Blog in Transition. Hooray!

Hi guys!

Finally... after years and years of blogging and tons of hiatus moments, this blog is officially in transition.  Behold, I now have my own domain: (look at your address bar and you'll find out that you've been automatically redirected.. if I'm not mistaken...) it's sooooo exciting!

So far, I have revamped a few elements in this site but all in all we're still focused in: shopping, where to shop, fashion, tips, lookbook, trends, and many more.

There you go... we're now officially airing from: 

Did I mention that this is oh so freaking awesome???????

Yeah, well... yey me! 

Now, I'll be accepting link exchanges, blog rolls, etc. *ehem* Advertisers? Sponsors? haha.. 

Hit me up! 

Ciao for now!


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