Monday, January 30, 2012

Tumblr Blogwarming Giveaway Prize Received!

Just to keep the transparency of our giveaways (not that anyone's questioning or complaining, hehe..).. I'm posting a picture and a feedback from the winner of the recently concluded Tumblr Blogwarming Giveaway... with Tumblr Blogwarming Giveaway winner: Ricalyn Sicad.

Ms. Ricalyn Sicad with her Prizes.
We're very glad she loved it... thank you all again and looking forward giving you guys more giveaways to participate in.

If you wanna sponsor a giveaway here in my blog.. feel free to let me know: 

Click this to ------> SPONSOR/ADVERTISE here in my blog. ^_^

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Featured Seller: Artiste Vanitas

Artiste Vanitas (Vanity Art) definitely is very appropriate for this shop.

Inspired by other online shops that creates their own stuffs, Mimi braved making her own accessories and decided to put up a shop of her own.  Voila! Her items wouldn't disappoint.  She's right when she said that her works are her best accomplishes so far... and it gets better by the minute.

If you're in search of unique vintage and boho inspired accessories, then this shop's worth your visit.

Her personal fave among her items is this:

Bow Arm Wrap (bracelet)
It is also her best seller yet.  She says this is one of the easiest items to make.

Here's a few of my personal choices:

On tassels: Bracelet or Necklace (your choice)
Her collection of Fab Boho Earrings <3

I also love her version of these:

Detachable Doiley Collars
Ending this post by what Mimi says about her work and her shop: 
"My shop is a piece of me. It is a piece of my own individuality, so i may say. I love everything I have put in there. I see my shop, as more than a shop of accessories, it is the way I live, and how I live, it is my own art. It is my own way of living artistically." 
~Mimi Lazaro
If you want to see more of her products, feel free to visit, like and browse:

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tumblr Blogwarming Giveaway Prize Shipped

Yup... ms. Ricalyn had replied, and we've shipped her prize today.  Hope she loves these items we sent her:

Dateless Vintage planner (inside).
The Vintage Rings from Andreaz' Nook.

The tumblr blogwarming giveaway prizes...

Packed and shipped via JRS express. ^_^

Again, to everyone who joined, thank you very much... hopefully we'll get more sponsors and be able to hold more giveaways for you all.

Ciao everyone! ^_^

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Eyeglasses for Fashion

This opportunity's timing is perfect... I was just on the lookout for those popular nerd fashion glasses, and voila, I get to review one of the #1 online glasses store there is: Zenni Optical.

Do you know that they offer the latest AR coating, Finger print resistant also known as Oleophobic coating, which also is an anti-reflective coating.  Pretty neat, right?  What's best about this feature is that its very advanced version: super-hydrophobic/oleophobic coated lenses effectively repels oil, water, and dust besides fingerprints while reducing annoying reflections.  Lenses stay clearer, and makes it easier to clean.  The reduced reflections are helpful when driving.  You won't get too much of those overhead light reflections, and you want to know what else?  You don't even have to worry taking off your glasses when photos of you are being taken!  How cool is that?! Definitely lots of lesser hassle for anyone wearing it.

With all these special features you might even forget you're wearing an eyeglass sometimes.  I know I'm going to enjoy this real nice coating if ever I need to purchase one.

Oh, the fun doesn't stop there.  Zenni optical actually offers as low as $6.95 prescription glasses with the said oleophobic coating!  That's very affordable for something so sleek!

Check out a few of what I feel like getting (all for only $6.95 each!!!):

Harry Potter glasses???

Neon glasses are very much in the trend!
I love this one!

And of course let's not forget: the Retro glasses, FTW!
I just so love browsing online... now... if only I'd be able to get me one of these lovelies. ^_^

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tumblr Blogwarming Giveaway Winner Announcement

We have a winner!!!

The long wait is over.. to everyone who participated in our giveaway, much thanks and may you join more freebies and giveaways coming your way in the future.

As for now, we will give ms. Ricalyn Sicad 24-48hours to reply via PM on FB or email her shipping address details.. again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

We hope you'll love the dateless Vintage planner and vintage rings, and hopefully you'll write and tell your friends about it.

So, thank you everyone!!! and Happy Chinese New Year! ^_^

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blog in Transition. Hooray!

Hi guys!

Finally... after years and years of blogging and tons of hiatus moments, this blog is officially in transition.  Behold, I now have my own domain: (look at your address bar and you'll find out that you've been automatically redirected.. if I'm not mistaken...) it's sooooo exciting!

So far, I have revamped a few elements in this site but all in all we're still focused in: shopping, where to shop, fashion, tips, lookbook, trends, and many more.

There you go... we're now officially airing from: 

Did I mention that this is oh so freaking awesome???????

Yeah, well... yey me! 

Now, I'll be accepting link exchanges, blog rolls, etc. *ehem* Advertisers? Sponsors? haha.. 

Hit me up! 

Ciao for now!


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Featured Seller: Sabizca Iloilo

Sometimes all it takes is a lot of will power and family's support.

That's how and why Sabizca Iloilo started her online business.  Although she didn't know how to do it, and where to start, she still went through with it.  With guidance from her family and then soon enough the others sellers she became friends with, Sabizca Iloilo is now getting the hang of this kind of business.

Basically, she began by selling her twin sister's preloved stuffs that had been stuck in their cabinet.  And then, when her relatives in the US learned about her business, they started sending her more items (US Authentic) to sell.  Yes you read that right... Sabizca Iloilo's items are a variety of perfumes, fashion jewelries, shoes, make ups, and plenty more... the best among her items so far are the:

Authentic Michael Kors/Calvin Klein bags!!!

