Sunday, April 29, 2007

Looking For Someone RIGHT

Traditional relationship starters of our grandma’s and grandpa’s before started out with serenades and courtship over their lover’s parents before getting right to the person. As years go by, people became more daring and open. This doesn’t mean though that we do not take finding relationships seriously, it just so happened that it doesn’t come to us as much as we want it to.

With technology as our friend, guys and gals out there searching for someone they can easily relate too and are troubled having personal talks on first meetings are now given a chance to explore first through the help of online dating. Yup… this is one of the best technology cupids around that anyone can benefit from. Start finding a common matching interests, chat around, get to know, and who knows you just might find mr. or mrs. Right soon enough.

Although some dating services ask for payment to have the time inside their site and service, there are a few
online dating sites that you can visit and join for free. Take for example. They have a high quality dating site that offers the same features as most paid dating services offered, yet this one is 100% free. So, if you’re really interested, you can check it out yourself and see the difference.

Till then, enjoy!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

That little tease!

PIG/BOAR SIGN: They are laid back, kind, honest. they usually love their homes, good at organising without being bossy. they are vesy trusting and trustworthy. can be headonists but they can be lazy, materialistic and gullible. A sheep and Rabbit are the best matches for a pig!

Nope, this is not one of those delayed realization and giving Chinese meanings and overviews about the year of the Pig or Boar, bacon, barbeque, or roast. This is all about me, moi, I, myself, yours truly bearing a Boar sign since I am a pig baby (yeah, it doesn’t sound nice doesn’t it? but yummy though…) putting great emphasis on the MATERIALISTIC me according to the stars. (LOL!)

Truth is, I’ve always hated that negative trait and always battled with anyone because honestly, I’m not into things. Whenever I have money to spend, I usually end up partying or food tripping rather than buying stuffs of my own. I am picky though whenever I do buy something for myself, and most especially for my family or friends.

I am not ‘materialistic’… that had always been my defense. Cause I believe I am so not it.


I saw it, staring at me from the display shelf. Teasing me: ‘come buy me, I’m yours if you have the money…buy me…Buy me, HELL MOVE YOUR ASS AND BUY ME!’

Oh yes… I did a little mall walk yesterday and saw a laptop. I have been dreaming and wanting to have one, who wouldn’t?! but, seeing it on display, I really, instantly, fell in love with it. I’m dying to have it, wanting it so bad I had tantrums the whole day wondering: ‘how in the world am I going to afford it?’

It costs some freaking Php 50,000.00+ plus peso-sesoses!!!!!!!!! Although you get to pay it by installment, a year to pay to be exact, my salary won’t be enough. It would have been great if I have nothing else to worry about but no, the world is a list of bills to pay all the time and there’s no chance of getting rid of those responsibilities you know!

So that’s it… I guess I can be materialistic once I do see something that I would like to have instantly!!!

I tried to analyze and found out that, I have quite a list of things that I want to have… but most of the time I tend to ignore it because its only in my mind. Something you fantasize you’d have one of these days but not at the moment. But because you are already earning you get to be attached to the idea that budgeting can actually get you into affording almost everything you set your mind on.

Yup… I know what you’re about to advice: “SAVE”

But that’s the problem, I’ve already budgeted my present wage into a survival sort of needs. I would have to find a way to have extra income so to speak. Oh WTF! Life is so full of… things to buy. Nyahahahaha!

The irony of living is finding something you’d die for.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Let's get down to business...

something to rant about... i thought i wouldn't be putting so much personal stuffs here but what the heck! i just want to spill some thoughts.

well, this won't actually qualify as personal because it's not about me anyway. i only want to share my opinion on this matter.

here's the thing:

my bestfriend got fired yesterday. she was caught sleeping at work. yup, i know, sleeping on the job does make a good case for getting thrown out of work, but here's the thing. i don't believe that it would be that soon.

you see, as far as i know, company's, offices, whatever work related that has employees and employers in it must have this orientation on the do's and don'ts. although it is common sense that you shouldn't be sleeping while you're at work i find the case not so reasonable. why?

every offense gets a dignified consequence. in reasonable cases, most rules and regulations states that there should be some sort of:

1st offense: written/vocal warning.
2nd offense: probably a few days or a week suspension.
3rd offense: termination of contract/employment.

heck even schools got this so called pros and cons. if you don't know what are the "not to do's at work or you'll get fired" then how can you avoid it? if as simple as getting caught dozing off for a few winks gets you kicked out from your job without due trial, then we'd have quite an outbreak on unemployment (not as if that's a new issue from which we're only adding fire to injury, or what's that phrase again?) whatever, i wish my point is taken still.

so... i told my friend to get legal counsel or some sort. having a bad record on your first 'certificate of employment' paper would be really risky as future reference. maybe im over reacting on this but i do wish to have some sentiments regarding this matter.

my only concern is, we have so many injustices in this world. newly grads such as my friend deserves some light on her regarding her rights as far as employment is the talk of the town so to speak.

they were never oriented nor warned. if everything goes that way, then what else should matter?

must the world always be this bitter?

welcome to the world of the!

