Change of Plans

This will be a quick post (i think).

During the start of the week I informed my superiors at work through email that I won't be able to come to work for the whole week. Yes, such an informal leave of absence, but I had no choice. My parents were contacted by a relative saying my step father's uncle passed away and their presence for the funeral was expected. Therefore, everything around the house and the shop at the mall will be left under my care until their return. Although I still had, say, two days free time to prepare everything that needs to be done, from rush orders, to cropping more ID pictures and all that before my parents trip to Manila, I really needed the extra time to cope up with what will be left for me.

However, a change of events is about to take place. Yesterday, while watching the store at the mall, daydreaming and writing what should have been the post here and not this, I received a missed call, which was followed by an sms message , "...nah mild stroke po si tito andy..", they were referring to my father (biological). All hell broke lose right then and there as a number of thoughts raced inside my head. Obviously, my instant reaction of keeping my emotions to myself was still felt by those around me even if I literally tried to runaway.

So as a result, instead of being left behind, I'd probably be going to Makati as well early tomorrow morning. That's it... I've been informed that my dad is actually fine now but guilt is killing me like crazy. I just had to see him and pray everything will be okay.

I'll be in Makati until Saturday...


Talamasca said…
My condolences to you and to the rest of the bereaved family.

And here's to hoping your dad's recovery will be very quick and mostly painless *fingers crossed*

Gawd I'm such a walking cliche today, eh? ;-p
Anonymous said…
Get well soon to your dad andrea.

If you want, I can text you directions to the BK event this saturday. It just takes one MRT ride. Or, I can wait for you by the MRT station sa Quezon Ave or North Ave, just so you could come. Hehe =)
sherma said…
my condolences to you. and sana gumaling na ang dad mo... =)
Anonymous said…
You have my condolences and hopefully your dad will have a speedy recovery.
Anonymous said…
life's like that
hope everything's ok
Anonymous said…
Hope everything is alright with you and your family now, Anka... Condolence. I pray your father recovers soon.

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