Anti Hazing Flick

The offline experience I had with the bloggers that I met last Blogger's Kapihan after party event challenged me into voicing out this 'anti-hazing or against anything that tolerates violence for brotherhood sort of theme'. This topic probably was the highlight that night.

Inspired by the original video that the Jester of Exile shared to us (that eery music that sticks with you even in your sleep), and the meaningful poem written by the Philosophical Bastard himself perfectly fitted my brother's project. This is a really short flick but I hope it would be enough for a call.

(Created by: Alejandro Karlo Zapanta & RJay Morada of
Ateneo De Naga University)

To embed video, get it here. "ANTI HAZING"
(other links to follow)


Talamasca said…
Err... it's so freaking short and I can't even keep up to the texts. :-?

If you want people to respond to your "call," let them watch hardcore hazing-inspired films the ilks of Fraternity Row, If.... (Malcolm McDowell, the star of A Clockwork Orange woop-dee-doo!), Dazed and Confused (although hilariously put, one would still think that hazing is still freaking pointless), A Few Good Men ("You can't handle the truth!"), among many many many others!!1

Sheesh. Di halata na super cinephile ako, no? Hehe. ;-p
ice9web said…
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Anonymous said…
@talamasca: uhhhm.. hindi.. hindi talaga obvious. di ka naman talaga addict sa movies... hinding hindi halata! LOL.

eway, i did mention it would be short. it's a supposed 15sec project. kaya ganyan.

@aice: errr.. thanks... uhmmm. comment ba talaga yan? :|
Talamasca said…
Yup. I know it's short. I was able to read it, thank you. But what I was trying to say is that the shortness of the vid borders around the awkward side, if y'know what I mean. Oh well, the intention makes up for the lack of time. So it's all good. ;-p
Anonymous said…
Harinawa'y matapos na ang karahasang hindi naman talaga kinakailangan at nagbubunga lamang ng kasayangan sa buhay ng mga kabataan.

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