Friday, April 20, 2007

What the world is coming into?! 3rd Strike

My third strike to my obvious rants on the usual agenda's along the news around our environment. Again, this is me signing in on a few reviews of what bothers me greatly. This time, I extend my condolences and sympathy to the berieved of the victims of the world's injustice.

"What the world is coming into?!"

  • I read Julia Campbell's last entry in her blog, and I can't help but feel a few tears in my eyes trying to break free. It truly tore deep in my heart. They found her a few days after she was reported missing somewhere in Northern Luzon. They found her... her body that is. Lifeless... According to the news the primary motive was robbery. True, they robbed her alright. They robbed her life. Her last entry speaks of the common Filipino way of answering a typical how are you greeting where we often respond with "Buhay Pa" (still alive), a means of saying we're okay. But we can't ask her that now, can we? Her entry was about her experience surviving the Typhoon Reming here in Albay where she had lived for quite some time now. She had adopted the filipino way of life but more than that, she lives by helping our fellowmen. Even though, if we'd surmise it all, she is a victim herself of the natural calamity, she dedicated her strength on helping the poor kids in the evacuation centers.

So near yet so far... I've seen her more than once around our town. She even asked me one time how much were the balloons that I was selling in our store at the mall. I knew then that she intended to bring some for the kids because it was obvious that she works for a charity sort of group. Another time I saw her was when she was at Chateau Nouveau where my friends and I usually hang out on. She was having meal with a friend. Yes, it tears your heart when you know she had been around you, and then you realize, she's gone. Though we never were acquainted or whatever, it's hard to swallow the idea that she was just around back then. She who had helped so much in her own way, died so tragically. My heart weeps for her.

  • The other news is about the Viriginia Tech massacre. Just thinking about what happened there sends shiver, goosebumps all over my body. Why? The highly asked question: Why are all these happening in our world? My emotions are overwhelmed right now, i couldn't muster describing it in words. So I'll participate in this instead:

One Day Blog Silence

"Lord, i know people die everyday, it is a part of the coming and going of every soul... but to experience and see it so devastatingly tragic can sometimes make me wonder why it should be that way. Give us the strength to accept things like this open heartedly, and may this give us wisdom and inspiration on what to do next. Amen."

God bless thy Souls...


*"What the world is coming into?! original."

*"What the world is coming into?! 2nd Strike"

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Press Release:

With the aim of reaching out through service, Alpha Phi Omega – Qatar Alumni Association recently donated P350,000.00 to Gawad Kalinga as a means to build a multi purpose hall in Baybay, Malinao, Albay in connection with the housing project – community outreach for the Typhoon Reming victims and indigent people of Albay.

The APO-QAA raised the fund of about QR87,000 by holding a Charity Concert called “Hawak Kamay” (hand in hand), a Concert for a Cause, in the CICC Compound, Ras Laffan, Qatar last February 22, 2007 in cooperation with the Samahan Ng Manggagawang Filipino (SMF) or the Filipino Workers of Qatar and Qatargas Corporation, featuring a number of performers such as the Kasa Fuego (house of fire) and the Heat Wave Dancers group, resulting in an eventful variety show entertaining a crowd that reached over 7,000 audiences comprised with over 60 nationalities.

April 11, 2007, APO-QAA representatives Bro. Aldous Enciso and Bro. Danilo R. Lanzon with Politico “Cocoy” Fajardo of SMF, accompanied by a few of our brothers and sisters here in Legazpi City namely: Bro. Pascual “Nonoy” Narvaez, Sis Patty Asagra, Bro. Zeus del Rosario, Bro. Viktor Gayanillo, Bro. Neil Grajo, and Sis Andrea Karlsan Zapanta went to meet up with Albay GK Coordinator Edwin Magaloma to visit the relocation site in Baybay, Malinao, Albay where the multi purpose hall will be built. Before going to Taysan, Legazpi to meet with Mr. Tony Loria, GK’s Provincial Director, the group dropped by Malinao's Municipal Hall to be recognized by the town's mayor.

