Let's get down to business...

something to rant about... i thought i wouldn't be putting so much personal stuffs here but what the heck! i just want to spill some thoughts.

well, this won't actually qualify as personal because it's not about me anyway. i only want to share my opinion on this matter.

here's the thing:

my bestfriend got fired yesterday. she was caught sleeping at work. yup, i know, sleeping on the job does make a good case for getting thrown out of work, but here's the thing. i don't believe that it would be that soon.

you see, as far as i know, company's, offices, whatever work related that has employees and employers in it must have this orientation on the do's and don'ts. although it is common sense that you shouldn't be sleeping while you're at work i find the case not so reasonable. why?

every offense gets a dignified consequence. in reasonable cases, most rules and regulations states that there should be some sort of:

1st offense: written/vocal warning.
2nd offense: probably a few days or a week suspension.
3rd offense: termination of contract/employment.

heck even schools got this so called pros and cons. if you don't know what are the "not to do's at work or you'll get fired" then how can you avoid it? if as simple as getting caught dozing off for a few winks gets you kicked out from your job without due trial, then we'd have quite an outbreak on unemployment (not as if that's a new issue from which we're only adding fire to injury, or what's that phrase again?) whatever, i wish my point is taken still.

so... i told my friend to get legal counsel or some sort. having a bad record on your first 'certificate of employment' paper would be really risky as future reference. maybe im over reacting on this but i do wish to have some sentiments regarding this matter.

my only concern is, we have so many injustices in this world. newly grads such as my friend deserves some light on her regarding her rights as far as employment is the talk of the town so to speak.

they were never oriented nor warned. if everything goes that way, then what else should matter?

must the world always be this bitter?

welcome to the world of the unemployed...sucks!


Anonymous said…
having a bad record on someoene else's "FIRST" certificate of employment really is risky!

the thing is what time was she caught sleeping?

sa iba kasi pati yung paghiga lang sa braso, "MALAS" raw.

i personally believe na nabigyan siya ng kahit "first offense" man lang... hindi yung SISANTE agad!
ninong said…
nakakatakot naman yan, parang ayaw ko na magtrabaho... tsk tsk... first offense lang nya ba yun? napakalupit naman.
Anonymous said…
That's not right. As you have said there must be some sort of a warning first before firing a person. That would be quite scandalous especially here.
Anonymous said…
aye aye.. napaka-annoying naman talaga nyan.. grabe.. i agree na unreasonable ang action ni boss..baka naman may gusto sa bestfriend mo tas niturn down nya.. hehe..
Anyway, ako din kahapon, nakatulog sa office.. hehe.. mga 5mins ata.. siesta time kasi tas dami ko nakain..
Anonymous said…
@mats : wrong timing talaga pagtulog nya, admitted yun. kaso dapat warning lang muna.

@ninong : di naman nakakatakot mag-work, basta alam mo at aware ka ng mga dapat at di dapat...

@chase : oh i do wish people out here gain the same awareness... it would be helpful for the company's growth din naman if they are organized sa mga ganitong bagay diba?

@cai : may asawa na yun boss nila... dko sya kasama sa work. pero natural lang talagang antukin lalo na kung computer kaharap mo for 8hours! kahit ako madalas din maidlip ng ilang minutes. tigasin lang ang tatagal. haha!
Anonymous said…

This is in relation to your post in my site. Sorry, I can not throw my 2 cents in an actual case because we are not privy to all the details. As I said in my post, the offense need not be habitual, if the impact to the organization is big. Equally important is the observance of due process.
sherma said…
hala.. first offense? sana man lang, may warning yan... dapat talaga, meron! kasama yan sa napag-aralan namin sa organizational communication...
yeah twas pretty harsh.. i mean, on the first offense.. pero wala ba talagang ibang "offenses" ang friend mo? baka kasi s/he already had, and the company was just waiting for something to legitimize the termination.. i have a job and i've kind of broken the rules for a couple of times(although kami talaga lahat, it's just that ako ang malapit sa boss so ako ang nahuhuli) but my boss is cool about it naman.. (or so i think! hahaha)
Anonymous said…
@sonnie : yes, yes, i understood your post saying it shouldn't be taken as rules to every other company. was just trying to find some sort of legal consent on this matter. hehe...

@sherma : yun nga din iniisip ko... misimplementation of power ang nangyari.

@peppermint streak : yup first offense. i wouldn't be ranting about it if it was worthy of termination naman eh. no other offenses before that. all im asking is a silly little warning before firing anyone. grrr... hehehe...

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