Writing Too Much?

Wanting to entertain myself a bit during my weekend, I ended up hanging at the library café where I usually spend my free time in with my friends. Conversations going around the table a book instantly caught my eyes. I had a wide grin on my face reading its title: “If You Can Talk, You Can Write” by Joel Saltzman. Ignoring what my friends are talking about I reached out for it and started scanning the pages, checking the reviews and running my sight down to the table of contents. The thought that it states from the title itself makes me nod in agreement, until my smile faded.

Lately, it’s not the writing that’s troubling me, not that I’ve had enough ideas to write except for my daily work task… my real worry lies on me when I’m talking. (Emphasizing on the point that I’m supposed to be in the middle of a conversation while these thoughts came barging in my head making me loose my focus on whatever was on the table that time.)

So that’s the case. I find myself writing more non life specific topics, not worth blogging, much less publishing it. In short: writing technically like a robot. That’s it, a robot with not much emotion or feeling involved… plain information and nothing else. With these facts I came to realize that I have boxed my own way of showing how I feel. (Great thanks to my still growing fondness on blogging, I still have a therapy to look forward to).

I have observed that getting used on expressing yourself through writing almost every time you feel a certain urge or flow of emotion without actually speaking about it makes you loose the importance of vocal communication. The usual conversations are fine, but to the most serious ones where you’ll have to relay a part of how you’re truly feeling makes you loose that voice. And I actually mean it literally. Well, that’s how it is for me. It’s like suddenly becoming like a child trying to say, ma-ma to call out your mom for help. Tongue twisted, I usually end up feeling a lump in my throat with a pile of what’s supposed to be a sentence.

I guess that’s the side effect. I need human contact. (Now that sounded malicious). Writing, words, technical, blog: a bunch of keywords that can be synonymous to what we now know as virtual.

Today, I’d like to prick myself with a needle. Just to check if my skin’s still flexi and smooth… scared that it had turned into molded steel sheets and chips.

(testing, testing) OUCH!

Yup… still human… Thank God!

Excess: The book I just mentioned turned out to be a good read. It's definitely a must have for those who are experiencing writer's block out of being intimidated, or wanting too much to perfect writing that you end up facing a blank paper (or computer) uselessly. I'll try to share in a few points on my next posts...


Jigs said…
Wow, you're experiencing a lot I think. It's more than writer's block or being a good writer or your posts. I think it's about the kind of person you're shaping up to be.

I do think you need a little break from all the modern stuff around you and get back to basics. Simple human interaction. :)
Anonymous said…
i think i need a liquid sosa to remove the clog within my throat for human interaction. haha! modern stuff... you should see my brother. nagha-hang! hahaahha!

thanks jigs... i think i do need that.
quincyjohn said…
that's something i hate about myself..i can write it all out but when challenged into orally explaining it, i go stupid..hihi

andz, can i still find that book at NBS?

or are there any other books you can suggest focused on the "writer's block" or books like that?
Anonymous said…
hi quincy! i honestly don't know if they still have it in NBS. it doesn't seem that old, yet i don't think it's new either. you could check it out though.

so far i find that book quite helpful and interesting. easy to follow too and somewhat inspiring. makes you feel like writing is such an easy task.

good luck on your search! :D
Anonymous said…
*blog hop*

Maybe you just need some time off your "online" life. Because sometimes we just tend to get so immersed in it that we forget other things like being able to sit down with a friend and talk over a cup of coffee or even stroll down a park and appreciate nature.

Oh well, I'll try to find that book too.
Billycoy said…
we should write the way we talk it's one of the fundamentals to make a written work more attractive.

naks, napabanat ako ng ingles.
Anonymous said…
that book by joel saltzman is pretty interesting if you just read it. the author did not intend of making the book great, but he wrote it in pure fun and wisdom.

"To avoid being disappointed, minimize expectations."

:d approach life and writing in that manner. it will be nice. have a great day.
Anonymous said…
my bad. youve already read it.

:D day by day, my mundane affairs are getting getting dull. maybe i need to go out and watch a movie. harry potter for that matter. :D a nice day ahead.
Anonymous said…
@reyn: i guess i do need a bit of time off from the online world. but to do that, i would need a vacation from work as well. haha!

@billycoy: waaaah! is da you? hmm.. mukhang nabasa mo na yung book ah! :P

@netherchild: yeah, that book is pretty swell. as for watching harry potter? i so am waiting for it to be shown here... :D
Sprechtrel said…
Like what you said, you need a little bit of your time off the 'net. Go ahead and explore the world around you, even just relaxing will do, blogging may be important, but certainly not to be obsessed with. Talk to your friends more and blog lesser, I didn't say you should stop blogging, what I mean is that a larger part of your time is spent on other ways rather than blogging. :)
Talamasca said…
Human contact ain't enough. I say you start getting a life! O_O

Anyhoo, who's that guy?/girl? beside you on your profile photo? Sweet-o!!! Or am I just seeing it wrong? ;-p
Anonymous said…
ive added you on my links, hope you dont mind that.

go watch harry. :d
Anonymous said…
@carlo: if you'd look at my blog, i don't think i'm blogging that much either. im probably over worked. thanks carlo!

@talamasca: getting a life? how much does it cost? LOL... that guy is the (D) one! seeing it wrong? never doubt your assumptions tala my dear... they're usually right. ROFL!

@netherchild: no probs... i linked you up as well... :D

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