Phishing Email Almost Got Me

Honestly, are you still using internet explorer?

Although I know a lot are now using Mozilla FireFox, still there are a number of users out there who are too naive to transfer from the regular IE to the new trend. But in reality, it's actually more than just a trend, it's the security that we're talking about here. If ever this is some old news for you, then that's great! However, for those who are not aware, there are quite a lot of phishing emails sent lately that you should watch out from.

What are these phishing emails? It's that sort of email where they ask you to fill out a form where you're supposed to put personal (more like private) informations to fill up. Most of the time these emails come from early subscriptions you had from company's and business' throughout the web.

If you're not that aware, you would easily believe that the email did come from the company because the email address seen on the "From:" data is the same address used by the company itself.

I have received two emails already: one from GoDaddy, and the latest is what made me panicked: PayPal. Imagine what could have happened if you believed and was able to fill out informations indicating your PayPal account details like passwords, bank account, telephone numbers and addresses good enough for anyone, especially the culprits to use in the future. Gone are your savings including your identity.

Just thinking about the hassles that you'll go through to claim it again, it would be devastating.

Luckily, I am using Firefox. Firefox has a default warning and security that will inform you that the link you just went to was identified as a "suspected web forgery".

For a better picture and understanding, you can read aj's article titled "Phishing Attack: Don't Use IE6 or Below".

So, if I were you I'd think twice. I suggest stick with Firefox from now on.

This is a personal experience. I forwarded the email to and they responded that the email was truly a forgery. Let's be aware, and beware.


Batang Yagit said…
i used firefox since the time they introduced tabbed browsing. hehehhe
Anonymous said…
I use firefox and sometimes flock. But flock is way faster than firefox.
Anonymous said…
im a firefox users din! IE sucks, and windows sucks! lolz! hehehheheh! but im using windows, bleh! hehehheh!
Sprechtrel said…
I've been using Firefox since 1.5 came out, and though some criticize it, I still find it better than IE..
Anonymous said…
Nakakapikon nga 'yung mga phishing emails. Buti na lang at hinding-hindi ako pumapatol ni isa sa mga 'yan. Ang nakakapikon lang e bakit parami na ng parami ang nagpapadala nito sa email address ko. Andami ko na ngang blocked sender list e.

Isa rin ako sa mga gumamit ng FF pagkalabas agad nito. Bukod kasi sa tabbed browsing e mababa lang kumain ng resources nito. Hindi katulad ng IE, resource hog. At palagay ko, lahat naman yata ng mga software na ginawa ng Microsoft e resource hog. Mabuhay ang Open Source.
Anonymous said…
Firefox is the best ever! Hehe.

I hate IE because it's so slow and there are lots of pop-ups. Andami ko pang nakukuhang virus. Hay.
Talamasca said…
IE can go to the deepest recesses of Dante's Inferno.

Firefox rox my sox!!!

Anonymous said…
my myspace account was once phished. fortunately, myspace has their own way of determining phished accounts and inform the owner to change passwords.

regards kina alek :)
Anonymous said…
hahaha! thanks for dropping by kidj! will tell alekz you said hi.. :D

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