Sepia Crazy: Summer Worry

Note: the pictures on this post has nothing to do with my entry. i was just going ga-ga over taking sepia pics and proud to show it here and break the paragraphs of what im about to write (if ever it does reach more than one paragraph, counting one for the note itself...).

Anyhow, next week i have work tuesday and wednesday, the five days after that would be the only official summer holiday i'll ever get. Thank God! (literally for it's all because of the Holy Week) I just wished they made it a week or something! but then again better this than nothing at all. I do hope and pray that i'll be able to squeeze in the things that i normally enjoy during the months of April and May in five days... wow! Whatta task! Hmmm... let's see.
Things i usually do during summer vacations:
    • Read a good book nonstop. As long as my eyes are wide open i won't stop reading. Which makes me finish books real fast. And with me being an addict and really focused on the story, its hard to talk to me when im busy with a book. I wanna do this. Makes me forget about the world around me.
    • Watch lots and lots of DVD's. Yup, pirated. I admit that (looks out for edu manzano or whoever is in charge today of busting users and pirates). I love watching good movies all night. Hmmm... or... if i have someone to go out with the cinema is not bad either.

    • Church camps. I love a week out with my church's youth during summer camps on an island, a church, or somewhere in the mountains and have those treasure hunting and sports activity that drains your body's energy and give you muscle pain everyday.

    • Beach (overnight). It's been a family tradition to go for an overnight swim every summer, along with family friends and all that. Going to the beach happens every weekends during summer if not an overnight. I am proud of my dark tan and im never satisfied until i have sunburn. I just love the beach. I find solace there. I LOVE SWIMMING, boating, snorkeling, and so much more that concerns beach, water, whatever!

    • Nightouts! with my friends. Because im used at having all the free time i can get, i usually stay out very late at night partying and chatting around with my friends just about anything. Singing, playing guitar (them doing the playing actually not me), cookouts, house visits, etc.

Alright... Now the things that hopefully i could exploit in five days:

  • Read a good book. Preferably short this time, and nonstop is impossible.

  • Watch a movie in a cinema once with... say whoever wants to come along and probably dig some cool movies on sale (one to two DVD's would be enough).

  • Goodbye to church camp but hello to a day experience in an evacuee relocation site for more situational interviews and charity works.

  • Nightouts is banned for me lately from personal reasons. My move, my choice. *wink* but an hour or two (again) with my friends would be just fine as well. A dropby wouldn't hurt.

  • And the beach outing... i can't let the summer pass without this one. Im dying to go swimming and sunbathing... my skin doesn't feel okay without beach influenced sunburn, promise! I badly want to go to the ocean!!!!!!

I guess i'll be able to do something about the little time that i have, huh! wish me luck then! if you have any ideas on a good five day itinerary, comment me. and oh, what about you guys? What's for summer? : )


Anonymous said…
i will definitely not enjoy the summer because of the review...

(on your comment about my recent post) i'll see you next time in other blogger activities then... masarap maging involve don!
Anonymous said…
Goodluck, Andianka! Ako rin daming gustong gawin. Halos magkapareho lang tayo ng mga gustong gawin hehe...

A blessed Lenten week! Enjoy your 5-day vacation! :)
Anonymous said…
hay!!! naks naman talaga si ANKA, naaddict sa SEPIA! woot!

anyway, a blessed lenten week ;)

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