Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Get In Touch

No matter how close friends are: practicality, maturity or growth, and change in time gives reasons that would result in parting ways. This doesn’t mean though that the parting is because of misunderstanding, bad judgment and all that. Most of the time, it is simply needed. Once school years are through, the next step would be is to find a job and work for a living. Not everyone gets to work together though. Some goes out of town, some are left in provinces and after some time you’ll realize you all are becoming too busy with your own lives that you start to lose touch from each other. Communication becomes lesser and harder to deal with.

And then when an occasion comes, or a memory hits you, you start to wonder, how is that friend of mine? I wonder where he/she is now… and how will I get a hold of them?:ha?:

Luckily, through so many social networking schemes in the internet, we are now able to search for anyone we want to get in touch with. Within the information highway that everyone’s almost hooked with nowadays, you can easily locate people, friends, relatives, or whoever you wish to find. Some of it offers contact details as well, as long as they are enlisted in the social networks sites offered in the World Wide Web.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So GOod!

:ahaha:if you only knew where I'm writing from right now... dare i say? oh nevermind. *mischievous grin*

point is, I'm almost back to the way I was. or would i really be the same? I feel new, scared, but eager. It will be a new step for me. Not because I found something new, but because I just feel good. I know things will be better, and it better be. me with my endless redundancy.

New plans. New awareness. Same old self. Same old happiness. Better meaning. More sense. Great challenge. Am i up for it? I guess I am.

Wish me luck!:wave:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Barely Alive

nothing to write. just wanted to let you guys know i'm still alive... and is stuck in manila for awhile. im close to writing complains and reviews about the company where I get my ID printing supplies. Lately I've been coming back and forth their office for at least twice a week just to have my printer checked and fixed. Our orders remains pending in the to do stuff. I get all the yelling and pressure my mom could muster out of her frustration with regards to the situation. I can't retaliate knowing that she's just as disappointed as I am and is on the verge of breaking down.
oh whatever. im just so not in the mood to write. where the hell is my jolly self? i miss it so bad.


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