I don't know what's up with this person... her entries are basically copies of other people's blog posts... how could she be happy with my works? It's very personal... and emo-ish... but all of what I write in here are close to my heart. Better yet, my posts are screams of my personal feeling. I can't stand seeing my own work, no matter how simple it is, used by someone else as if its hers.

just look at this:
The first one were re-posted on her friendster blog, the other two, and who knows how many more, were posted in a site... what am I to do??? I'm so pissed.:scream:


Dear Hiraya said…
so seryosong may mga gumagawa pa pala nito tsk tsk.. ano ba naman tong mga blagistang to,, dapat tinuturuan ng leksyon ang mga manggagamit!! tsk tsk..

dapat kuyugin yan!
Anonymous said…
nakakainis talaga yung mga taong yun. sarap ibitin patiwarik tapos pagapangin yung mga langgam sa katawan nila at ipatusok sa mga bubuyog. :] kaka frustrate nga na madami talagang nanggagaya. hai. anyway. thnaks for the info. :] at i think nabura niya na yung mga kinopya nung maldita na yun!:o
Anonymous said…
Write her a letter and tell her that it pissed you. And that you are going to tell the whole world about her blog (with a link) that she 's plagiarizing.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. Yea, I have the tendency to write long and that's not the only post that's long that I had written. If you read all my posts, 70 % of my posts are more than 1,000 words. I used to be a p.r. and features writer in the past so my posts are long. I don't care because that's how I express my thoughts. Afterall, when I write I don't write as like "I'm talking to myself" or "internalizing thoughts" as most writers do--which by the way, is a big no-no in writing.
God bless!

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