Customizing Dilemma

the real reason why i transferred on to this host site is because i wanted the freedom to design and customize my page. i wanted to put my own touch to it... i have that artistic calling wanting to explode. but now that im actually on it, i don't know where to start. the new beginning scared the ideas out of me, and im starting to feel frustrated.
i wanna know how i'd be able to tinker in this css formats and templates and stuffs like that. i know there's an easier way. could somebody please instruct me on this???
i'd need all the possible lay-man techniques that i could possibly get. i don't need to change much. just some kinda simple idea to get me starting would be highly appreciated! thanks guys! looking forward your replies!


Riker said…
well...for me.. i used a template from have awesome templates there.. tas yung HTML nila e easy naman to understand..ako bobo ako sa HTML a..pero I was able to tinker with the codes.. :)
tina said…
uhmm i think you go try and get ideas there.. like how your lay should be this and that.

for css tips.. nasa google.. ang dami. :)
Anonymous said…
wala akong alam tungkol sa mga css and htm na yan! *lol* I SWEAR!
Anonymous said…
Change is scary. but eventually we have to face our fears, don't we?! :)
Anonymous said…
change is scary? wait, who said that?! mayang? what made you say that?

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