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Census was just here, like CIA asking all these usual questions. Who lives here? Birth dates. Educational background. It's funny when she asked about the head of the family. Although I'm fully open about the setup we have in our house, it still offends me to be asked what's your relation with the head of the family. Must it always be the head? the man behind the moolah? but oh come on, both my parents, yes including the head (since it may not be regarded as him not included in the parents category, more like guardian), earns a living each. The whole family shares this family business we have. I was really irritated when I couldn't answer. Formality sucks when you have to say, they're live-in (my mom and that man) and I with my brothers end up titled 'step-daughter-son'. That's really silly. We're the 'steps' when the house actually is my grandma's. Yeah, it's hard for me too whenever I'm asked who the man is, and I'd answer by saying, 'my, step dad'.

Most of the time I just answer, 'my dad' and I'm practically okay with that. pretty comfortable with it too. but when they start with surnames, yeah... that's where they become confuse and I'd have to explain and return to that 'step dad' basis. Sucks. totally sucks. Oh well... guess it can never be that natural no matter how the world is becoming that open with this sort of situations.

What am I ranting about? I don't know. I don't like having to call anyone in the family 'step'. I could hear lilo and stitch theme here saying, 'ohana'... hahaha! 'ohana' means family. family means nobody gets left behind. hubba-hubba...

A package delivery truck also came around. They were supposed to bring in a package from manila. supplies. funny part? They said they'd come back coz they left the package. *ROFL* I just hope they didn't leave it in manila, right?

so, ciao!


Anonymous said…
I think we Filipinos are a little used to those kinds of setups. But still, well, there are some conservatives...You get what I mean.
Anonymous said…
practice getting use to it.

and have a nice day. temper. temper.
Pepe said…
Thanks for the info Andia, i-try kong mag-compose pero hindi ako sigurado kung maisa-submit ko he-he....! Ako na lang kaya ang magdo-donate ng grand prize para hindi na ko mahirapan pa....! Joks onli, isang pares na sapatos pa din yun ha he-he....! How's life na pala....? Tagal na nating walang contact a di ba....? Ingatz always....! =D
Jigs said…
i don't think i've ever answered any form of census survey. i think the set up your family has is okay. its just that some people aren't used to it yet.
Elmer said…
ate andianka pa ba...:-)

i tagged you to my post at
to continue the chain of sharing a little info about you to your readers.

Hope see your list soon...Cheer Ate!
Anonymous said…
Thats funny! Our census didn't ask me bout our surnames though..He just asked how many are we inside and thats all. In US, you can sue them for that*laughs*...

Talamasca said…
Don't sweat it, m'dear! After all, they're just doing their job. It's not like they're gonna judge you based on that. Ok, well, if they do, then who cares, right? Life as you know it won't stop or something. Ok that was lame but I think you're getting my drift.

They said they'd come back coz they left the package.

NOW that's what doing one's job looks like! Bastards! LOL!
Anonymous said…
Just don't mind them, makakalimutan din nila yun. Hehe. Trabaho lang. :)

I love Lilo & Stitch! :D Wala lang, naalala ko lang.

LOL for the package. From Albay ka pala, hopefully hindi nga siya naiwan sa Manila. Haha!

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