On Preparation: Typhoon Mina

Let's cancel the business talk first and focus on the latest happening here in Legazpi currently preparing for the coming Typhoon Mina. As early as yesterday, thousands of families have evacuated for safer grounds. Classes were suspended up to tomorrow to give way to the needed safety measures everyone has to do. It's actually a bit funny when night came today as we realized the main roads were so dark. At first we were annoyed. How could you move around the city without lights? Ahhh... the expensive bulbs of the lamp posts were taken off in fear that it would break when the typhoon hits. Very clever.

In reality, as the news of the typhoon's brewing progress continues, everyone is in panic every where you turn here in Albay. Panic buying of groceries which includes lighters, candles, instant noodles, canned foods, rice, water supply and all that was inevitable. These also include charging cellphone batteries and emergency lights. Lucky malls and stores, eah? You'd see men hammering roofs, fixing holes, and putting tarps on as much hope to cover up the entire house against the expected effects of the storm.

I for one along with my family wrapped everything from clothes, to appliances and as much stuffs needed to save inside our home with plastic. These will ensure that if ever the roof fails or the water rises, we won't be worrying too much on drying off the clothes that would keep us warm and prevent damages that could result from what's to happen.

These preparation and exaggerated actions are results of the paranoia from what we've experienced last year from the typhoon Reming. For now, we are all somewhat prepared and are all tuned in to the AM radio for the latest news awaiting the worst. May God bless us all.

"No storm lasts forever, even in our lives." I just hope this typhoon passes without casualties.


Sprechtrel said…
Please remove me from your link list, I am cutting down my own list.
Anonymous said…
Brace yourselves, dear. It's not raining much here in Manila but I do hope you all are gonna be fine out there.

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