The lucky coins, charms and chimes are set and fixed on every window and door. We're ready to pound pots and pans for noise to ward off evil and bad lucks. It's time to face a new phase in our lives. Wishing all of you the best of luck, and a prosperous new year!


God Bless Us All!


Anonymous said…
Hello, Adianka! It's me, Ranma, from the "articles" site!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ahahaha ^_^

I love your blog here! Saw some cool pictures, but barely had time to read much yet. But I really like the layout of your page, too! ^_^

Anyway, I'm sorry to come to you this way, but I couldn't find any other way to contact you - see, I left a comment on the articles page to you *and* to "Lancaster"... but in submitting it, part of the middle of it was somehow lost, and it looks like my words to him are also to you - I just wanted you to know because if you weren't aware of this, you might have seen it all as one message and might understandably get offended ahahaha

I submitted the missing part again, too, to clear things up just in case. Who knows - maybe those people who run the site will fix it all up the way it should have been.

Anyways, Thanks for your time!

Have a nice day!

- Ranma ^_^

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