dapat nga bang huminto na sa ideyang iyon? O mas nararapat atang sinubukan ko na lang, bilang pagpapakita na nasa puso ko parin ang pagpapahalaga sa sarili kong wika?

Alin ba ang mas nakakahiya, ang mali maling pagkakasulat? o ang hindi talaga sumulat dahil sa hiya?

*ito po ang aking parte bilang pakikilahok sa pagpapalaganap an ako'y bilib sa wikang pinoy, kahit ano o aling wika pa ito*

So, pano? Kain muna ko ng sira... hehehehe... sasalo ka?

pahabol: Nabanggit na din lang naman ang isda at sira, bigla kong naalala ang sikat na kataga. Hayaan nyong aking isalin ito sa sarili kong wika:

"Ang dai magpadaba sa sadiring wika, daog pa ang parong kang raot na sira."
("ang di magmahal sa sariling wika, daig pa ang amoy ng sirang isda.")

o para kaya pwede ding:

"Ang dai magpadaba sa sadiring wika, daog pa ang malansang sira."

("ang di magmahal sa sariling wika, daig pa ang malansang isda.")

eto po ay sinabi ni Rizal, Bicol Version.

nahalata mo ba? malansa na, sira pa. double meaning. nyahahaha! | Pinoy Bloggers Society (PBS)


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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Exploitation? Blog War? NEXT!

this chaos within the Philippine blogosphere became very overwhelming. issues regarding blog authorship, ethical means, and responsibilities representing what the?! honestly these are all baseless points. what's wrong with these people?

oh right, i forgot. the healthy life of debates and opinions. the sad thing about life within the blogging world is that the more we write our thoughts and express what we want, we forget the regular means of fixing problems. personal conversation, one on one communication, does it even ring a bell? what happened to phone calls, meeting in person, cellphones, and for goodness sake if you don't want that then an email would do.

to let your bitterness out attacking or maybe for a lighter note just in case we hit some nerves there, issuing negative feedbacks without proper understanding that this can actually cause mayhem in our virtual world, unless of course this is some fishy scheme of traffic link baits, we should really think twice when we're about to post something huge.

it just goes to show that the whole world, both online and not, is over powered with the influence of superiority. pretend God reigns but powerless when faced on everyone's free will.

no one wins in a war.


funny, they are all worried unveiling whether there is exploitation or abuse in this 13 year old or 14 now? making money genius... what we all forget is that whatever it is that you've come to live with catches up on you. this kid is obviously influenced by his father, that's a fact. his father has making money online site as well. but ghost writing for the kid? i think not. coaching is more acceptable. but what else would a parent do? if you want to post a great entry, you would of course consult someone who can edit it for you. there's nothing wrong with that, is there?

so yeah. the kid is earning more than any one of us through his site. he's free to avail a lot of stuffs that not all kids could actually have. how can we judge him if he gets benefits from it? why, he even has his own laptop!? who wouldn't want that? *lol*

Family business people. That's what's there...


if they're worried about this kid being forced to blog, then i better keep my mouth shut before they ask child protection police to get me. i asked my younger brother to blog so his skill on writing would improve since we do speak english at home but when he writes its a bit off because he writes like the way he talks, and i'm not satisfied. i even promoted his blog here months ago. He's 11 years old! so, will i be accused of exploitation too?

will his entries be doubted as being written by me because he usually does link to my blog for more details? geez! if that is so, then I'm probably guilty.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bangkero Festival '07, Legazpi City

"Viva Señor San Roque!"

That's what you'd be hearing this whole week as Barangay San Roque, Legazpi City celebrates the Feast of their patron saint San Roque.

Living along side an ocean, the people of Brgy. San Roque commemorates the legend of Bangkero (boat man/people).

In the story, the Roqueñans were living peacefully by the beach with fishing as their source of income and life. Sharks and all sorts of huge scary fishes are not much of their concern because they have become used on encountering such situation, more like happy about it too since that would mean something bigger to catch. However one day, a sea monster we Filipinos have come to know as "syokoy" (merman) appeared suddenly in the ocean and threatened the peaceful life the Roqueñans have.

People were screaming, children and women alike running away from the horrible creature. The brave men of San Roque all gathered up and faced the beast while the whole Barangay prayed sincerely for Señor San Roque to bless ang guide them. In the end, the scary sea monster was defeated and the whole barangay rejoiced.

Today, every Purok within our barangay prepares a street presentation and exhibition for a competition. Naturally, the best interpretation of what happened in the legend will win. The theme of this year's celebration focuses on the little kids of Barangay San Roque. Night after night weeks before this feast, my brother Jasper, and sister Sami together with the neighborhood kids practiced their performance.

At the day of the presentation, me, as supportive sister and photographer wannabe, I went along with the parade and took photos of the activity. Believe me that was a tiring walk, just imagine how the kids are. They were almost at the verge of having tantrums.

During the program itself I realized that my siblings group probably are the youngest or maybe the smallest participants within it. The rest were more like young people already and not kids. At first I thought it was really unfair. But then again, for the sake of fun, I disregarded the worry. "It's a friendly competition, it shouldn't be a big deal", I told myself.

