That little tease!

PIG/BOAR SIGN: They are laid back, kind, honest. they usually love their homes, good at organising without being bossy. they are vesy trusting and trustworthy. can be headonists but they can be lazy, materialistic and gullible. A sheep and Rabbit are the best matches for a pig!

Nope, this is not one of those delayed realization and giving Chinese meanings and overviews about the year of the Pig or Boar, bacon, barbeque, or roast. This is all about me, moi, I, myself, yours truly bearing a Boar sign since I am a pig baby (yeah, it doesn’t sound nice doesn’t it? but yummy though…) putting great emphasis on the MATERIALISTIC me according to the stars. (LOL!)

Truth is, I’ve always hated that negative trait and always battled with anyone because honestly, I’m not into things. Whenever I have money to spend, I usually end up partying or food tripping rather than buying stuffs of my own. I am picky though whenever I do buy something for myself, and most especially for my family or friends.

I am not ‘materialistic’… that had always been my defense. Cause I believe I am so not it.


I saw it, staring at me from the display shelf. Teasing me: ‘come buy me, I’m yours if you have the money…buy me…Buy me, HELL MOVE YOUR ASS AND BUY ME!’

Oh yes… I did a little mall walk yesterday and saw a laptop. I have been dreaming and wanting to have one, who wouldn’t?! but, seeing it on display, I really, instantly, fell in love with it. I’m dying to have it, wanting it so bad I had tantrums the whole day wondering: ‘how in the world am I going to afford it?’

It costs some freaking Php 50,000.00+ plus peso-sesoses!!!!!!!!! Although you get to pay it by installment, a year to pay to be exact, my salary won’t be enough. It would have been great if I have nothing else to worry about but no, the world is a list of bills to pay all the time and there’s no chance of getting rid of those responsibilities you know!

So that’s it… I guess I can be materialistic once I do see something that I would like to have instantly!!!

I tried to analyze and found out that, I have quite a list of things that I want to have… but most of the time I tend to ignore it because its only in my mind. Something you fantasize you’d have one of these days but not at the moment. But because you are already earning you get to be attached to the idea that budgeting can actually get you into affording almost everything you set your mind on.

Yup… I know what you’re about to advice: “SAVE”

But that’s the problem, I’ve already budgeted my present wage into a survival sort of needs. I would have to find a way to have extra income so to speak. Oh WTF! Life is so full of… things to buy. Nyahahahaha!

The irony of living is finding something you’d die for.


Señor Enrique said…

Here in Manila they have computer stores wherein you can specify the components you want installed (much like with desktop units) and at the end will cost a lot less than the usual laptops from popular manufacturers.


Jhed said…
I was lucky enough to be able to buy the not-so-old (like 3 months old) laptop of my boss. Ang maganda dun, installment ang pagbabayad ko sa kanya. So, talagang hindi mabigat sa bulsa ko.

He sold it to me for like.. 33k. Complete with all the softwares, etc. :P
Anonymous said…
sometimes we tend to be materialistic. tiempuhan lang yan. if you feel like buying it sort of thing. di ba. you already said it. SAVE. para pag may gusto kang bilhin in the future, may pambili diba?
Anonymous said…
@señor enrique : cool... wish i'd be able to go to manila soon. but of course i'll make sure i have the budget for it. thanks for the tip... :D

@jhed : noh ka ba!? tantrums na nga ko nangiinggit ka pa! (pero surplus, oo kahit second hand, basta maliit na size gusto ko...) :P

@deejay : SAVE!!! waaaaah! if only it's that easy... too many money responsibilities kasi and lola mo... :)
sherma said…
minsan talaga, we can't help but to buy the things we want... we want nga, di ba? but all we need is self-control... wag mo nang alalahanin yang description sa mga taong born under the sign of Boar/Pig... prove them that hindi lahat ng pinanganak under that sign ay materialistic... =)
Anonymous said…
I always tend to buy the things that I wanted but not blindly. I always check the specs and all. And also if it is worth the money as well.

Anyway, try getting more ads in your blog or try blogtoprofit so you can get the moolah to buy that laptop.
Pepe said…
Hey cheer-up....! Would you believe if i'll tell you that i was planning to buy the laptop of my dream 1 year ago pa, but until now i still couldn't make up my mind....! Two things lang kasi yan, impulse or priority.... Kung feel mo na may mas importante pa dyan e di mag-let go ka muna.... Tutal hindi naman nawawala ang mga yan sa market, mas updated models pa nga kung sa future ka bumili.... =D May mas maganda pa dun, hintayin mo lang....
Anonymous said…
@sherma : i am not materialistic and i don't believe signs do tell what kind of person we are. it just so happens that in general it does come somewhat similar. either way, i admitted my materialistic craze only when im up to something i badly go ga-ga with... like that LAPTOP. nyahahha!

@chase : i had one proj with blogtoprofit but they haven't given me anything new just yet. hopefully they would so its an added income. more ads? hmmm... okie, i'll do that. thanks! :D

@pepe : thanks for the comfort. yeah, besides the thought that i don't have the budget to follow my insane wanting, other priorities do come first for me at the moment. so im stuck just ranting about it to spare me my sanity. haha!

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