Onion Emoticon Plurk Widget

If you can remember, I gave an easy to follow instruction before on Installing Onion Emoticons For Blogger. Now, I am going to teach you how you can install the same set of Onion Emoticons (plus a few extra smileys) on the popular socializing network site: PLURK.
Because I am quite frustrated and impatient at wanting to reach Plurk Nirvana or something so I can have access on the extra smileys offered within the Plurk's site, I went surfing around looking for silly smileys to add on my Plurks. Most plurkers use the share as a photo/link option to add silly smileys to their plurks. I didn't want that much hassle. It was by sheer luck that I came across this site and found a javascript where you can install a Plurk widget within your Plurk homepage carrying the Onion Emoticons and other silly smileys you can easily add as if it's a part of the extra smileys of Plurk.
(in this image: You'll see the widget as an extra movable box. You can move it wherever position you wish. Simply click on the desired smiley and the link will automatically be added on your plurk. You can choose to close it by clicking on the [x] button at the top right corner of the box. Reopen the movable onion box widget by clicking on the Onion Emoticon character right under the smiley button.)
Now How do you install these Onion Emoticon Plurk Widget?
Follow the instructions below:
1. You need to have Firefox as your browser. (I hope everyone who reads this already uses Mozilla Firefox. If not, kindly download it.)
2. When you already have the Firefox up, download the Greasemonkey extension. We used this before when we installed the emoticons for blogger. (Note: You will have to restart the Firefox window after installing the Greasemonkey.) After restarting your Firefox window, you should be able to see a monkey’s face somewhere at the bottom of the window. The monkey should be smiling (meaning the extension is activated), if the color of the monkey is gray and sad, click it to enable it.
3. After that click here Plurk Silly Onion Emoticon Widget and press install. (Restart Plurk...) and that's it.
4. Please Don’t forget to give me a link back!
When you’re done, you will now see the box filled with the Onion Emoticons and Smileys that you can use freely in all your plurks.
That’s it! Enjoy the silly onion emoticons!:ahaha:

Thanking JiaYun for the Javascript...


Anonymous said…
AKo tinamad n ako mag Plurk. Anyway, Please Visit my blog site www.semidoppel.com. I will appreciate all your visits and please leave some comments so that I can improve my blogging. Thanks and take care!
Anonymous said…
Hi dear! It's been awhile! Anyway, I remember those Onion smilies, they are soooo cute!

Btw, I havent tried Plurk. Is it better than twitter?
Anonymous said…
chase! long time no hear. glad you're back.

plurk is a lot more fun somehow. it's easier to follow conversations through it. it's like, if you're into multi-talks... then you'll appreciate plurk.
Anonymous said…
hi, musta na!? ngayon ko lang na-up blog ko, nga pala pakiupdate po ng link ko sa blogroll mo! :D .com na ko! :D

nyadh said…
thanks a lot. they're very cute. wondering if you could share another emoticon widget for Plurk some other time. cheers :D
beans said…
thanks for sharing this :) I've been using it for a while now, and I just realized I haven't said thank you. So, thank you! ^_^
Reagan D said…
great stuff!thanks!
Nothing Special said…
hey there..thx for the information. It's very usefull. >.<

sugoi ne!
52neves said…
thanks so much! XD
Rachel said…
Some of the emoticons are a bit weird, but I appreciate the opportunity to be able to get some new ones.

My only complaint is that the box wasn't movable for me and I'm using Firefox, so I'm not sure what happened there. At least I'm able to still close it when I want.


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