Wednesday, February 28, 2007

When You Divorce Me, Carry Me Out In Your Arms

had to dig this up from my received mails...i wanted to share this and probably give inspiration to those inlove, out of love, having troubles with their love, etc... all about love. (i just looooved this story so much!)

mushy-mushy muna tyo!

note for the ladies: 'on your wedding day, make sure that your husband carries you in to the house, to your'll understand why..."

When You Divorce Me, Carry Me Out in Your Arms

On my wedding day, I carried my wife in my arms. The bridal car stopped in front of our one-room flat. My buddies insisted that I carry her out of the car in my arms. So I carried her into our home. She was then plump and shy. I was a strong and happy bridegroom. This was the scene ten years ago. The following days were as simple as a cup of pure water: we had a kid; I went into business and tried to make more money. When the assets were steadily increasing, the affection between us seemed to ebb. She was a civil servant. Every morning we left home together and got home almost at the same time. Our kid was studying in a boarding school. Our marriage life seemed to be enviably happy. But the calm life was more likely to be affected by unpredictable changes.

Dew came into my life. It was a sunny day. I stood on a spacious balcony. Dew hugged me from behind. My heart once again was immersed in her stream of love. his was the apartment I bought for her. Dew said, you are the kind of man who best draws girls' eyeballs. Her words suddenly reminded me of my wife. When we were just married, my wife said, Men like you, once successful, will be very attractive to girls. Thinking of this, I became somewhat hesitant. I knew I had betrayed my wife. But I couldn't help doing so. I moved Dew's hands aside and said you go to select some furniture, O.K.? I've got something to do in the company. Obviously she was unhappy, because I had promised to do it together with her. At the moment, the idea of divorce became clearer in my mind although it used to be something impossible to me. However, I found it rather difficult to tell my wife about it. No matter how mildly I mentioned it to her, she would be deeply hurt.

Honestly, she was a good wife. Every evening she was busy preparing dinner. I was sitting in front of the TV. The dinner was ready soon. Then we watched TV together. Or, I was lounging before the computer, visualizing Dew's body. This was the means of my entertainment. One day I said to her in a slightly joking way, suppose we divorce, what will you do? She stared at me for a few seconds without a word. Apparently she believed that divorce was something too far away from her. I couldn't imagine how she would react once she got to know I was serious.

When my wife went to my office, Dew had just stepped out. Almost all the staff looked at my wife with a sympathetic eye and tried to hide something while talking to her. She seemed to have got some hint. She gently smiled at my subordinates. But I read some hurt in her eyes. Once again, Dew said to me, He Ning, divorce her, O.K.? Then we live together. I nodded.

I knew I could not hesitate any more. When my wife served the last dish, I held her hand. I've got something to tell you, I said. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn't know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the serious topic calmly. She didn't seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why? I'm serious. I avoided her question. This so-called answer made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn't talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer, because my heart had gone to Dew.With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company.

She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. I felt a pain in my heart. The woman who had been living ten years with me would become a stranger one day. But I could not take back what I had said. Finally she cried loudly in front of me, which was what I had expected to see. To me her cry was actually a kind of release. The idea of divorce which had obsessed me for several weeks seemed to be firmer and clearer.

Late that night, I came back home after entertaining my clients. I saw her writing something at the table. I fall asleep fast. When I woke up, I found she was still there. I turned over and was asleep again. She brought up her divorce conditions: she didn't want anything from me, but I was supposed to give her one months time before divorce, and in the month's time we must live as normal a life as possible. Her reason was simple: our son would finish his summer vacation a month later and she didn't want him to see our marriage was broken. She passed me the agreement she drafted, and then asked me, He Ning, do you still remember how I entered our bridal room on the wedding day?

This question suddenly brought back all those wonderful memories to me. I nodded and said, I remember. You carried me in your arms, she continued, so, I have a requirement, that is, you carry me out in your arms on the day when we divorce. From now to the end of this month, you must carry me out from the bedroom to the door every morning. I accepted with a smile. I knew she missed those sweet days and wished to end her marriage romantically.

