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(important note: Read excess at the last part of the entry.)

oh i could not just let this pass, i have to share on what a great news this is!:woooh:


(click on the pic to have a closer look, and you can read it too)

isn't that just wonderful? i mean, just a few months after i transferred and started with this blog i came upon the site following mats tracks of bloghopping. before i knew it i had become fond of visiting the site and had befriended dyu and lately bratyfly who had been hiding behind the curtains of the site with "b" as her nick... (well, who could blame her, she had been a celebrity blogger even before! ahaha! peace lois!) im just so proud (and i think i've said this more than enough today everywhere...) to be a part of the filipino blogger's community under that site. who would've thought that the extra work (yeah, dyu you have to pay me soon...hahaha!) of being included as moderator of it would pay off simply by realizing that indeed, our population of filipino bloggers had erupted upto more than half when i first joined, and we're all looking forward at what else could become of the site...

truly the view of the use that the site could offer in the future grows bigger and better each passing day. all of which would never be successful has it not for us "filipino bloggers".

mabuhay tayong lahat!

let's keep the pinoy blogosphere growing people! if you're not yet in the family, join now for it's never too late.

the PBS forum is active as well and we're hoping you could hang around with us in there some times. you can also join the PBS mailing list and gain contacts with everyone in the community within PBS (just be prepared for the tons of mails that you'd get each day! haha! ---> this shouldn't bother you cause you can always choose summarized option or something.)

oh well!!!! what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!:inlove:

:okay:for the PBS family?! CONGRATULATIONS AND MORE POWER!!!!!

:please:EXCESS: (before you leave...)

my entry: INDEPENDENCE OR IN-DEPENDENCE is included in the Kalayaan2007 Independence Day Special contest... please do support my entry by voting for it here at Pintig.Pinoyblogosphere. Give me a heart beat please? THANKS!


Anonymous said…
More power to PBS! Congrats!
Anonymous said…
ayos talaga! iba talaga ang PBS!
Jigs said…
I just joined a few seconds ago! hehe! I have to learn the basics there, I'll be back later!

you're a moderator? coolness! :)
andres said…
congrats to pbs family! iba na talaga ang pbs.. ang galing! dahil sa sipag at tiyaga! mabuhay tayong lahat! pinoy, ang galing mo!
Talamasca said…
Mazel tov to you and to the rest of your clique, I guess. Kbai. ;-p
Anonymous said…
Meron akong account sa PBS. Nag-submit din ako ng isang article.

After that, medyo hindi ko na nagalaw 'yung account ko.

Bumabati ako sa PBS. Pinagpala kayong lahat at mabuhay.
Anonymous said…
nakikigiba lang ng comment *lmao*

thanks andy.

bratyfly.. bikolano po and spamming
Anonymous said…
ang cool naman. i had my picture posted there noong birthday ko this monday by LA. hehehehe.

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