Saturday, April 22, 2017

Adverbs of Thoughts

There’s always that moment when you thought your brain is working overtime for things that makes no sense. Your mind is busy daydreaming and thinking yet you have no way of pinpointing just what it is that’s making all that noise inside your brain.


You’re at a point where you want to write and then realize you’re at the end of the pages of your journal.  So you give it meaning saying, maybe this is it… to write something that would end all these running thoughts.


You try to push back all the negative thoughts.  Trying with all your might to focus on the positive.  Lean only on the good stuff.  Balance everything out… you got this!


Because sometimes you falter.  No matter how brave you think you are, something jumps out to scare you.  You take a step back and evaluate, how do you work things through?


Both for the ones that haunt you, and yourself slowly moving to get back to stability. It’s a never ending struggle.


To whatever gives you the strength to stay where you are… and to push you forward.  That little sparks and pixie dusts that keeps you going.  Because in a world filled with surprises, you just have to label the good ones.


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