I told Dew about my wifes divorce conditions. She laughed loudly and thought it was absurd. No matter what tricks she does, she has to face the result of divorce, she said scornfully. Her words more or less made me feel uncomfortable. My wife and I hadn't had any body contact since my divorce intention was explicitly expressed. We even treated each other as a stranger. So when I carried her out on the first day, we both appeared clumsy. Our son clapped behind us, daddy is holding mummy in his arms. His words brought me a sense of pain. From the bedroom to the sitting room, then to the door, I walked over ten meters with her in my arms. She closed her eyes and said softly, Let us start from today, don't tell our son. I nodded, feeling somewhat upset. I put her down outside the door. She went to wait for a bus, I drove to the office.

On the second day, both of us acted much more easily. She leaned on my chest. We were so close that I could smell the fragrance of her blouse. I realized that I hadn't looked at this intimate woman carefully for a long time. I found she was not young any more. There were some fine wrinkles on her face.

On the third day, she whispered to me, the outside garden is being demolished. Be careful when you pass there.

On the fourth day, when I lifted her up, I seemed to feel that we were still an intimate couple and I was holding my sweetheart in my arms. The visualization of Dew became vague.

On the fifth and sixth day, she kept reminding me something, such as, where she put the ironed shirts, I should be careful while cooking, etc. I nodded. The sense of intimacy was even stronger. I didn't tell Dew about this. I felt it was easier to carry her. Perhaps the everyday workout made me stronger. I said to her, It seems not difficult to carry you now. She was picking her dresses. I was waiting to carry her out. She tried quite a few but could not find a suitable one. Then she sighed, all my dresses have grown bigger. I smiled. But I suddenly realized that it was because she was thinner that I could carry her more easily, not because I was stronger. I knew she had buried all the bitterness in her heart.

Again, I felt a sense of pain. Subconsciously I reached out a hand to touch her head. Our son came in at the moment. Dad, it's time to carry mum out. He said. To him, seeing his father carrying his mother out had been an essential part of his life. She gestured our son to come closer and hugged him tightly. I turned my face because I was afraid I would change my mind at the last minute. I held her in my arms, walking from the bedroom, through the sitting room, to the hallway. Her hand surrounded my neck softly and naturally. I held her body tightly, as if we came back to our wedding day. But her much lighter weight made me sad.

On the last day, when I held her in my arms I could hardly move a step. Our son had gone to school. She said, actually I hope you will hold me in your arms until we are old. I held her tightly and said, both you and I didn't notice that our life lacked intimacy. I jumped out of the car swiftly without locking the door. I was afraid any delay would make me change my decision.

I walked upstairs. Dew opened the door. I said to her, Sorry, Dew, I won't divorce. I'm serious. She looked at me, astonished. Then she touched my forehead. You got no fever. She said. I moved her hand off my head. Sorry, Dew, I said, I can only say sorry to you, I won't divorce. My marriage life was boring probably because she and I didn't value the details of life, not because we didn't love each other any more. Now I understand that since I carried her into the home, she gave birth to our child, I am supposed to hold her until I am old. So I have to say sorry to you. Dew seemed to suddenly wake up. She gave me a loud slap and then slammed the door and burst into tears. I walked downstairs and drove to the office.

When I passed the floral shop on the way, I ordered a bouquet for my wife which was her favorite. The salesgirl asked me what to write on the card. I smiled and wrote, I'll carry you out every morning until we are old.

to find more mushy love story, visit the swollen eyed girl site tonight (sorry mats! hehe!) ...spread the love! (actually this post was intended for her! enjoy matsy girl!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

im nominated??? I AM! I AM! wow...

check this out -------->

i was really surprised to see this in my


ever since i started blogging on the net, all i ever expected was to have something i could pour my ideas on. like i told mats: my blog is my own therapy to stay sane. my old blog before were read only by my closest friends. my transfer here in the blogger world is a huge step of opening my book to the public.

i've heard about this Filipino Blog of the Week awards, seen it through other blogs when i surf, but i had no idea i'd become part of it. with your simple tags, and short comments, i had felt the appreciation greatly... and to be nominated is really flattering. i don't need to win or anything, just knowing that i have readers, gaining net friends, is the best welcome hospitality in the blog world that i'll always be thankful about.
i salute talksmarts friendly competition. it's really innovative. glad to be a part of it.
anyway, let's talk sport now:
<------------Vote for my Blog peeps! im not insisting, its all up to you... visit talksmart's blog and you'll find the poll on his side bar.
check [ ] waitwhosaidthat and click vote.
(voting happens everyday)
"whoever nominated me... HUGE THANKS!"