The formal turn over and awarding of donation from APO-QAA to Gawad Kalinga was held last April 16, 2007 in Manila in the presence of a number of brods and sis from the APO National Council.

The Call:

Brothers and Sisters in LFS,

The news above only shows what we are capable of contributing through service. Let this be a call to everyone to continue implementing programs and activities that can generally aid our affirmations on our principles, especially on Service. The action done by the APO-QAA is just a spark to start up a fire. Gawad Kalinga’s project is still on going and if we are willing, they need man power support in building the houses (or the multi purpose hall itself in Malinao) for our Bicolano kababayans. Let us all be an instrument in bringing hope to the Typhoon Reming survivors by lending a hand on their new beginning.

Quoting a piece from the Charity Concert's press release:

"This concert is a good example when people of different professional backgrounds work together to make a sponsorship project a success"

- Kerr Johnston, Qatargas Operating Officer

We too can do the same.

Make your summer meaningful by signing up for the manpower needs.

May all this inspire us all!

- Sis Andrea Karlsan Zapanta

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blogger's Code of Conduct, must there really be?

it's a hell fire topic everywhere i turn lately, about this so called Blogger's Code of Conduct that many, but specifically the Wikipedia guy and some net techie popular insists on implementing in the blogosphere. similar to most reactions i was torned whether i would agree having rules to follow in creating an entry or not. at first i said it would be nice and will be very much helpful, however, quite a few of the said rules would contradict the mere thought of personal opinion. in the end, i agree to disagree. get me?

rules' plus side: we become more aware of the effects of what we write.
downside: the tendency to suppress the freedom of speech.

but let's admit it. most of us, if not all, tend to abuse this freedom, therefore a bit of limitation wouldn't hurt. however, no set of rules can overpower all. in the end, our only basis would be our own set of understanding on what a "responsible blogger" is, and... at the other end, what a "responsible reader" should be.

in the midst of trying to analyze the situation i came upon
Sir Martin's blog saying his piece which would definitely describe the aforementioned limitations and responsibility based on common sense and personal behavior. ethics still is the key.

anyways, i quoted this so i can share it to you all:

All a Blogger Really Needs to Learn He/She Learned in Kindergarten
(NOTE: If there are no parenthetical remarks, take it as is.

All I really need to know about how to blog and what to blog and how to be a blogger I learned in kindergarten. Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate school mountain, but there in the sandpile at Sunday School. These are the things I learned:

  • Share everything. (Invite people to your blog.)
  • Play fair. (Visit their blog in return.)
  • Don’t hit people. (No flaming and personal attacks.)
  • Put things back where you found them. (Link back.)
  • Clean up your own mess.
  • Do your homework.
  • Don’t take things that aren’t yours. (Ask for permission if needed.)
  • Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.
    Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you. (Have a nice blog theme that makes you feel good. ^_^)
  • Live a balanced life–learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
  • Take a nap every afternoon.
  • When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together. (Help out your fellow bloggers. What goes around comes around.)
  • Be aware of wonder. Remember the little seed in the Styrofoam cup: Theroots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why, but we are all like that. (Say nice words about a blog that really awes and inspires you.)
  • Goldfish and hamsters and white mice and even the little seed in theStyrofoam cup–they all die. So do we. (But our blogs are eternal. There is no more editing after we die.)
  • And then remember the Dick-and-Jane books and the first word you learned–the biggest word of all–LOOK.

he is right you know. we all knew this by heart when we were kid. what's left to do is for us to follow this simple guidelines to create a healthy environment in this cyber world that we're into. you can check out his site to read more about his explanation about this and i highly recommend it.

to end this discussion, i'll leave you with a forwarded reflection Tatay Pas sent me that i find very much applicable to this topic:

"The words I use for others are extremely powerful. How I use them reflects who I am, what I am, and to whom I belong. God wants me to be very careful with my words... as my act of worship." - From Psalms 15

God Bless Everyone!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


finally... a chance to write something besides silly advertisements! (the things you do to have a bit of an income, geez!)

anyways, obviously you saw the ducks logo! i don't know, i often catch this series of movie parts usually in Star Movies channel, and somehow it never fails to give me the goosebump and excitement on its plot. though i've seen it like who knows for how many times now, i still get to enjoy the feeling of awe and appreciation to the lesson that it foretells. the loyalty and striving for your ambition and what you believe in. understanding the circumstance and having fun while you're at it. the compassion and so much more in a kid like means of expression. teeny bopper as it may seem but what can i say? i somewhat liked the movie, but it doesn't mean i'd want to watch it everyday or something like that. catching it every now and then along movie dedicated channels can somewhat give me the chills of emotional time warp.

