Typhoon Reming Trendy News (republished)

i grabbed this entry from my old blog which i posted after the typhoon. this is just to give you a view of how the bicolano's coped up with the situation...
(written dec.22,2006)

Why trendy? Kasi naman i shall be talking about the latest trend that the typhoon caused everyone here in Legazpi/Albay.


In other words, lighter with built in flashlight. Knowing that Legazpi feels like the hottest ghost town in the Philippines, every other person you see around carries this kind of lighter.

From afar you could envision the people looking like fireflies...hehehe..


This means wearing dirty clothes...
Peasant looking with matching muddy feet, hands and all other, plus burnt skin caused by drying all your things, clothes, appliances and such up on the roof (case to case basis: "if you still have the roof.")

If y ou're looking sexy and clean?

Wow Pare! OTHERS KA! You're not in!

(sabi ni tatay pastor: [kahit nakakalungkot] "Tuloy parin ang rampage over mass graves..." -still gives me the chills.)

(double meaning 'to)

The serious stuff would be the tragic pile of dead people along the town plazas of Daraga & Guinobatan including the funeral homes everwhere in Legazpi, specifically Nuestra SeƱora de Salvacion in Rawis.

The other highlight? What else but the never ending heavy line on all basic commodities' store...oh yes! due to the panic buying, each one of us should suffer lining up with the rest just to be able to buy rice, etc. in market places, water from refilling stations, and supplies from groceries and department stores.

Dying na kung dying... MEDICS!!!


It doesn't matter if you're a victim, partially damaged or whatever... your newest career would be:


This must be the best part of experiencing the typhoon...amidst the sorrow of losing both life or material things, you get to help others and hear their sad stories, share with their grief and recovery...after all that, you realize how easy a Filipino can change one stormy day into a sunny ending.



Anonymous said…
Ibang iba talaga ang PINOY! And PROUD being one! ;)

Dito lang meron ng mga yan!
Anonymous said…
yup...the best talaga. and yes! only in the philippines yan!
Anonymous said…
Gawsh! The handy dandy 2 in 1 lighter, nung Milenyo nga lang, very useful ang lighter ko just like that! Haha!

Yagit Fashion, gasgas na sa kin yan! Coz I'm a damsel in distress most of the times!

IBA TALAGA MAGING PINOY! Sarap ng feeling! Waging wagi! ;)
Anonymous said…
wahahaha! eh yung puno ng putik at tutong na skin, carry mo?!

magdamagang bisikleta under the sun. kasi dami tumbang poste d makadaan jeep at kotse. and many more stuffs! hanep! pero masaya din...balik bundok ang buhay.
Riker said…
got relatives there that were spared..thank god..

anyhoo..nang dumaan si reming sa maynila nawalan kami ng kuryente ng 3 araw.. and that was all i could take... no tv..no computer.. no cellphone..no telephone.. hehehehe.. kayo had it for much longer!!.. now that's will power.. LOL
tina said…
it sure is amazing how a pinoy can lighten up the situation.. and its great to see people helping each other... :)

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