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kids on Typhoon Reming

a continuation to my Reming news... since i did mention that being a relief operation volunteer became an in demand career after the storm, i became one of them. yes, even if i too have been affected by the typhoon, i know i have the strength to reach out and help those who are a lot less fortunate than i am. so i joined in on our church's relief distribution around evacuation centers. believe me it was hard not to wonder how they'd manage to live inside schools with more than thirty families in each room. though its bad to pity them, you can't help but feel that way and hope they'd find a better way to move in with their lives.

my role then was to take pictures for documentation duing the distribution. and in a way guide the line of people who will receive the goods. when my job is done, i'd help with the packing and distributing as well. practically, im in an all around job. it felt good recieving smiles whenever you reach them the plastic bag of food supplies (proud too knowing we placed there quite an amount of grocery unlike the usual stuffs that they get).

anyway, the most memorable experience from that activity happened when i managed to take the pictures posted in this entry. i was obsessed then of taking good shots because i was in my photojourn aura during the event. it was unavoidable that our plastic bag of goodies would burst because it was heavy. and this little rice grains fell greatly on the ground. we couldn't just sweep it off, and it would be horrible to try and collect it afraid that they'd think we'd put it in the bag again. so we just let it stay on the floor. this kid came over with an empty can of sardines on her hands and i was simply touched when she started picking up the grains and putting it in the can that she holds. before i ask her what she's doing, i took the picture first and other kids joined in and helped her. she told me that she'd collect it, remove the stones, wash it and ask her mom to cook it for the family. right then i know the panic buying that happened along public markets for rice, and i was so ashamed that this kid had the initiative to reuse the rice that we thought was too dirty to be cooked. so i just smiled at them, hiding the tears that we're starting to build up in my eyes and took their photos.

they enjoyed having me taking their pictures so they all continued what they're doing while smiling at me as well. enjoy the pics and may we all learn the lesson that kids could teach us. :')

Friday, February 23, 2007

Love or Lost?

a little break from the Reming update to give way to a few rants that's building up inside my head. let me give you a quote that how i wish i had embeded in my head before this night came...
"You cannot control other people's emotions, but you can control your own. If you sense yourself responding to their negativity, try not to let yourself. Keep your heart open to them, and they may let go of their defensiveness and yield to your compassion and openness." - DAILY OM
You see everyone wishes to have that special someone in their hearts. Those that are bitter hunger for the attention of a significant other. In a way, the bitterness in their hearts reminds them both of the happy times and long for it, and the sadness that surrounds the breaking up and hopes to death that they'll be able to move on fast!!!! confusing right? You don't understand what they truly want. One minute they'll tell you i want him/her back, the next minute they're defensive about ever mentioning that idea.
Oh well... that's just how the moving on cha-cha-cha goes really. one step forward, two steps back... when will we ever get there?!
enough with that chit chat... im here to tell you that im in a really healthy relationship. that's how we describe it when we get to argue about how we are, and deal with life. often times people forget the consequences of what a relationship should be spiced up with. yes you soar real high with the happiness you feel, but believe me, in a blink of an eye and one serious accusation or misunderstanding can literally drop a rock on you and keep you locked up on the ground for a couple of days or so. but that's just a part of what a healthy relationship is like.
everything has its balance in other words... whether you have that special someone in your life or not, problems come in bundles of hundreds and more. the only idea that should be brought into mind is how you'd face it. (which seems like a really long way to go...because, yes i admit, its not easy.) being in a relationship gives you a bigger responsibility than having to heal your heart that's what i know. i guess its in the fun on how you make things work for the betterness of it all. i hope i made sense. i'll write a follow up soon... for now, im outta here!!!! gotta go!!! gotta go!!!! ciao!
a little note for those seeking the happily ever after story: "everyone dreams of that fairy tale story we've come to grew up with. however, it seems impossible in the real world. but i'll leave you one question, 'when you've come face to face with that proclamation of the ...and they live happily ever after... would you really want the story to end so soon? when every good thing is about to start, you'll have to close the book? just for thoughts..."