I was really proud of my brother and sister as they danced along while the crowd went wild with fun and excitement seeing these little kids dancing and screaming rejoices and was filled with fun, fun, and funny scenes. What do you expect with kids? Still, not because I'm their sister, I wasn't that worried after their presentation. Why?

BECAUSE THEY WERE GREAT! So far, their's was the only one that did well focusing on the real story behind the legend. With real pep squad sort of exhibitions. *LOL* And the clothes and props were absolutely well taken care of... now I'm guessing I knew who budgeted for their costumes. But I'm keeping that secret. *ROFL*

Obviously along the pictures that I posted here, you'll see the difference. The other contingent, whom are way older had great moves, props, and a bit of storyline as well... but I'm now more confident for my Purok's team.

The rest did have well organized synchronization and dances, but we all know there should be more to it than just dance steps. That's what the other contingents lack. And just look at my last photo, with the distraction of the kid dancing at the sides of these pretty young ladies, we all realized that the crowd, and probably the judges as well, would go for the enthusiastic youngsters, than the sexy moves.

Well, what d'you know, sexy doesn't always get it. Take that as a lesson. Nyahahaha!

Still, the activity was a success. When my Purok's team won, the kids (yes, including my brother and sister) run on the stage jumping wildly in unison and rhythm screaming and chanting: "Gana kami! Gana kami!" (We are the winner! We are the winner!). Silly kids. They did this on the way back home too.

Now, if I could only find where the foods are! Isn't this supposed to be a feast?

Oh well, ciao!:wave:

*excess: after that I went to the opening of an Art Exhibit... but I'll leave that on my next post!*

Friday, August 10, 2007

Phishing Email Almost Got Me

Honestly, are you still using internet explorer?

Although I know a lot are now using Mozilla FireFox, still there are a number of users out there who are too naive to transfer from the regular IE to the new trend. But in reality, it's actually more than just a trend, it's the security that we're talking about here. If ever this is some old news for you, then that's great! However, for those who are not aware, there are quite a lot of phishing emails sent lately that you should watch out from.

What are these phishing emails? It's that sort of email where they ask you to fill out a form where you're supposed to put personal (more like private) informations to fill up. Most of the time these emails come from early subscriptions you had from company's and business' throughout the web.

If you're not that aware, you would easily believe that the email did come from the company because the email address seen on the "From:" data is the same address used by the company itself.

I have received two emails already: one from GoDaddy, and the latest is what made me panicked: PayPal. Imagine what could have happened if you believed and was able to fill out informations indicating your PayPal account details like passwords, bank account, telephone numbers and addresses good enough for anyone, especially the culprits to use in the future. Gone are your savings including your identity.

Just thinking about the hassles that you'll go through to claim it again, it would be devastating.

Luckily, I am using Firefox. Firefox has a default warning and security that will inform you that the link you just went to was identified as a "suspected web forgery".

For a better picture and understanding, you can read aj's article titled "Phishing Attack: Don't Use IE6 or Below".

So, if I were you I'd think twice. I suggest stick with Firefox from now on.

This is a personal experience. I forwarded the email to and they responded that the email was truly a forgery. Let's be aware, and beware.

Love Bug: LYRICS

I am never a one genre type of music lover. I have nothing against pop songs, yet i don't always go with it. Still, my choices are basically a result after hearing the lyrics. Yes the lyrics, before the melody. Huh... a bit weird. Or maybe just something that tickles my mood. In the end, I generally am a music lover. But I'm not good at remembering artists nor titles. I have reggae musics stored in my play list, classic, RnB, pop, tribal?, whatever... i have them.

oh well... this is a totally lame post.

just one thought though: who wouldn't want someone feeling this for you?

When She Cries
Restless Heart

The road I have traveled on
Is paved with good intentions
It's littered with broken dreams
That never quite came true
When all of my hopes were dying
Her love kept me trying
And she does her best to hide the pain that she's been through

When she cries at night
And she doesn't think that I can hear her
She tries to hide all the fear she feels inside
So I pray this time
I can be the man that she deserves
'Cause I die a little each time
When she cries

She's always been there for me
Whenever I've fallen
When nobody else believed
She'd be there by my side
I don't know how she takes it
Just once I'd like to make it
Then there'll be tears of joy
That fill her loving eyes

When she cries at night
And she doesn't think that I can hear her
She tries to hide all the fear she feels inside
So I pray this time
I can be the man that she deserves
'Cause I die a little each time
When she cries

So I pray this time
I can be the man that she deserves
'Cause I die a little each time
When she cries

yet again, mixed thoughts. this proves that he'd broken promises, not given enough time or consideration. but behind that, never meant all of it. so, yeah... is that okay?

oh well... let me know if you want mp3. this song sounds classic. in short. old. but I don't know... maybe it is old? whatever.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Fast Post

Census was just here, like CIA asking all these usual questions. Who lives here? Birth dates. Educational background. It's funny when she asked about the head of the family. Although I'm fully open about the setup we have in our house, it still offends me to be asked what's your relation with the head of the family. Must it always be the head? the man behind the moolah? but oh come on, both my parents, yes including the head (since it may not be regarded as him not included in the parents category, more like guardian), earns a living each. The whole family shares this family business we have. I was really irritated when I couldn't answer. Formality sucks when you have to say, they're live-in (my mom and that man) and I with my brothers end up titled 'step-daughter-son'. That's really silly. We're the 'steps' when the house actually is my grandma's. Yeah, it's hard for me too whenever I'm asked who the man is, and I'd answer by saying, 'my, step dad'.

