Japanese Pirates of the Caribbean...

:hi:alright, while i was almost falling asleep at the office my office mate suddenly turned her computer's speaker in full blast while she watched this miniclip. and come on with a different language you cannot understand ringing in the air, you simply can't miss turning your head around to check out what she's watching. to my surprise, i watched it until it was finished and it's all worth it. (nope, dont worry no stiff neck whatsoever).

you're probably wondering what it is that caught my attention that i just had to share it here huh? well, it's an interview with Johnny Depp in Japan. Whether you liked Pirates of the Carribean or not (but i know almost all of us did), you'd surely love this as well...

so adorable, and brave at the same time.

oh well! enjoy! :wave:


Kev12 said…

I think maganda naman yung part 3 ng pirates of the carribean..
kahit hindi ako maxadong addict sa series nito.. ;)


siguro nga minsan; you want to go back to your childhood 'cause you miss it..

Oh well.. you're using mozilla?
I'm using IE7 eh and I've never tried using mozilla..nuh kaya difference?? Hhmm.. ;)
Jigs said…
Very Entertaining! I had a similar reaction with Johnny Depp! I was smiling the whole time I was watching it! And those little girls can actually play that piano! Even the youngest! Hahahaha!
Anonymous said…
Amazing and it is quite entertaining indeed as well as funny!
Talamasca said…
Johnny Depp's noggin must be all like "WTF. Harajuku midgets?" O_O

The Japanese can be such weirdos sometimes. Nonetheless, cute and infectious. LOL.
aj said…
he's obviously annoyed. just keeping his usual cool...

in his mind "wtf! i should have never graced this show."


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