How To Keep Yourself Motivated

Warning: Random thoughts pouring in, and typing hands messing it all up.

I hate saying 'reviving my blog', I can never maintain it after anyway.  I'm just full of hope and anticipation right now that I thought maybe I should write it down.

I don't have that much pixie dust to last my positive vibes a few months, I've learned I have to find a way to search for these pixie dusts in everything around me.

Yes, that's the secret actually, there.. I said it.. to find your own share of pixie dust.

It's like shaking every tree, dusting every nooks and crannies of everything you can think of...

Do you get what I mean???

The hardest part about all these is staying positive.  In believing that there is some pixie dust even in the darkest spots.  I guess, you can only find it, if you want to.  And if you believe, that there is something there.

A dust of hope.  A pinch of magical dust, that can put everything else in perspective, and make you soar with delight.

After all, you only have yourself to satisfy.  After that, every one else will learn to believe you too.

And by that, you'd eventually become tinkerbell herself, spreading your own share of pixie dust to those closest to you.

Stay positive. Happy... and spread some love and pixie dust.

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