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Typhoon Reming Trendy News (republished)

i grabbed this entry from my old blog which i posted after the typhoon. this is just to give you a view of how the bicolano's coped up with the situation...
(written dec.22,2006)

Why trendy? Kasi naman i shall be talking about the latest trend that the typhoon caused everyone here in Legazpi/Albay.


In other words, lighter with built in flashlight. Knowing that Legazpi feels like the hottest ghost town in the Philippines, every other person you see around carries this kind of lighter.

From afar you could envision the people looking like fireflies...hehehe..


This means wearing dirty clothes...
Peasant looking with matching muddy feet, hands and all other, plus burnt skin caused by drying all your things, clothes, appliances and such up on the roof (case to case basis: "if you still have the roof.")

If y ou're looking sexy and clean?

Wow Pare! OTHERS KA! You're not in!

(sabi ni tatay pastor: [kahit nakakalungkot] "Tuloy parin ang rampage over mass graves..." -still gives me the chills.)

(double meaning 'to)

The serious stuff would be the tragic pile of dead people along the town plazas of Daraga & Guinobatan including the funeral homes everwhere in Legazpi, specifically Nuestra Señora de Salvacion in Rawis.

The other highlight? What else but the never ending heavy line on all basic commodities' store...oh yes! due to the panic buying, each one of us should suffer lining up with the rest just to be able to buy rice, etc. in market places, water from refilling stations, and supplies from groceries and department stores.

Dying na kung dying... MEDICS!!!


It doesn't matter if you're a victim, partially damaged or whatever... your newest career would be:


This must be the best part of experiencing the typhoon...amidst the sorrow of losing both life or material things, you get to help others and hear their sad stories, share with their grief and recovery...after all that, you realize how easy a Filipino can change one stormy day into a sunny ending.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Quick Look Back

we've all seen and heard about the devastation the Typhoon Reming (Durian) had caused the province of Albay... its been three months since it hit us and the cities all around have managed to struggle back up on its businesses and such. in a way, the place is moving on. still, hundreds of families are inside evacuation centers up to now. worried about their future. not knowing where to live and how when all their houses are washed away or burried deep. yup... digging up a house is no joke. although the filipinos are known to make the worst into the best lessons learned and can laugh about things as tragic as this. the pain that it caused brings unhealed wounds in most families. especially those that we're never found. the problem still lies heavy on those that survived and needs all the help they can get to start anew.

a sad fate that we all should think about. we are all lucky. but we should always learn to be grateful that we're still alive, and the little blessings that we receive every damn day of our lives should be taken greatly in consideration.

the Cagsawa Ruins stand tall and proud. somehow the flash flood and mudflow avoided passing the same path when the ruins was buried decades ago. but would you believe that surrounding it, houses we're burried and is still there with only the roofs seen...? imagine if it was once yours. the pictures above were taken by me just recently to give you an overview of how the houses are, three months and onwards.
if you can see the gray part from the mouth of Mt. Mayon downwards, that's where the flow began and that's the path that caused all these damages in the province. let us all keep praying for all the families here in Albay. many more are in need of all the help that they can get. i'll be giving more updates soon. for now, let us contemplate and continue reaching out to those in need.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Customizing Dilemma

the real reason why i transferred on to this host site is because i wanted the freedom to design and customize my page. i wanted to put my own touch to it... i have that artistic calling wanting to explode. but now that im actually on it, i don't know where to start. the new beginning scared the ideas out of me, and im starting to feel frustrated.
i wanna know how i'd be able to tinker in this css formats and templates and stuffs like that. i know there's an easier way. could somebody please instruct me on this???
i'd need all the possible lay-man techniques that i could possibly get. i don't need to change much. just some kinda simple idea to get me starting would be highly appreciated! thanks guys! looking forward your replies!

