Suicide Random Thoughts

:tsk:im about to kill myself...

hahaha! like that's gonna happen. i know suicide is a sin, duh! besides, i don't want my blog to become tragically a memorial for the troubled souls... :takot: im quite fine (note: don't mention me having not enough money to buy that stuff that i've been wanting all month! or else i just might stick a fork in my head...ewww... morbid! *cut!*) what was it that i was saying again???

oh right... killing myself slowly. that's what i'd end up doing for the next months before the second semester. after the typhoon, our family business had gone down the drain. that's actually why im forced? to go back on my personal job as a web content writer in one of the top US supposed based companies having all the labors done here in our country making it look like, okay i'll stop from there, you know the drill. still that doesn't mean i get to have all the moolah i need to help out my family. no, im not the bread winner either and my parents are struggling to do that, of course. im just trying to help out, or at least have something to cover my ass' own expenses... plus a bit of my siblings as well. you know, half of their weekly allowances and all those little house needs like no sugar, oil and similar light responsibilities. yes, light.

:eheh:i actually don't know where my thoughts are heading. typing away these situations hopefully would lessen something that's driving my mood into insanity. (as if i have been normally sane. that seemed redundant. whatever.) the point is, school had begun. obviously, in all corners of the Philippines. which also means... *don't even think that im going back to school* (well maybe next semester) moving on: which means that the schools that had been used on asking us to produce their ID's would be ringing us any time soon. (actually i think they have...) to keep the family business alive, and being thankful that though we were not sure we made a good impression on finishing their orders because of the natural disaster the last time, they still chose us to make their ID's and we're just bound to do it. where else would we get our finance, right?

so there... that's the case. im now readying myself at the probable schedule of my soon to be more than hectic, to the nth level tiring coming days. i'd be working at night for my usual task at the office. coming home in the morning i'd have my if-that's-what-you-call meal, then run through the schools for the first few days which is scheduled for taking their ID pics. The next days after that, i'd be struggling encoding all their names, addresses, and whatever the informations are needed in their ID's... print... laminate... cut... pack... deliver. and just when you thought you're all done? it had only just began. it could actually go on for the rest of the year...:ayokona:

im also needing assistants that would help me encode and take pictures. making ID's for say, three schools? isn't that easy. believe me... im not born like an instant factory you know! i expect the whole family to be working along, which counts to four to five persons... that's not enough. and the ID's should be delivered before the end of August.

:anoto:yeah... that's it...

Welcome to my life! :waaah:


Anonymous said…
aray.. mejo nde magandang pangitain yan ha.. hehe..

kayanin mo yan miss andi.. and i know you can.. bleh!

God Bless and good luck on your endeavors!
tin-tin said…
yup, suicide is a sin. basta don't lose hope. kaya mo yan :)
Jigs said…
Gawd, just reading your post gave me a stress induced migraine!
Anonymous said…
@chief & tin-tin: oh don't worry... i would never really kill myself. it was just an expression.

@jigs: oh i do hope it's not because of the entry's construction? hahaha! sensya na po... thanks for bearing with me.
quincyjohn said…
i believe you are really muddling through tough times right now..
i experienced editing, printing, laminating, packaging and delivering ID's for about few times and, no doubt, it's a God-damn-it job..
i admire you po..
i hope, you'll continue riding on and make good...
i bet, all will be worth it.
and oh, suicide would be the most insane thing that you'd ever do in your life...
just channel your thoughts here..random or not. it might really relieve you..

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