talking about ducks i kinda get that description a lot. well, maybe everyone would when you're always a pout face. its not like i walk like a duck... just the cutie pout, to clear up some points. then someone once told me too that a "duck shits in its crazy attempt to fly." (most ducks can't fly?) this is usually portrayed or implicted on social climbers. whatever the exact meaning of what a duck is depends on everyone's own understanding. as for me?

my defense would always be: "i maybe a duck, but im the ugly duck who turned out to be a beautiful swan in the end."


quack! quack! quack! everyone!

Friday, April 13, 2007

On Making Money part 2

More on making money through blogging! I've just recently applied on another post and get paid sort of scheme that I'd like to share to you boys and girls out there who are seeking sidelines on earning through blogging. Similar to most postie paid posts:

Bloggerwave is another blog posts paid program that we could all try to get a little income out of our favorite thing to do. Blogging. Like what I always say, if you it is possible that you get paid for the thing that you love doing the most, then what's the harm in that? Rather, let's enjoy the earning process instead! So what are you waiting for? Let's start posting and get paid shall we?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Roman Blinds

Add elegance and style on the interiors of your home with Terry’s Fabrics Roman Blinds! With crisply pleated neat horizontal folds, these Roman Blinds are a neat add on to your window with its functional look that is perfect for a modern home and is very economical on fabric.

It may look simple from the front, falling in a series of level folds down to the sill with streamlined pleats behind it, clever system of rods, and slipped into tape casings at the back of the blind will hold the folds straight.

With its functionality comes the ease of raising and lowering it by pulling or releasing the cords that are run through pockets in the taped casing. They also offer a Roman Blind Kit for the Do It Yourselfer peeps out there.

So what are you waiting for? Get that interior aura of yours into action by giving your window a Roman Blind today.

On Drug Rehab

Drugs today are so common everywhere. People who are suppressed and depressed tend to rely on drugs for comfort and soon this is the reason they would go astray and become dependent on it causing great threats on their life and to everyone around them.

If you want to save a friend or yourself from further effects of these unwanted habit or vices, but is afraid of how good or how uncomfortable a treatment would be, then Stone Hawk’s
Drug Rehab Program will definitely work best for you or your friend or relative, whoever needs healing. In their program they treat their clients as students rather than patients. They make it feel like you’re in there for the learning and not to be cured of some sort of disease. With a positive approach on their means to help an addicted person be free from whatever it is that they are addicted from with great welcoming and comfort felt stay. This probably is the best way to encourage anyone to gain back their control in their lives without drug abuse or alcoholism.

Get back on a good living with the help of Stone Hawk's awesome program.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lift OFF?

are you ready for the flight to Destination Freedom? if so, please fasten your seatbelt and read the rules on board while you wait for lift off.
(i got this excerpt from a book that i intend to read more about. the book is called Destination Freedom by Ramtha and Douglas Mahr. this book is a great guide to your personal enlightenment. this chosen part of the intro is one that catched my attention the most, and the entire writing style made it feel like you're about to learn how to fly a plane into superconsciousness and learning what love is...Godly, and humanly.)
prior to takeoff, check the following emotional switches, buttons, and programs. place them in their make-ready positions for Flight level: Superconsciousness. any time you're switched ON to these feelings, you are living in limited mind.
    1. Check your Doubt switch; turn OFF your doubt of everything, everyone, and self.
    2. Is your Limitedness switch on? turn OFF everything that you think you are not.
    3. Check you Hate button; flip it from standby to OFF.
    4. Set your Bitterness button to OFF; the past is the past.
    5. War switch to OFF; war is simply with self.
    6. Disease switch to OFF; you don't need the identity any more.
    7. Unhappiness switch to OFF; grab your joystick and prepare for takeoff to Flightlevel: SuperC.
    8. Misery switch; flit it from standby to OFF - who needs misery?
    9. Judgement of Others program; reprogram to Love of Others program for effortless flight.
    10. Turn the Living for Others and Dying for Others program to OFF. This is the living to please the whole of the world who shan't ever be pleased program.

with all these on ready, you may now fly in to the next navigation! Enjoy your ride on Flightlevel: Superconsciousness, everyone! : )

Monday, April 9, 2007

one/fifth of my five day summer vacation

oh yes! congratulate me people/friends/readers! i was able to do quite a number of stuffs during my five day vacation and the best part would be this swimming gimmick with my friends and my bf's siblings... although there were just like, six of us, we really had a good time eating out, grilling pork, a few drinks and some good old photo shoots with tanning swimming to the max!