Friday, February 16, 2007

random thoughts

this is what i hate... i have been blogging all my life and now that i've transferred and planned to write and update more, i couldn't seem to find the time to do so. ironic. it's like what happens when you're too eager to go to school with your new set of notebooks and you're enthusiastic enough to use them but there's nothing to write about. argh! the year ends with notes on your binder not even halfway along its leaves. darn!

check this typing my night away with the typical thoughts, complaining about nothing to write, but then, here i am still typing and complaining, oh for goodness sake, am i making sense? (ahahha!) yup... im weird, and im insane. live with it!

hmmm... what's in the menu today?
boiled irony. brewed boring. stewed mind. frozen thoughts. shaken mood. stirred emotions.
not bad for a meal? enough to fill me for the night, i see.

nope. im not problematic. nor melancholic. haha... im not even sad. just plain numb and unfocused. i feel like there's so much stuff i want to do, but how? how in a sense of when... damn my indecisiveness for time. am i becoming one with those who flies with time unnoticed? where in the world did that come from? you see? even my thoughts are all mixed up. and yeah, the debate hasn't started yet. wait till you see two sides talking like mad cats, and you'll be more confused.

okay. let's set this straight. and get some sense out of it.

i feel pressured. i guess that's it. although that's usually normal. i was sick for a couple of days and it was a shock to me. yes, im petite, but i never get sick that often. so me becoming ill is like saying, what the hell am i doing wrong with myself?

answer: too much meat. too little fluid. too much stress. lack of sleep. lack of rest. LACK OF FUN. with so much work to do both in the store, on the job, and extra curricular family matters.

yeah... i know the answer, but i can't help it. i still couldn't discipline myself to the new timeline that im living with today. confused with when's breakfast, lunch and dinner. i crave for sleep but can't get it straight. no wonder i got sick.


my friends. i think i don't have that much time to get in touch. although we have time to meet sometimes, we haven't updated really. it has always been some hi and goodbye feeling. something's missing. emotional background? it's like, having them around doesn't feel enough. yes, we do talk. but that's not it... the usual laughter is there. but there's something in our eyes that's seeking deep within. i know they feel it too. but what to do? oh well... i'll let it flow naturally.

what else?

interests. i've gained a lot. i plan to do so much. yet i get too little. i've been enthusiastic with work but after my illness i somewhat felt bored. but i still like the job, and plan to do more though so there's really nothing much from it. except that my pulse at work was changed and im having a hard time getting back on the line. but i can do this, i know i can.

movie clip. layouts. graphic designs. story lines. hanging stuffs that gets my attention yet couldn't find time to work on. im running out of ideas without being able to actually use the ones i have before it slips once again. that i trully hate.

home environment. our house is still under renovation. the dust from the cement makes my skin feel dry. im having pimples and i don't like it. i don't feel too good when i feel bad about the way i look. although i still get that you look pretty comments, i need to really feel it to believe it. and right now... i dont!

luckily i feel okay. emotionally. spiritually. mentally. even if i have all these things to distract me. i still feel like im on top of it all. i just need more time and rest, i guess. and more time for myself too. plus a GREAT unwinding. not just some usual hanging out at night. something different and meaningful. that's what i want.

so... that's it for now. just pouring my mind out. till next time.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


oh, valentines is in the air... well it has been since the start of the month actually. yeah, it is only in the Philippines that we get to celebrate valentines all throughout the entire month of February. the ironic part would be is that this is also the same holidays that puts the bitter into the "bitterest?" (hahaha!) mode of their life. i mean imagine... why are we making such a big deal about this occasion? its not that im against it, i just think sometimes where making so much of it then we end up hurting ourselves in the end. self pittying for those who are alone. loveless, and the like.

advantages: we get to appreciate the essence of love. expressing romance. hopeful for the desperate. daydreaming put into legal matters. discovering secret admirers. knowing you have admirers if you don't tend to discover who it is. receiving nice gifts that are mushy and all that.

disadvantages: (only goes to those who would rather be bitter than celebrate) again... feeling bad for yourself just because you have no one to spend this day with. feeling hopeless. (i can picture out loners out there raising their eyebrow when i said feeling sad for being alone, i know... you're happy on your own... it doesn't matter.)

actually... what im trying to say is: not everyone gets to enjoy this day because the focus is set to the love birds of time. others pretend not to care to hide the bitterness. while mostly tends to be really bitter. (hahaha!) whichever it is, let us not forget that valentines isn't really for the lovers alone. it's for friends and family too. (thanks to homeboy?hahaha!)

