oh, valentines is in the air... well it has been since the start of the month actually. yeah, it is only in the Philippines that we get to celebrate valentines all throughout the entire month of February. the ironic part would be is that this is also the same holidays that puts the bitter into the "bitterest?" (hahaha!) mode of their life. i mean imagine... why are we making such a big deal about this occasion? its not that im against it, i just think sometimes where making so much of it then we end up hurting ourselves in the end. self pittying for those who are alone. loveless, and the like.

advantages: we get to appreciate the essence of love. expressing romance. hopeful for the desperate. daydreaming put into legal matters. discovering secret admirers. knowing you have admirers if you don't tend to discover who it is. receiving nice gifts that are mushy and all that.

disadvantages: (only goes to those who would rather be bitter than celebrate) again... feeling bad for yourself just because you have no one to spend this day with. feeling hopeless. (i can picture out loners out there raising their eyebrow when i said feeling sad for being alone, i know... you're happy on your own... it doesn't matter.)

actually... what im trying to say is: not everyone gets to enjoy this day because the focus is set to the love birds of time. others pretend not to care to hide the bitterness. while mostly tends to be really bitter. (hahaha!) whichever it is, let us not forget that valentines isn't really for the lovers alone. it's for friends and family too. (thanks to homeboy?hahaha!)

i remember when i was a little kid, i'd make or cutout cards and buy stuff toys for my mom and not for some guy. how i wish it was that simple still. how i pray that we look at this day the same way we do when we were not aware of the love that happens between a guy and a girl alone.

heart's day. love day. LOVE is for everyone. no choices. no options. just plain LOVE for everyone to share.

im alone too. my habibi is so far away. it is a sad thought to say that i have someone i could share it with and im lucky, however, distance sets us apart. so valentines is postponed for now.

but then again, why should i? we don't need an occasion to say when to love and express it anyway, right?

so for me... the same way we can make Christmas felt everyday, it works more if we make our entire life filled with love all the way.



Riker said…
ang gandang perspective niyan a.. hehehe.. but still DOWN WITH VALENTINES!!

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