finally... a chance to write something besides silly advertisements! (the things you do to have a bit of an income, geez!)

anyways, obviously you saw the ducks logo! i don't know, i often catch this series of movie parts usually in Star Movies channel, and somehow it never fails to give me the goosebump and excitement on its plot. though i've seen it like who knows for how many times now, i still get to enjoy the feeling of awe and appreciation to the lesson that it foretells. the loyalty and striving for your ambition and what you believe in. understanding the circumstance and having fun while you're at it. the compassion and so much more in a kid like means of expression. teeny bopper as it may seem but what can i say? i somewhat liked the movie, but it doesn't mean i'd want to watch it everyday or something like that. catching it every now and then along movie dedicated channels can somewhat give me the chills of emotional time warp.

talking about ducks i kinda get that description a lot. well, maybe everyone would when you're always a pout face. its not like i walk like a duck... just the cutie pout, to clear up some points. then someone once told me too that a "duck shits in its crazy attempt to fly." (most ducks can't fly?) this is usually portrayed or implicted on social climbers. whatever the exact meaning of what a duck is depends on everyone's own understanding. as for me?

my defense would always be: "i maybe a duck, but im the ugly duck who turned out to be a beautiful swan in the end."


quack! quack! quack! everyone!


joy said…
hahaha.. kaya pala quack! ang nilagay mo.. nagtataka ako wala namang pato dun sa post ko.. andito pala... nyahahaha... :D
rachel said…
i lurve mighty ducks! ^_^
p said…
this is one of those childhood movies that have inspired me to.. uhm.. watch them again. hehehe!

it's knucklepuck time!
Anonymous said…
MIGHTY DUCKS! wow! my favorite (nung bata pa ako) i love the camaraderie!

quack! quack!

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