i remember when i was a little kid, i'd make or cutout cards and buy stuff toys for my mom and not for some guy. how i wish it was that simple still. how i pray that we look at this day the same way we do when we were not aware of the love that happens between a guy and a girl alone.

heart's day. love day. LOVE is for everyone. no choices. no options. just plain LOVE for everyone to share.

im alone too. my habibi is so far away. it is a sad thought to say that i have someone i could share it with and im lucky, however, distance sets us apart. so valentines is postponed for now.

but then again, why should i? we don't need an occasion to say when to love and express it anyway, right?

so for me... the same way we can make Christmas felt everyday, it works more if we make our entire life filled with love all the way.


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Chateau Nouveau

now open to serve you...

what a great opening packed with so many people... the place is really cool knowing that its the first in legazpi to offer a fine dining area, a bar, a mini library that will soon have an internet cafe integrated with it, and an art gallery showroom in one. This will do greatly on the city's tourism in the coming years. Im really proud of the idea that was put into the place.

Try and drop by sometimes and see for yourself the great ambiance for meetings. group gatherings. alone time. and so much more.

Cheers to Frankie and Kuya Matty for an amazing beginning!

Congratulations! and looking forward hanging out at your place.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Deep Shit?

I saw this chowking commercial. Have you seen it? There’s a group of high school friends that later on showed how they spent almost their entire life eating in chowking as one of their favorite hang out of some sort: Snaps of life from high school, then college, as bachelors, and then with their wives and kids.

Then I started realizing it. Life can actually fly that fast doesn’t it? One minute you’re a kid glad with every toy you get, the next moment you’re a careless teen, life then changes in your college years, and before you know it, you’re killing yourself working to earn enough money for a living.

Still, people are racing… always in a hurry to get there… to get where? Why? And how? We are never satisfied with what we have… what do we really want in this life? These are questions that not every one can answer… when will we realize that we’ve had enough in life? When we’re on our death bed ready to die? What if we’re actually dying and still we couldn’t say we were happy with our life? What are the things that will make you say, “I missed out on this stuff, if only I could turn back time…”?

Regrets – Dissatisfaction – Envy – Pride – Low Self-esteem – Lack of Faith – Doubt: These are what build up the pessimistic mind. If you cater these stuffs inside you, then it’s no wonder why we question life so much. I don’t blame you though. I can’t say I’m free from all these, that would be hypocritical. But there are times that you can actually ignore it. Hard as it may seem, but you can.


Pretend. Wake up each day like it’s the first day of your life. Be excited about what the day can give you. Look in the mirror and tell your self, “I look good!” It is not a matter of being conceited, or feeding your ego. It’s feeding your positive energy. If a bad comment comes your way through your own mind, shake it off. Acknowledge the pain and the troubles that come your way during the day, but don’t let it eat you alive. There are things that are worth thinking about but mostly are stuffs that you should ignore and get going. Don’t let other people push you down… but don’t be too naïve either. Appreciate the comments that can add up in making you a better person. Discard the rest that only gives you headaches or heartaches. Stand proud. Even if you don’t feel too good about yourself you should always try to show off a little confidence. If you keep doing this you’ll eventually learn to be brave. Laugh. Let your imagination fly. There’s always something to laugh about. A silly cloud formation, a corny joke you hear from the jeepney’s radio on your way to work, anything… be creative. A good laugh in the midst of trouble is comforting, believe me. Appreciate. Try to find something that would make you say life is still great. A cute little baby smiles at you, kids playing happily along the streets, lovers displaying their affection, and yes, you may be bitter but let it go. Be happy for them and be hopeful. There’s always something for you out there. Feel the cool breeze, or be grateful of the blue sky. Appreciating the simplest things that you can see through your surrounding can make your heart light as a feather.

These are just a couple of the things that I know works for me. I have problems too. But believe me. A few laughs with a friend even if you’re in deep shit can lighten up the load sometimes. Don’t fight with your problems. If you think there’s no solution to it then simply flow and see what’s to come. Life is not life without the bitterness of it. You can never say which taste’s better if you have not taken a bite from each.

