If I Were That Strong - Stepping to My Emo Side

the sea of uncertainty flooded the thoughts of dissatisfaction.

from that everything's a messy situation. what should have been the start of a new beginning came with a swift slap of reality.


we all suffer from something never to be compared with each other. because the truth is.. we are what we are.

what you should rely on is the idea of being accepted for that.

in this life we must learn how to swim. not everyone who holds on, is there to help us. rather... they may only be there to pull us under the water.

but no matter how deep you get...


let that tiny light of what's up above be out of your sight... because hope, can be as little as that...

but if you try to fight and swim back up,

you'll realize it's a wide horizon.

there's always another try.


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