Most of the time I just answer, 'my dad' and I'm practically okay with that. pretty comfortable with it too. but when they start with surnames, yeah... that's where they become confuse and I'd have to explain and return to that 'step dad' basis. Sucks. totally sucks. Oh well... guess it can never be that natural no matter how the world is becoming that open with this sort of situations.

What am I ranting about? I don't know. I don't like having to call anyone in the family 'step'. I could hear lilo and stitch theme here saying, 'ohana'... hahaha! 'ohana' means family. family means nobody gets left behind. hubba-hubba...

A package delivery truck also came around. They were supposed to bring in a package from manila. supplies. funny part? They said they'd come back coz they left the package. *ROFL* I just hope they didn't leave it in manila, right?

so, ciao!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Random, Random...

:ha?: I find this a bit silly actually. been tagged twice already with the same meme... and was wondering why. this blog is a personal one so I don't think I have enough random facts to speak about that my readers (as if i had so much) know about me. Oh well, let's try and give it a go then. Much thanks to Edward of "Health and Wealth" and the Pedestrian Observer for the responsibility... *lol*
  • In the 8 facts about [name], you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. At the end, you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Each blogger must post these rules first.
  • Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • At the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog..

Right, here's the random stuff about me:

  1. Though I have lived most of my life (if not forever) here in Legazpi, Mayon Volcano still amazes me that I tend to look at it every time a clear space freely shows its majestic features...
  2. I usually mutter conversations when I'm alone. More like talking to myself (and answering back), especially when I'm in the bathroom (if I'm not singing, that is!).
  3. I can be really disorganized and overly compulsive at random times. (now that's random!)
  4. I normally live up to my zodiac (Libra), tending to see both sides and measure up or weigh things before finally deciding (on friends). This makes people see me as a safe player.
  5. Contradictory to my no. 4, I'm usually stupid because I'm a risk taker (on life).
  6. I'm hard headed. Deal with it.
  7. Although I can easily get irritated with a lot of things, I instantly snap out of it when I've already expressed my annoyance.
  8. I'm easily pleased and quite emotional. Good food. Children playing on the side walks. Old couples. Nice reads. Silly stories. Mini things as gifts (any gift, actually). Nature. All of these may seem simple, yet it can really make me smile so sweetly (even if I'm alone, with people probably seeing me and thinking I've gone loco).
Yey! Suddenly eight didn't seem that much. My mind is still racing with so much facts. But let's leave that to another boring post about me. Hmmm... I think I came up with weird things than random, don't you think? or not...


oh.. I'm supposed to tag 8 more people to do this... but as of now I don't know who to tag since it seems like everyone had done this meme. If you feel like talking about yourself, and would want to follow suit, you can leave a message and I'll put you on the list. If not, why don't you just go ahead and write 8 Random Facts about you as well, and probably tell me to read it?


*update: E Akino of Kabayan Junction also tagged me just recently (Aug. 8, 2007) with the same meme... hehe...*

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Bitching Sells

Have you noticed? After the hate posts about PBB’s Wendy Valdez’ bitchiness scheme, more and more bitching and ditching are going on within the blogosphere. Is it a trend? Its funny how people would resort to commentaries, I just wished it was more of a constructive sort of thing rather than just throwing senseless criticism.

:eheh:Is it for laughs?

I just find it hard to understand why there are persons out there attacking other blogs, groupies, and interests when the fact of the matter is: we all are different. As a person, no one is the same. This goes to show that it is true we can’t please everybody but if you’ve got nothing to do, is it really that okay to come out in the open and say, “what’s wrong with this activity? Its stupid,” or something of similar idea?

I believe that if you think something is wrong, it would be better if you list down things that would make it right. Not go on and rant about it without making things clear of what you really wanted or expected from it the first place.

I believe if there are things needed to be settled we should all be sensitive enough to be open at what other’s would feel regarding the thoughts that we are relating to the big world.

There are other means to make things right, or make our voices heard. Hopefully, it should be something better and in a more appreciative strategy. Can you not try and make it an entry without offending anyone?

More over, I think the best way to start of with a constructive criticism is like, “I think this is really nice, but I was wondering if it would be okay..." and the list goes on…

What was that saying?

"If you've got nothing nice to say, then don't say anything."

That way, it wouldn’t sound pushy, irritating or annoying. Don’t you think?

:ahaha:So you see, this is not a rant. This is an idea.

*LOL* Peace out! :wave:


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