A little conversation that I want to share:

FRIEND1 : What do you do when you know you’re in deep shit?
ME : Don’t breath.

FRIEND1 : So you’d rather die?
ME : No. I’m still alive, right. I guess I’ll try and cope up with it.

FRIEND1 : When you’ve coped up then what?
ME : Then you live.

FRIEND1 : That’s it?
ME : I guess so.

FRIEND1 : What if you find yourself in another deep shit yet again?
ME : Cope up again. Life will always be filled with deep shit. You jump from one shit to the next until you get flushed down the toilet.

That’s just life. Either you live through it, or you live out of it. It’s your choice. Living your life to the fullest is always the best way. Learning is a key. Life is what you make out of it. It will always be your life anyway, and no one else’s. Just something for you to think about.

Till next time! : )

Sunday, February 4, 2007

What the world is coming into?!

i have been leaving this phrase to every blog or issue that i've gone to and read about...
this is also becoming the newest expression my group is starting to get used to saying whenever we're faced with an unbelievable circumstance, or news. anyway, let's start making a list of the ideas or things that makes me say this:
"What the world is coming into?!"
  • globe price hike - oh yes, im still not over with this issue. im starting to feel the effect of it actually. i dont get to receive good morning, afternoon, night, happy lunchtime, happy meal time (McDonalds?), greetings as often as i usually do. let's include the kmsta? zup? questions as well... good side: they cant annoy or disturb my sleep now. (haha!) bad side: i somewhat miss it. especially if you have nothing to do and you wanna have someone to text to. oh well... we'll see what happens next.
  • PACQUIAO to enter politics - its not that i don't like him... i just think that if he does this, it might ruin the heroic image he has or something. i just don't feel comfortable with it.
    - working... thinking about business... getting serious with life??? this is something new actually. although we've all had experienced working before (or something), we're starting to look forward into, you know, that 'responsible' thing that everyone talks about. this is now the start of getting old... or growing old... whichever. putting direction in life like most of them says.
  • Tere, Inlove?
    - no its not that she's incapable of feeling this. what's weird is that she's talking about it. leaving me with no idea to whom or how... oh well, must be the aura of the Feb-ibig craze. hehe..
  • Rabbit, to go to Virac.
    - longing for his beloved he asked me once if i could lend him money so he'd be able to go to Virac. he says he's so inlove and he's going insane. he needs to be with her. i understand the thought, but come on... i don't have that much just yet. although maybe we could find a way to help. (and then i started telling myself: "can i say that too? oh i miss my habibi, could you lend me money to go to Saudi?" ahahaha! guess that's impossible, right?)
  • Chateau (Peninsulares Library Cafe)
    - speaking of directioning the life issue, Chateau (what Peninsulares' carrying name for now) will open very soon. i think on feb. 8. this is a good thing. the owner of this bar and cafe is a friend of ours . their last business failed, but now their starting with a different approach. better actually. knowing that its a library cafe integrated with internet connections inside, a bar downstairs, and the main showroom for most of Legazpi's artists exhibits will happen here. nice, right?! i wish them all the luck. (yes... i have a new hangout place again! yahoo! looking forward.)
  • FEBulous Hangover
    - A Post Valentine Party that's about to happen this coming Feb. 24, 2007 at Chick in Sombrero Bar and Restaurant. One of the Rotaract Club's (in which i am a member of) 'party for a cause' income generating project. i don't think i'll be able to attend this because of work... argh! (sad reality: work can really be such a kill joy...)
    i have loads to add here, so i'll just continue updating this list... or probably make a part two.. whichever sounds better. for now the highlight will be this:
  • HAPPY 2yrs & 1 MONTHsary!
    - to me and my habibi. okay, i know most couples stop counting monthsaries after the first anniversary. because by then you'll be counting by annives. i made this blog a month late so i decided to greet us this way. (we still greet each other every month anyway, so what everyone else thinks of mushy works best in this relationship...based on my experience.sourgrapes are for the green eyed only.)

