Bitching Sells

Have you noticed? After the hate posts about PBB’s Wendy Valdez’ bitchiness scheme, more and more bitching and ditching are going on within the blogosphere. Is it a trend? Its funny how people would resort to commentaries, I just wished it was more of a constructive sort of thing rather than just throwing senseless criticism.

:eheh:Is it for laughs?

I just find it hard to understand why there are persons out there attacking other blogs, groupies, and interests when the fact of the matter is: we all are different. As a person, no one is the same. This goes to show that it is true we can’t please everybody but if you’ve got nothing to do, is it really that okay to come out in the open and say, “what’s wrong with this activity? Its stupid,” or something of similar idea?

I believe that if you think something is wrong, it would be better if you list down things that would make it right. Not go on and rant about it without making things clear of what you really wanted or expected from it the first place.

I believe if there are things needed to be settled we should all be sensitive enough to be open at what other’s would feel regarding the thoughts that we are relating to the big world.

There are other means to make things right, or make our voices heard. Hopefully, it should be something better and in a more appreciative strategy. Can you not try and make it an entry without offending anyone?

More over, I think the best way to start of with a constructive criticism is like, “I think this is really nice, but I was wondering if it would be okay..." and the list goes on…

What was that saying?

"If you've got nothing nice to say, then don't say anything."

That way, it wouldn’t sound pushy, irritating or annoying. Don’t you think?

:ahaha:So you see, this is not a rant. This is an idea.

*LOL* Peace out! :wave:


Talamasca said…
Bitching has been around since time immemorial, even before that Wendy thingy occurred, which, FYI, I don't care about since I don't really watch the show because of its *insert bitching bitching dot dot dot here* LOL!

Anyway... You just said it. WE ALL ARE (not "our" ok? *lol*) DIFFERENT. Ergo, people have different and various ways to express their views. Take me for example. I know for a fact that I throw bitch fits towards the "worthy" (well at least to me), although not regularly, but still, I bitch, so I pretty much belong to that category of people you're referring to. But what you're NOT seeing here is that bitching is really NOT pointless, that it's coming from "somewhere", and that "somewhere" can be attributed to the fact that, as you said, we are all different. Actions beget reactions, yadda yadda. And after all, the world will not survive without critics, whether they are mean or good-natured, right? It's just how it works. So, um, yeah, there. :-)
Actually, yeah i have seen bitchy blogs. but most of them are a fun read. maybe i just happened to come across some that are a bit way too much for me.

yeah i agree you love bitching. see you're a classic example of personality agreeable bitch. some do not carry it well so it doesn't have the right effect? something like that.


eway, typo grammatical error edited. thank you for that. :D
Jigs said…
tama si Tala. Pero, I also get what you're saying.

the problem is, most think being bitchy is more entertaining than the goodie goodie stuff. So you can't really expect that to change anytime soon.
oh jigs.. don't worry.. im not expecting a sudden change of heart here. if you didn't notice, i was sarcastically ranting as well... nyahahaha!

they can do whatever they want. no big deal. :D
Sprechtrel said…
You're right, giving ways to correct certain things should be the way of criticizing, I know what Wendy did/said that changed the way people see her must be very grave, but we simply cannot use people power against anyone we hate. It's abuse of democracy, free speech, and is nothing more than an ugly display of 2 of the 7 sins: WRATH and ENVY.
i didn't actually watch PBB. i only got to know about wendy and all the drama and such through the blogs around that mostly speak of her during the wendy era... nayhahahaha!
Anonymous said…
I know what you feel/think andianka.

I kinda got pissed off when I read the email. and becase of it, I even got pissed off too with some commenter in my blog.

Anonymous said…
haha! actually, i easily cool down. this sort of stuff when im done ranting about cools off just as fast as it hits me. :D

eway, looking on the bright side, we are having a nice discussion parin. onwards growth so to speak. nayahahha!
JaMaeLa said…
Hmm. This whole thing reminds me of papparazzis. Haha. Well, anyway.. Yeah, maraming tao ang talagang nagccriticize for amusement purposes. Maybe they do it for expression, but some of them are quite...out of hand na. But yeah, I agree to what you've just posted. I've had one really nasty commenter one time.. Haha. But the heck I care. I still blog.. =P I guess na if one person criticizes you, just leave 'em. They're definitely not worth your time and effort. It's their loss...not yours. :P Kasi sila yung nag-exert ng energy, hindi ikaw. ;) But yeah, we are all different.. So everyone of us have different ways of expressing. Some can be really bitchy, though. :) Wala tayong magagawa.. hayaan nalang natin sila. Hehe.
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