Excuse me, How Much?

Daily expenses as it is sucks big time on its own as we know it... but the worst part would be is when you realize even your whole life lives in a balance of debits. Redundant? I think not. Naturally when you buy something, say a cellphone or an mp4 and your younger brother accidentally drops it you scream, "What the hell?! That's worth P*,***.00! You little devil!"

That's where it hit me. How much is it really living in this world?

First you get the annoying blames of worthless loads from useless communication issues that never really got me anywhere as far as it was described. Now my life depends and runs on a P***,***.00 worth of new tools for the business. Top it all up with no money from my account, nothing I was able to buy for myself and what do you get??? A meaningless life driven by debits. Great isn't it?

But of course it wasn't my idea. They say the stuffs bought were all part of what would push me. Put me in focus. So I guess they see me as what? You cannot say its priceless coz obviously its "price-full?" if only there's such a word.

Well, that's how life is with me lately. Every where you turn you see price tags on everything. Hmm... imagine seeing people with slapped on priced stickers on their forehead. Wouldn't that be amazing? Anyways, now I've got to go. You know, can't handle an hour more on the net. Meter is running and would be worth P**.00 or something. (the last line of course is just some spice since I'm not really in an internet cafe... but I think you get what I mean.)



Anonymous said…
*sigh* bumama ang ang dollars ngayon ang taas pa rin ng presyo ng mga bilihin! >.>

btw, just bought a new domain so my blog’s url is new. I’ve been on hiatus for quite sometime so I haven’t really visited your blog! Gomen ne.. ! Please change my link :)
Anonymous said…
yeah yeah. i agree, lately, living life means you need to have a good work with a good salary. and with that, living is very fatal without MONEY!

grabe, life is really absurd, we need money to live but we wont need any when we die. creepy.

thnx for the visit and comment for my photos!
Sprechtrel said…
Once an anime character quoted:

"To work is to live!"

Work = cash, right? <--unless you volunteered, you work for cash; money, to live. I hate to say this but it looks like money DOES make the world go round. :/

As if every peso in your hand is a 1UP waiting to be used or replenished...

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