Business Only: For Your Christmas Gifts

I was about to do a sponsored post when I realized what for when I could actually offer my own services here?! silly me. Oh well, Christmas is definitely coming nearer and gifts are but everyone's usual obligation. hehe... I can help you with that... if you need some ideas or probably the gifts itself.

Our family business offers personalized products: Pictures or personal messages on mugs, mouse pads, shirts, pendants, pin buttons, bag tags, wall clocks and key chains. Whatever you wish. I'll try and place some photo samples here so you'd see what I'm talking about. You can order a single product but know that discounts are given on bulk orders. Shipping of course is not included and will be charged on you.

So, leave me a message if you're interested. Contact me on my yahoo messenger for inquiries and all that, ayt?

YM: andrea_karlsan


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