Exploitation? Blog War? NEXT!

this chaos within the Philippine blogosphere became very overwhelming. issues regarding blog authorship, ethical means, and responsibilities representing what the?! honestly these are all baseless points. what's wrong with these people?

oh right, i forgot. the healthy life of debates and opinions. the sad thing about life within the blogging world is that the more we write our thoughts and express what we want, we forget the regular means of fixing problems. personal conversation, one on one communication, does it even ring a bell? what happened to phone calls, meeting in person, cellphones, and for goodness sake if you don't want that then an email would do.

to let your bitterness out attacking or maybe for a lighter note just in case we hit some nerves there, issuing negative feedbacks without proper understanding that this can actually cause mayhem in our virtual world, unless of course this is some fishy scheme of traffic link baits, we should really think twice when we're about to post something huge.

it just goes to show that the whole world, both online and not, is over powered with the influence of superiority. pretend God reigns but powerless when faced on everyone's free will.

no one wins in a war.


funny, they are all worried unveiling whether there is exploitation or abuse in this 13 year old or 14 now? making money genius... what we all forget is that whatever it is that you've come to live with catches up on you. this kid is obviously influenced by his father, that's a fact. his father has making money online site as well. but ghost writing for the kid? i think not. coaching is more acceptable. but what else would a parent do? if you want to post a great entry, you would of course consult someone who can edit it for you. there's nothing wrong with that, is there?

so yeah. the kid is earning more than any one of us through his site. he's free to avail a lot of stuffs that not all kids could actually have. how can we judge him if he gets benefits from it? why, he even has his own laptop!? who wouldn't want that? *lol*

Family business people. That's what's there...


if they're worried about this kid being forced to blog, then i better keep my mouth shut before they ask child protection police to get me. i asked my younger brother to blog so his skill on writing would improve since we do speak english at home but when he writes its a bit off because he writes like the way he talks, and i'm not satisfied. i even promoted his blog here months ago. He's 11 years old! so, will i be accused of exploitation too?

will his entries be doubted as being written by me because he usually does link to my blog for more details? geez! if that is so, then I'm probably guilty.



Jigs said…
I do not want to get caught up in all this controversy because I haven't really visited his blog. So, I will reserve my opinions for later.
Anonymous said…
oh jigs, im just being sarcastic. or better yet, im promoting my brother's blog. nyahhahahahha!
Talamasca said…
So that's what the ruckus is all about huh!? Pfffft!!!

Even though I don't really give a damn since I'm definitely opposed to the use of the internet as some kind of tool for making money off stupid people and I didn't have a frickin' clue as to who this 13-year-old smart-ass really was until now, I can't help but feel sorry for those who antagonize him. I think they're just envious over the fact that the kid makes heaps of money by just churning out innovative stuff. And I also think that this kid's legit since I know people who are about his age that can write and make sense like him, and in fact, much better than he does. So WTF, right?

Insecure, sour-graping mofos.

P.S. Dude, if you want people to visit your brother's blog, just say "My brother's blog has lots of naked pictures and XXX videos galore!" You'll surely get people running with open arms to his site. Really. :-)
Anonymous said…
hahaha! tala if i say that he'd go screaming, "mama! ate used a bad word!!!" nyahhahahaha! whatever... :)
Franco Dominico said…
wahaha! hello i'm back again!
Anonymous said…
May ganito palang komosyon na nangyayari.

Hmm.. meron naman talagang batang magagaling magsulat e.
Anonymous said…
hello there :)

It's a fact: Many of us are just new in blogosphere and are still learning the basics of blogging but it does not, in any way, exempt us from human rights concerns especially in the area of freedom of speech.
Unknown said…
There's no business like show business!
Anonymous said…
some people think they're it or the powers that be

malu fernandez got mobbed by bloggers

and some people are just plain envious of the 13 year old

this is a free country

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