Love or Lost?

a little break from the Reming update to give way to a few rants that's building up inside my head. let me give you a quote that how i wish i had embeded in my head before this night came...
"You cannot control other people's emotions, but you can control your own. If you sense yourself responding to their negativity, try not to let yourself. Keep your heart open to them, and they may let go of their defensiveness and yield to your compassion and openness." - DAILY OM
You see everyone wishes to have that special someone in their hearts. Those that are bitter hunger for the attention of a significant other. In a way, the bitterness in their hearts reminds them both of the happy times and long for it, and the sadness that surrounds the breaking up and hopes to death that they'll be able to move on fast!!!! confusing right? You don't understand what they truly want. One minute they'll tell you i want him/her back, the next minute they're defensive about ever mentioning that idea.
Oh well... that's just how the moving on cha-cha-cha goes really. one step forward, two steps back... when will we ever get there?!
enough with that chit chat... im here to tell you that im in a really healthy relationship. that's how we describe it when we get to argue about how we are, and deal with life. often times people forget the consequences of what a relationship should be spiced up with. yes you soar real high with the happiness you feel, but believe me, in a blink of an eye and one serious accusation or misunderstanding can literally drop a rock on you and keep you locked up on the ground for a couple of days or so. but that's just a part of what a healthy relationship is like.
everything has its balance in other words... whether you have that special someone in your life or not, problems come in bundles of hundreds and more. the only idea that should be brought into mind is how you'd face it. (which seems like a really long way to go...because, yes i admit, its not easy.) being in a relationship gives you a bigger responsibility than having to heal your heart that's what i know. i guess its in the fun on how you make things work for the betterness of it all. i hope i made sense. i'll write a follow up soon... for now, im outta here!!!! gotta go!!! gotta go!!!! ciao!
a little note for those seeking the happily ever after story: "everyone dreams of that fairy tale story we've come to grew up with. however, it seems impossible in the real world. but i'll leave you one question, 'when you've come face to face with that proclamation of the ...and they live happily ever after... would you really want the story to end so soon? when every good thing is about to start, you'll have to close the book? just for thoughts..."


Anonymous said…
Everybody dreams of a Happily aver after story. Who doesn't right? But, as I recollected all the thoughts and all the things I've learned from relationships... I can say that I'd rather not to close the book just because of lame arguments or what... It just add spice in the relationship. And from what I've gone with, that's what makes the relationship stronger. For some, it isn't - but how could we all learn, if we don't accept things the way it used to be right?

I dunno... I just commented anyways so as to give my perceptions NOW! ;)
Anonymous said…
i agree with your perception, what im trying to say is the idea that the happily ever after is found at the end of every story. would you want to close the book then? mind twister kung baga. pang-ironic churva.hehe...

yes, those little spices thus make the relationship really stronger. kaya nga spice ang ginamit kong word at hindi problem. meaning i do acknowledge the thought. aba, magpakadeep ba! :)
tina said…
i agree.. that we all need balance.. :) and these are nice ideas. :P

i like the Daily Om quote up there. :) soo true. i always believed that you cannot control other people's emotions... but only your own.
Anonymous said…
I have a new entry na!!! YAY!!!
Riker said…
hi andianka..

balance..lahat ng bahagi ng buhay kailangan yan... nawa'y lahat tayo'y mabalanse narin sa lahat ng bahagi.. :D

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