Not So Juicy

Lately I feel like a little girl learning how to speak. I usually find myself having difficulty explaining what I meant when I -out of nowhere- stop midsentence in a conversation. It had been happening for quite a lot of times now and I'm worried. Feels like I'm growing dumb more and more by the minute. I could just imagine cracking my head open and find all those wheelcranks having a hard time moving with rust as thick as gum inside my skull.

Why, even this post is taking me a long time to finish. It's also probably due to the fact that I once again have nothing to go through with this entry. I'm, like always, just blabbing about what bothers my already crazy routine life.

I have been checking around with the offered freelance writing jobs hoping to earn some extra income while I wait for better opportunities but somehow I'm a bit skeptical about it. It's not that I doubt whether it'll be a good pay or not, it's actually because although I was confident enough to send my resume online, I'm suddenly feeling lazy when they start telling me my responsibilities and deadlines... especially if they require me to send sample works for evaluation.

Nope, I am not as lazy as you imagine *rephrased from Baz Luhrmann's: Sunscreen*. It's just that, I require from myself a bit of boost in terms of what I want when I'm working. If I'll be a writer of some sort, I'd like to have my own laptop and be able to work anywhere I want to. Knowing of course that that's basically why I wanted the home based job in the first place, right? Besides that, I'd also of course need an internet connection of my own to go with it. But to do that, I'll need to have a budget to start with, and let's face it, or me facing it, I don't have anything here in my pocket to make it a reality. In the end, I'd have to make do with what's available and that's what makes me too lazy to start with the projects. Yup, I'm that spoiled without the right to be.

Another thing that's making this whole set up a bit disappointing is the need to have Globe GCash. Most of the simple sidelines offered in the net requires the recepient writer to have activated GCash as a means of sending and receiving payments from the works. I do have a Globe (AutoloadMax retailer) sim. I actually applied for the GCash already and was told that I have successfully registered. The problem now is that I need to download the GCash Menu in my mobile phone. Sadly, I couldn't find the +MyGlobe services option from my phone's menu. I searched every folder and all that and found nothing. Is it because of my sim? Darn.

Now I'll have to go to Globe's office to inquire. I really need to find something that would inspire me to move my ass. Sigh...

Where oh where art thou inspiration go?


Anonymous said…
Hi Sis! it's been a long time ah :)

Kumusta kumusta?

Yea, nararanasan ko rin ang mga ganyan, na feeling ko mas bumabagal ung utak ko.. in short, nagging bobo ako habang tumatagal. Haha

Anyhoo, happy blogging! :)

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