Featured Seller: SOMETHING YOUNG

I've been eyeing this shop for quite some time before the year ended... good thing I became too busy during the holidays, I'm now starting the year with a fabulous feature.

Start the year with SOMETHING YOUNG, by Sarah Jane Young.

Just like any other successful businesses, Something Young is a product of a hobby turned business story.  Sarah is a self confessed Do-It-Yourself girl.  In fact, this polymer creations started out when she tried to recreate polymer pieces she liked online.  To finance her DIY obsession, she sold her works online and now, Something Young is amongst my favorite polymer slash locket source.

The last time I had a locket similar to what Sarah makes is when my aunt from New Jersey gave me one... and that was back when I was young.  It's gone now, and I never saw anything like it ever... until I came across Something Young.  Now, I'm still deciding which to get for myself.

Anyways, here are among Sarah's best seller:

Fleurettes Locket Collection

Here's a little story behind this collection from Sarah herself:
"The Fleurettes Locket Collection has been my goal ever since I started creating with polymer clay. The time-consuming, most-intricate technique showcased in this collection is commonly known as the applique technique. Given the little time I could spare to trinket-making during college, I couldn't make this technique until I finally got a lot of time to spare on polymer clay. I find this technique very sophisticated and unique. Plus, I get to cover them in lots of sparkly shimmer! :P" ~Sarah Young
Little Blue Bouquet - Locket Necklace.

Something About Vintage - Locket Necklace.

Aren't they just gorgeous???

Here's my personal fave:  Since I'm into red colors this year,

Dainty Candy Flowers - Locket Necklace.
Blossom Festival - Locket Necklace.
Something Young is proud of its uniqueness, sophistication, and intricacy.  Something we could all very well see in these lovely creations before us.  Definitely, something adorable...

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Feast your eyes in wonderful works of art.  


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