*to answer today's what the world is coming into? simple. the world is becoming more and more confusing. still, just like before. people change. things change. some for the better. other's nevermind. whatever happens with our world: life is still a struggle in the learning process of every individual. and the best answer comes from those who looks in their future with an open heart. ready to recieve whatever comes their way. good or bad. the world is great. how? it's in the way you look at it. CHEERS!*

Saturday, February 3, 2007

another day...

honestly i think im better off if i had written my idea a while ago but i got hooked up with so much stuff to do i have now totally forgotten what i had intended to write in here the first time. all i know is, i was about to rant out some thoughts about the two persons debating in my head. but im now tired, and ready to go home after a night's work.

yup... im in graveyard shit, i mean *shift*. hehe... im actually so tired i could fall asleep in this chair. but no... with the beautiful sunrise outside, the 'unreasonable' chilly breeze... it feels great to walk home. the problem is, when i arrive home, i'll have my 'breakfast/dinner?' and when im on my bed.. damn! i don't feel sleepy anymore.. argh! (well, who would when everybody else is watching magandang umaga-good morning and swak na swak-bulls eye on the tv?) ideally i have managed to adjust my time into working at night, but psychologically, i still have that problem having to keep telling myself, 'morning is sleep time girl.. not tv... you hear good morning, that means good night to you...' hmm... maybe i should use this as a mantra....

oh yeah... i can feel my imaginative, silly brain building some sort of crazy ideas again... i better sign off before i end up spending an hour here when im supposed to be on my way by now...

life can be confusing sometimes.

till later!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Using Our Outside Voice

this is a good start of what i want to share mostly about... oh yes... the article below is from this Daily OM email i get... everything inspirational... before you go on reading, let me say something first. and you'll probably understand later on.

Freeing our desires is something that is from the heart. clean and pure. not hatred nor guilt. You'll be reading on voicing your inner desires. this doesn't necessarily mean saying something against something else or vice versa. desires are dreams. self expression of wants and needs. not of thoughts. i guess you'll get my point at the end of this.

hope this inspires you as much as it did me. Enjoy!

Freeing Our Inner Desires
Using Our Outside Voice

Each of us has developed an internal filtering process that helps us choose which parts of our constant inner monologues get voiced outside of our heads. Sometimes the choice is based on what we consider to be polite or appropriate, using subtlety instead of directness to try to get our point across. Other times the choice is made based on our expectations of the other person and what we feel they should know about us, our feelings, and our needs. But our best chance of getting what we need is to communicate specifically by converting our inner voice to our outside voice.
This may seem unnecessary sometimes, especially when we think the other person has the same information we ourselves are working with, but we have to remember they also have their own inner voice, evaluating what they hear in light of their own issues and needs. With so much to consider and sift through, we are truly better off if we communicate precisely. Not only does doing this minimize the chance for misinterpretation, but voicing our thoughts it is an act of creation. We convert thought and imagination to sound, releasing it from the chamber of our minds into the outside world. This carries energy and intention with it, making our thoughts, wishes, and even dreams come true.
When we have the courage to speak our minds and use our voice to send the desires of our hearts from our inner world to the world outside, we take a bold step in making them happen. By removing fear of what others may think and expectation of what others should understand, we free ourselves and our thoughts from the bondage of the mental chamber and let loose our desires onto the canvas of the world. Next time we become aware that we have a choice about how to communicate, we can choose to use our outside voice and watch its creative power at work.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

GLOBE Unlitxt Issue

oh i have to say something about this... i mean come on! why the hell did Globe decide to increase the unlitexting price quota? knowing that more and more people around are shifting for Globe to avail the 'somewhat' affordable unlimited texting, they come up with this? that's plain unfair. are they not satisfied of what they're gettting? what kind of scheme is this?
darn! okay so they give you options like choices on daytime texting unli, night time texting unli, all day texting unli, and unli ghp to ghp texting with discounted text messaging to other networks, but oh, for goodness sake! are they not getting enough from the addict texters out there that had been using their service from the moment it started and more and more are still coming for it...? to think that they're a huge company and its quite impossible that they're going bankrupt with the old pricing service, if they'll use it as an excuse, duh!
oh well... im lucky i was able to subscribe a day before the new hike came in so im still under the old service for five days. but after this i think it would be senseless to use the new service. i'd rather stick with the normal price since summing it all up the expense would be sort of the same.
well, good luck to the rest of you Globe texters out there!
for now: im saying good bye to unlitexting...


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