GOING RED: Fashion Power

You can call it 'fashion intervention', I consider it a life changing attribute to how I wanna face the new year... and yes, I wanna face it with a bang!

But nobody said I should wait for the new year to use it?!  What am I talking about??? The RED Power.

RED Collection photo from my Tumblr site: Andrea-Karlsan

Red, has always been known as one of the most powerful and the most exciting, sometimes even the most fun color you have.  Even as kids, red is one of the first colors introduced to us.  In fashion, RED gives anyone who wears it an aura of power - BOLD, IN-CHARGE!

Worn with Hope "Last Leaf" Bracelets
What's best about this color is that it compliments all kinds of skin tones.  So how come not everyone's comfortable wearing it?  Because in reality, it takes a little more guts to do so.  Red, bold as it is can be a little intimidating, so if you're not sure when to wear it, here's a tip:

The best season to wear it is, NOW!  Christmas or the holidays!  If not that, Valentines can be your next best month to try it on.

But for the most part, you can actually wear red everyday if you want to.  It all ends up with just how confident you are and how you'd carry the look.

As for me... I'm definitely going red from now on.  Life improvement???  Love improvement??? Fashion improvement.. oh yes, RED can mean a lot of things... and why not?!

So, let's all go bold, and daring!  GO RED!


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