Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Featured Seller: Thirteenth Street [Gaga Over Satchels]

Gaga Over Satchels

As a part ii to our ongoing "For the love of Satchel" Giveaway, I decided to do a collection of fab looks that would suit these trendy satchels... 

I am also dedicating this to my online buddy who's having her birthday next week: 

By the way:

She's having a promo up at her shop:

Discounted Prices on your Satchels Bags. 


Now for the the fashion show online:

Satchel on a formal or office attire... your best companion in carrying typical necessities.. office paper in folders?  A laptop? Ipad? Cellular phone, etc.  They're all in.

A Cambridge Satchel Photo
Satchel over satchel... on a chic look.  With the variety of sizes available, layering or using two of different colors (complimentary or contrast) can be quite a fashion look adventure.  This photo is actually very vivid.  Brings out the fun in life.

Fashion bloggers - the look for less from:

Fashion Without Guilt: Fashion Bloggers and Satchel Bags
Now according to her, these leather satchels has set the fashion bloggers on fire... every one sporting a satchel messenger bag of their own.  It's true.  Who can resist this with its wide range of colors from neon ones to the usual black or brown.  Anyways, speaking of going frugal over fashion... 

Did I mention Thirteenth Street got the cheapest satchel there is in the Philippine market online???  Oh yes she does... so I suggest you head out to her shop and order one for yourself while she's got some good birthday promos to offer.

And if you've seen what these satchel bags are best paired with... what do you think of a black satchel for free?

It's actually still up for grabs in our blog giveaway... join now!

Oh and also: ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS Thirteenth! hehe..


Anonymous said...

i ♥♥♥ this! thanks andi :D

andianka/jadiebrat said...

hahaha! buti naman sis! sya.. adv. happy birthday! ^_^

nakkjt4w4 said...

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