Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Personalized Christmas Gifts

here are a few pictures of my offered products:
(more to follow)

Freight not included, bulk orders are privileged with discounts.

if interested, simply email or ym me at: andrea_karlsan[at]yahoo.com
or you can also direct message me in twitter. Leave a message here, etc.


VeRTiTO said...

Nice, interesting personalized gifts you have there.

Keep it up!

p said...

you make them so much better than i do!

Anonymous said...

@pao better? im just lucky to have a great graphic artist for a brother and a creative mom. LOLs. im only good for advertisements and order preparations. ahehehe..

Lalon said...

wui business.. pa-sosyo naman! hehe :P

quincyjohn said...

galing andz.
they're cool stuffs.

just went back after 4 months hiatus.

miss this.


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