Fashion Tip: Thrift Finds (Round 1)

Admit it or not, fashion can drive you broke! It's an obsession that's so hard to break... and once the trend starts kicking in, either you wanna have that look or you just can't help but create your own.  Thus, an impulse buy.

But here's a trick that will surely fit your budget.  Find a cheaper alternate.  I'm not saying go for totally replica ones, rather, go for something that is said to be inspired by the original.  Yes, that's a new way of putting it.  INSPIRED.

So, last week, I saw a shop with a buy 1 take 1 promo... and these color leg glasses caught my attention. There's yellow, violet, and blue... I wanted one violet and one pink, however, pink is sold out so I kinda ended up getting these 3 instead.

Here's a couple of fun shots I made with it:

Lightly wacky, eah?

But nonetheless, I know these glasses will work with my outfits.  These are actually a very good example of colour blocking accessories.  Add up these silicon watches I won from a contest I participated in with a group of sellers:

Colored silicon watches
...and voila! More colors to accent my look.

It will be included in my most favorite everyday get up or something... so far these sums up my online buys from last week:

Buy 1 take 1 (+1) Color leg glasses, a couple of vintage necklaces,
and the silicon watches I won from a friend.
(Background is my favorite envelope bag!)

With all these fashion items, I knew I needed a better organizer.  Thus, an addition to what I bought online is this:

Accessories organizer that you can hang with 33 slots back to back...
Now how cool is that right?

There you have it... the first round of my thrift finds.  Who says fashion items need to be expensive.  The best trick for fashion budget challenges is to find an affordable alternative, and wear it proudly... all you have to do is project with confidence.  For sure no one else will figure out just how much your accessories are.  But if they do find out, so what?! As long as you look good with it, why not?!

Fashion's all about looking good, and having fun with it anyway!

So... happy shopping and thrift away ladies! ^_^


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