Michael Kors Bag
Sabizca's Personal Fave: Michael Kors
Her best selling items are her perfumes:

Authentic Smart Collection Perfume(Made in France)

Now, as for my personal fave from our lovely featured seller... i'd say ever since that VS Fashion Show with Maroon 5's "Move Like Jagger", I chose this:

VS Pink 
Now... I've always dreamed of someday wearing sexy VS tops or whatever... if I wear this tee would I become a VS bombshell??? Lols~

So, if you want any of these or want to see more of Sabizca's products... just visit her and maybe ADD HER UP! Go, go, go! ^_^

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To: Everyday Look Make Up

I chanced up EverythingKawaii E-store's New Year "Mine" sale on cosmetics so I was able to purchase a haul.  I don't usually do this: buying a set of make ups and all that.  I had always been the pressed powder, blush on, eyeliner, lip tint or lip gloss chic... well...  there's always room for improvement, thus, my first ever - not really a how to - rather, simply sharing what my everyday look for 2012 will be post.

In this post however, our focus is on these adorable, cute looking, MAC Ball Blushers.

Mac Ball Blusher (Pastel Colors/Glow):
As you can see: these blusher is made in powder balls.  I'd best describe it as a palette of colorful round pellets.  LOLs~

Anyway, this color (pastel glow) works better as a highlighter all over the cheeks and the face than a blush on.  But for simple looks, you can actually make it work on its own.

Lovely colorful pastel powder pellets.

These are the shades that you'll find in the blush container:

On the skin: A touch of purple, pink, orange, and light blue green (highlighter)
Now, what you do is swirl the brush around inside the container, and hopefully you get a nice mix of all the colors to get the highlight or blush that you want for your cheeks.

For someone with my skin tone (fair to dark), you'll notice that the colors turns a little light and doesn't easily show.  You'll have to put either a little more amount of it, or you can just add a darker shade of blush on, and then use the MAC ball blusher as highlight.

In this post though, I used the MAC ball blusher as it is, on my cheeks, and all over my face... 

Swirling the brush around to get the most of all the colors...

Put foundation or pressed powder first to clean up your face,
and then feel free to apply the MAC ball blusher.
And then I put on the usual black eyeliner, a little pink and purple eyeshadow on the eyelids and on the corner of my eye... match it up with red lipstick that matches my nail polish... placed my hair down, and voila!

A nice, light, could pass for an everyday look.

Now, the problem is... where do I go now???

Oh well! Enjoy!!!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

My Tumblr's Blog Warming Giveaway

As a blog warming to my Tumblr account:, I'm giving away these lovely items to one lucky winner:

Vintage Planner (Dateless) & 3pcs. Vintage Rings

This Vintage Dateless Planner is not only very classy, its being dateless gives its advantage.  Technically, being dateless means I can still keep this and use it anytime I wish, even up till next year... but it would be such a waste keeping it that long.  Now, you can have it... yes, you... I'm giving this away.  It has a dateless monthly and weekly layout plus a couple of notes pages inside.  Really, really lovely I tell you.

Aside from that, I decided to kick in and pair it with 3pcs. of awesome, very popular vintage rings.  Isn't that great???

Now, all you have to do is follow the instructions and fill up this rafflecopter to make your entries count.  But most importantly, make sure you follow me on Tumblr and reblog!

Thanks and Good luck everyone!!!

*Note: Contest runs January 06 - 21, 2012...
*Raffling and announcement of winner will be on: January 22, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Featured Seller: SOMETHING YOUNG

I've been eyeing this shop for quite some time before the year ended... good thing I became too busy during the holidays, I'm now starting the year with a fabulous feature.

Start the year with SOMETHING YOUNG, by Sarah Jane Young.

Just like any other successful businesses, Something Young is a product of a hobby turned business story.  Sarah is a self confessed Do-It-Yourself girl.  In fact, this polymer creations started out when she tried to recreate polymer pieces she liked online.  To finance her DIY obsession, she sold her works online and now, Something Young is amongst my favorite polymer slash locket source.

The last time I had a locket similar to what Sarah makes is when my aunt from New Jersey gave me one... and that was back when I was young.  It's gone now, and I never saw anything like it ever... until I came across Something Young.  Now, I'm still deciding which to get for myself.

Anyways, here are among Sarah's best seller:

Fleurettes Locket Collection

Here's a little story behind this collection from Sarah herself:
"The Fleurettes Locket Collection has been my goal ever since I started creating with polymer clay. The time-consuming, most-intricate technique showcased in this collection is commonly known as the applique technique. Given the little time I could spare to trinket-making during college, I couldn't make this technique until I finally got a lot of time to spare on polymer clay. I find this technique very sophisticated and unique. Plus, I get to cover them in lots of sparkly shimmer! :P" ~Sarah Young
Little Blue Bouquet - Locket Necklace.

Something About Vintage - Locket Necklace.

Aren't they just gorgeous???

Here's my personal fave:  Since I'm into red colors this year,

Dainty Candy Flowers - Locket Necklace.
Blossom Festival - Locket Necklace.
Something Young is proud of its uniqueness, sophistication, and intricacy.  Something we could all very well see in these lovely creations before us.  Definitely, something adorable...

If you want to be updated, or you want to see more creations like these - visit, like, and follow Sarah's shops at:

You can also connect, follow, and share via:

Feast your eyes in wonderful works of art.  


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