Quarter of a summer...

the supposed half became a quarter. that's what this update is about. i still couldn't squeeze in my things to blog, especially the rest of my summer experience so i'll make do with this short post and continue on yet again with another soon.

In this photo, obviously, after the long travel i mentioned on my first half, we arrived almost before sunset which i tried taking a picture of but failed since the camera i brought with me sucks on zoom issues. anyways, after the attempted sunset photoshoot, i lay down to rest my tired, aching, battered body (oh yes, this is not an exaggeration...). however, my rest is momentarily (now that's an exaggeration!) interrupted by the routine nightly program inside the camp filled with lectures, fun and games surprises, singspirations, and so much more.

after the whole program, we sat in the execom meeting and was appointed to cook breakfast and watch post early in the morning the next day (so much for the supposed vacation, huh!). oh well, who are we to argue anyway? The execom did lack man power and it was quite obvious that they needed back up. i could've stayed another day but couldn't.

on my next post will be the swimming pics! watch for it! till later! ta-ta!

(note: click on image for better view. and oh! i added a twitter box on my sidebar, so you'll get to know what i'm up to every now and then. am still tinkering with its features and all that... oh well!)


Anonymous said…
Awww I envy you with your summer escapade since here I am still buried with work and our summer holiday begins around july

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