Special Feature: PI Shop and Sell Shirts & Itworks Gregorio

I've been blessed with a wondrous family online.  Being an admin in a large group of online sellers called P.I. Shop & Sell (PI S&S), composed of 13,753 members and counting gives you a lot of chance to meet wonderful shops that I've been slowly featuring here in my site.

Just recently though the admins came up with a fund raising for charity works and possible meetups soon, by selling PI S&S shirts... I just got mine and I'm very happy with it.  Right now, all our PI S&S shirts are made by sis Itworks Gregorio.  

Anyways, Check me out! (LOLs~)

Print on the back (PISAS logo)
And then there's me: Admin AndreaKZ at your service!

So, if you want one (and be able to donate for charity funds), feel free to order and inquire from Sis Itworks or any other admins (like me), and I'll relay you to the one in-charge...

For now, take care, good vibes and more sales everyone! <3

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