if not for my aching body right now i wouldn't complain. anyways, my body ache isn't from the swimming though. the next day after that outing, the whole family went to this hill which has become famous because it over looks the whole legazpi. a perfect jogging spot, but excuse me i just walked... and then going back to its foot there's a tennis court where i get to play (more like learn how) swinging the ball right to the other court. harharhar!

really it was one hell of an unexpected exercise and now my entire body, from head to toe, add in my runny nose due to a cold and an itchy throat, im really not feeling well. overwhelmed i guess... weak body but a grin on my face. last two days for my short vacation... what's next on my list? i don't know yet... but i'll be updating you guys about it soon.

anyway, here's a photo of a mutated sea monster: oh well... Happy summer time everyone!

Friday, April 6, 2007

My Lenten Expression

since i couldn't think of anything to write specifically right now about the lenten week, let me just share a text message that most of you have probably received more than a hundred times during/anytime actually this Holy Week:

(i liked it, that's why im sharing it yet again...)

Jesus and Satan competed on the computer. They started typing. They did every known job, reports, e-mails, attachments, and downloads... but before the time was up, thunder and rain... and blackout came!

Satan cursed. Jesus just sighed.

When electricity was back, Satan lost every single thing he had done. But Jesus started printing all his files.

Satan shouted: "You CHEATED!"

Jesus smiled. He did what Satan didn't know:


a more technological based story that never fails to make everyone imagine How Great Thou Art!

thanks tatay pas for the text message. i'll have a more formal entry about this after i guess. :)

Monday, April 2, 2007

Sepia Crazy: Summer Worry

Note: the pictures on this post has nothing to do with my entry. i was just going ga-ga over taking sepia pics and proud to show it here and break the paragraphs of what im about to write (if ever it does reach more than one paragraph, counting one for the note itself...).

Anyhow, next week i have work tuesday and wednesday, the five days after that would be the only official summer holiday i'll ever get. Thank God! (literally for it's all because of the Holy Week) I just wished they made it a week or something! but then again better this than nothing at all. I do hope and pray that i'll be able to squeeze in the things that i normally enjoy during the months of April and May in five days... wow! Whatta task! Hmmm... let's see.
Things i usually do during summer vacations:
    • Read a good book nonstop. As long as my eyes are wide open i won't stop reading. Which makes me finish books real fast. And with me being an addict and really focused on the story, its hard to talk to me when im busy with a book. I wanna do this. Makes me forget about the world around me.
    • Watch lots and lots of DVD's. Yup, pirated. I admit that (looks out for edu manzano or whoever is in charge today of busting users and pirates). I love watching good movies all night. Hmmm... or... if i have someone to go out with the cinema is not bad either.

    • Church camps. I love a week out with my church's youth during summer camps on an island, a church, or somewhere in the mountains and have those treasure hunting and sports activity that drains your body's energy and give you muscle pain everyday.

    • Beach (overnight). It's been a family tradition to go for an overnight swim every summer, along with family friends and all that. Going to the beach happens every weekends during summer if not an overnight. I am proud of my dark tan and im never satisfied until i have sunburn. I just love the beach. I find solace there. I LOVE SWIMMING, boating, snorkeling, and so much more that concerns beach, water, whatever!

    • Nightouts! with my friends. Because im used at having all the free time i can get, i usually stay out very late at night partying and chatting around with my friends just about anything. Singing, playing guitar (them doing the playing actually not me), cookouts, house visits, etc.

Alright... Now the things that hopefully i could exploit in five days:

  • Read a good book. Preferably short this time, and nonstop is impossible.

  • Watch a movie in a cinema once with... say whoever wants to come along and probably dig some cool movies on sale (one to two DVD's would be enough).

  • Goodbye to church camp but hello to a day experience in an evacuee relocation site for more situational interviews and charity works.

  • Nightouts is banned for me lately from personal reasons. My move, my choice. *wink* but an hour or two (again) with my friends would be just fine as well. A dropby wouldn't hurt.

  • And the beach outing... i can't let the summer pass without this one. Im dying to go swimming and sunbathing... my skin doesn't feel okay without beach influenced sunburn, promise! I badly want to go to the ocean!!!!!!

I guess i'll be able to do something about the little time that i have, huh! wish me luck then! if you have any ideas on a good five day itinerary, comment me. and oh, what about you guys? What's for summer? : )


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